Silly Sunday: Opposites Attract Romance Movies for Maddy

I couldn’t come up with any really good one idea for this week, so instead I’ll do a bunch of little ideas of movies Maddy could make next.

Maddy Shy Poet and Gutsy City Reporter Romance

Maddy is an older Tamil poet. He lives in seclusion and refuses interviews or publicity because he is so shy. But then his poems are translated into Hindi and English. A woman in Delhi, a reporter/book reviewer for a big paper, reads it and is swept away by the beauty of his words. She writes an amazing review and becomes his advocate, with her promotions his book becomes a big seller all over the world. She writes to Maddy over and over asking for an interview, but he always says “no”. But then Maddy’s friend/publisher agrees on his behalf. She plans the trip to stay in his village and learn about his life, only at the last minute her separated husband tells her he can’t have their son over his school break after all, she she has to bring her young son along with her. Maddy finds out and sends a last minute message cancelling, but his letter (of course he doesn’t use email) arrives after she has left. She shows up on his doorstep, he is rude and angry. But when her son blurts out that they have nowhere to stay (the guest house in the village is full of tourists and pretended to lose their reservation), Maddy’s old housekeeper insists that they have to stay there and browbeats Maddy into agreeing. Over a wonderful week, Maddy shows his soft gentle way of life to her and her son. They fall in love, without admitting it. But then her husband/son’s father shows up. He was traveling for business, he had an interview, now he has a job in Delhi. He has quit his Dubai job, he is no longer the ambitious driven only caring about money man she married, he is putting his family first and wants to be a family again. The son hears this and believes his parents are getting back together and tells Maddy. Maddy talks to her and pretends this was all just a nice friendship of a few days and nothing more. Her heart broken, she gathers up her dignity and decides not to propose (as the housekeeper was encouraging her to) and returns to Delhi. She and her ex go on a few dates and try to make things work for their son’s sake, but it just isn’t right. She is sad all the time, and finally writes up her interview with Maddy. Maddy reads it, and realizes she might love him. He sends her the first copy of his new book, in Tamil. She translates it herself (she has been trying to learn Tamil), and understands that he loves her. She rushes back to his village and surprises him, standing outside his door. Their eyes meet, they smile, and embrace. Happy wedding song, complete with her ex-husband there sharing in their joy and hanging out with his son.

Image result for r.madhavan traditional

Maddy Smooth Criminal and Tabu Dedicated Cop Romance

Maddy is a charming lovable criminal, he runs smuggling and enforcement for his neighborhood. No drugs, no prostitution, nothing like that. A little gambling, a little smuggling, and a lot of solving local disputes and violently redistributing the wealth. We first meet him when he is welcoming a new rich man to the area, he appears charming and casual and lowclass, and then gets suddenly serious and dangerous when he explains that he has heard the rich man hit his new maidservant for not cleaning the floors properly. As punishment, he now has to give 1 lakh to the local free school every month, Maddy will come by to collect it. The rich man is furious and calls up his friend the police commissioner who assigns his new go-getter inspector to the case, Tabu. She goes to meet Maddy who is immediately charmed by her and spends lots of time with her, being charming and showing her around the neighborhood and playing cricket with the street children and so on. Tabu smiles and laughs and is seemingly won over, and then shows up at his door with a warrant, she was collecting evidence the whole time. Maddy is a little angry at first, but then realizes he loves her all the more because she actually got the best of him, this is the woman he has to marry. He is in jail for 4 months, and agrees to be a model prisoner and stop his friends from protesting and so on, so long as Tabu has lunch with him every day. At the end of the jail term, he proposes. Tabu knows it is crazy, but is a little tempted. And then he returns home, and is STABBED!!! Tabu cries and is furious when she finds out, realizes she truly loves him. She goes on an angry revenge spree through his neighborhood trying to figure out who did it. He wakes up, and they work together (him in the hospital and her on the streets) to find his enemy. It turns out to be the local politician who was jealous of his power and respect. Tabu finds the evidence and arrests him (after giving a big speech to his gundas about how vengeance belongs to the police). And then she tells Maddy that now he should run for the seat. Happy ending fast forward, Maddy is now “respectable”, a politician and officially someone who runs “charity schools”. And he brings lunch to his wife every day, head of station police woman Tabu.

Image result for madhavan tabu

Maddy Ancient Warrior and Princess Romance

Why can’t Maddy wear period costumes and stuff like everyone else? He is a lone warrior, was trained in the ancient fighting arts, Urumi and stuff, by his grandfather. But the new king is modern and thinks trade and laws and organization are the way to run things. Maddy sadly leaves because there is no place for such a one as he in this world. He travels India doing Justice and stuff but never finding a home. And then an old friend of his grandfather comes to him, begging for help. The king of his home kingdom has died, his widow/cousin is left as the new ruler. She is threatened by rebels who refuse to accept a woman as ruler. Can he come help? Maddy is now rough and unmannered, with scars all over his body. He is shy to appear in court, and the Princess is at first surprised by his appearance (in her sheltered life she has never seen such a one as he). But she also respects him and is graciously grateful to him for coming to help her. He is stunned by her beauty and dignity, and offers his blood oath as his grandfather taught him. Then he goes out and fights with the rebels for her. He is injured, she treats him herself and is delicately shocked and then intrigued at the scars on his body. The rebels try to attack and kill her, he shows up at the last minute to save her, she is at first horrified at the violence, then steels herself since this is what the time requires. But cries out when he is about to deliver a killing blow and he immediately stops himself, because he is sworn to obey her. Finally he captures the head rebel, her uncle, and she orders Maddy to behead him. The next day as her full official coronation is being celebrated, Maddy sadly leaves the kingdom, his swords on his back. Only to be surrounded by soldiers. She ordered the borders to be watched, knowing he would try to leave. She has him arrested and thrown in jail while her coronation is completed. And then brought before her. He asks what his crime was, she says that he forgot his oath, he must always obey her. And she orders him not to leave her, ever. He protests that he is but a humble warrior, rough and not worthy of a princess like her, she declares that she is his Queen and if she decides he is worthy, then he is. Happy Ending Scrolling Text. She ruled for 40 years with Maddy as her consort, they had many children, their family ruled until they handed over power to Independent India. But it is said even today if injustice happens within the borders of their kingdom, Maddy will appear and enforce the Queen’s law (quick image of rapey men chasing a woman only for Ghost Maddy to flicker into being and let out one last war cry as the screen goes to black).

Image result for urumi prithviraj
Picture this but Maddy

What do you think? Which should Maddy do next?

2 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Opposites Attract Romance Movies for Maddy

  1. I think Prith might have been a little out of shape in Urumi. I kept waiting, but he never took off his stole/blanket thingie. The re-make with Salaa Khadoos Maddy, all shaggy-haired and buff, would be spectacular. Oooh, a big historical with Prithviraj and Madhavan as warring Princes vying for the kingdom and the hand of, oh I don’t know, anybody but Alia Bhaat.


    • Prith and Maddy become friends while they are wandering warriors, Maddy returns to his home kingdom noble and humble, but Prith chaffs at obeying the rules and having to respect the princess. He starts a romance with a humble servant girl, insists on treating her with respect and taking her into the Queen’s party and stuff, in the end Maddy becomes the Queen’s consort while Prith becomes the head of her armies with the servant girl as his wife.

      On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 7:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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