TGIT: Hot Men with Coffee

I’m sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Was up until 1am last night writing Bharat reviews. And now it is really hard to get my brain to work. So I will do things that require no thought, and might also give me a shot of imaginary caffeine (no real caffeine today, which is also causing sleepies and headache and general bad mood). Let’s imagine all these hot men are offering me coffee!

Would you like a Shahrukh Khan coffee?

Image result for shahrukh khan coffee

Or would you like a Shahrukh Khan waiting outside the elevator to hand you coffee?

Image result for shahrukh khan coffee

Or would you like a Shahrukh teasingly holding a cup out of reach from you?

Image result for shahrukh khan black and white

Or would you like to curl up on the couch next to Fawad Khan and steal sips from his coffee?

Related image

Or share elegant flowered cups with him in Nature?

Image result for fawad khan coffee

Or have him hand you a fun red mug?

Related image

How about sitting in a little cafe and having a long deep conversation with Arjun Rampal?

Image result for arjun rampal coffee

Have Arjun Kapoor wink at you over breakfast?

Image result for arjun kapoor coffee

Watch Sid try not to drop a tiny cup from his big hands?

Image result for sidharth malhotra coffee

Enjoy Aamir’s inevitable coffee-beard issues?

Image result for aamir khan coffee

Become a threesome in Salman and Kat’s coffee sharing?

Related image

Risk whatever insane mixture Ranveer puts in his mug

Image result for ranveer singh coffee

Share a tiny cup on a terrace with Madhavan

Related image

Or Prabhas

Image result for prabhas coffee

Or Hrithik in a stripey shirt!

Image result for hrithik coffee

Or the Shahenshah of Coffee, Amitabh!

Image result for amitabh bachchan coffee

Which coffee do you most want to drink?

I think elevator Shahrukh coffee would be mine

Image result for shahrukh khan coffee

And which coffee are you most afraid to drink?

Amitabh’s, I think. Just seems like there would be a strange power infused in the cup.

Image result for amitabh bachchan coffee

14 thoughts on “TGIT: Hot Men with Coffee

  1. I want to sit down across the table with steaming coffee and just chat with Shah Rukh. The Rampal pic but not him. I don’t know about anyone else but I find him creepy. The young pregnant girlfriend doesn’t help.


  2. I’m going with wet Shah Rukh and coffee. Second choice Amitabh. He just looks primed to have a really interesting conversation. Or whatever.

    I might have to start going with a northern and southern option for these things. Prithviraj is really growing on me. I googled Prithviraj and coffee and found this image from a 2017 DCIB post for coffee day. I appreciate that you mix up the options a bit each year. 🙂


    • Prithviraj is an excellent choice to grow on for you! I just wish he was in more nice romantic films instead of thrillers (blech!).

      And thank you for appreciating that I shake things up! I had a bunch of good photos I purposefully avoided because I had used them before.

      On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 2:21 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Among these pics..
    1. Maddy (what is it about Maddy? so freaking sexy! how does he do it? sigh…)
    2. Prabhas (not usually a huge fan but this pic is calming, soothing, and he looks great!)
    3. The first Fawad pic. I like the comfortable intimacy there, I’ll take the woman’s place. 🙂

    The Salman & Kat pic looks too intimate, like I’d be barging in, or a 3rd wheel. They are good together, I’ll leave them alone.

    Least favorite… Aamir. WTF? I’m sure there are better pics out there of Aamir drinking coffee/tea.


    • I think Maddy has that same thing Angie pointed to with Arjun K, just supremely sexy confidence. And I think the Fawad pic is a photoshoot of him and his wife. I’m not sure, but I want it to be him and his wife, so let’s say it is.

      I am afraid I have a bit of an Aamir bias. I am so happy laughing at him in photos, that I tend to head for the “Oh Aamir, you are hilarious” options instead of the “Oh Aamir, you are boringly sexy like everyone else” options.


  4. ShahRukh choice…the “aur pas, aur pas” black cup picture…but only for getting closer, not for drinking (brrrrrr).
    And I definitely would refrain from Ranveer’s kooky company 😉


  5. Can I just gather everyone you have listed and have a coffee session with them? We shall all talk about what else but Bollywood! 🙂


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