Box Office/Hindi Film 101: Tiger Zinda Nahin, and the History of the China Box Office

Did I do that right?  Anyway, what I mean to say in the title is that the Tiger box office is finally dropping off.  And nothing else has shown up to pick up the slack, so it is yet another bleak and dreary week at the box office.  Well, except for China where Indian films reign supreme.

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Tubelight Review (SPOILERS): Read This Instead of Seeing the Movie

Not a good movie.  Really really not.  Terrible script, and casting mistakes.  And then a lot of money poured on top which just serves to make the flaws stand out even more.  Like bright lighting on a really really ugly statue.  Anyway, save your money and skip the film, just read this instead!  Which I almost never say, but in this case, yes.  It’s the best thing to do.

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