Two New Trailers, Two Cute Clever Movies! Oh Baby and Arjun Patiala

Trailer time! I have to leave for work in 15 minutes, let’s see if I can write this up before then.

Two new trailers, both of which look original and interesting and all good things! How often does that happen?

First, the Telugu film “Oh Baby” with subtitles (yaaay!). I love how Samantha Akkineni, post marriage, is doing even more interesting roles than before marriage. And the industry is giving them to her! Once again, contradiction to the stereotype of the Telugu industry being bad for heroines.

And this is a particularly interesting concept, a woman’s age and appearance is seen as defining her so much, I like that they are going there in terms of an older woman becoming young, still having the confidence and guts she gained in old age, but now being seen by those around her as a viable marriage/sexual partner.

Only question I have, how are they going to end this thing? The easy boring ending would be for her to choose to age up again and leave a sad “good-bye” not for her young boyfriend and never see him again. But I hope they don’t do that. The most controversial ending would be her aging up again, and her boyfriend tracking her down and saying he is still in love with her. But I don’t think they will go there. The best ending would be something simple like she is hit by a truck and forgets her past life and thinks she really is 24 and can start fresh.

And then there is the Diljit Dosanjh-Kriti Sanon movie Arjun Patiala I have been looking forward to for ages, and it does not disappoint! No subtitles (booo!) but I am sure they will be added soon in the same inexplicable way they always are. I am hoping most of you can get it even without subtitles. It’s just super tongue in cheek and spoofy about a police movies in a very clever way. I honestly can’t tell if the movie itself will have the same spoof tone, or if it will be funny in some other unrevealed way.

Oh, and it also has an interesting heroine role! Looks like Kriti’s comic timing will be used, not just her pretty face. Really, all around lots to look forward to.

12 thoughts on “Two New Trailers, Two Cute Clever Movies! Oh Baby and Arjun Patiala

  1. Kriti and Taapsee are becoming my new favorite actresses. I think because they don’t come from filmi backgrounds, they have chosen to complement the big director who will give them fluffy, commercial parts with new directors who are directing their first or second hindi film but have an interesting script that gives them scope to act, which the established, filmi actors are not clamoring for. Looking forward to watching Arjun Patiala.


    • They both also have really interesting looks. Which doesn’t make them better actresses, but I think means that the directors who cast them are already looking for something different from the usual heroine. I just watched Heropanti for the first time, and in that Kriti is something close to the standard heroine. And it’s an awkward fit, she doesn’t have the kind of face we would expect the hero to fall in love with at first sight just because it is “beautiful”, and stuff like that. Makes far more sense in Luka Chuppi or Bareilly Ki Barfi where he is intrigued by her unusual look and the unusual personality that goes with it. Same with Taapsee in Judwaa 2, I had a hard time buying her as the “pretty” college girl instead of as something a little more different.

      On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 9:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • That movie was super awkward to watch for many reasons. Tiger looked so very feminine – fashion showstopper beautilful with a very angular features and interesting short haircut – to me that I was having a tough time seeing him as a big macho guy.

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        • Some older actor (Sanjay Dutt?) commenting on Tiger a while back said, “He’s just a dancer and so gay.” He certainly looked odd in Heropanti, sort of ethereal and slightly fem; not at all the macho hero he is now. Did he change his face surgically, or is it just maturity and better acting? Are there any gay rumors out there? (Like I’m all of a sudden seeing about Vidyut Jammwal with the release of Junglee. Not that it matters, but it does interfere with my daydreams.)
          I like Tiger. He’s serious, works hard, and seems like a nice, unassuming person. I hope his name and famous dad can protect him from inevitable industry ravages.


          • Jackie has had odd gay rumors following him off and on, in a way which could be something or could just be someone nasty with an axe to grind who thinks that is a bad thing to say about a person. Jackie has never really worried about them too much.

            I vote it is just maturity. He also seems to have toned down the make-up, or changed it somehow. Before his very pale skin and his eyes were highlighted, now I find myself noticing his jawline more, like that.

            On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 2:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I commented but, maybe I made something wrong because the comment is nit here.
    Nevermind, I was only saying that I heard people hated Arjun Patiala trailer, and being honest I didn’t like it either. I was interested in this movie but now I wouldn’t spend money on ticket.


    • Did you like A Gentleman? This felt very A Gentleman to me, and I loooooved that.

      On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 2:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I haven’t seen A Gentelman. It was released when I couldn’t stand Sid and I never felt the need of watching it (even after reading your reviews, and how you loved it)


        • Yeah, that makes sense of you not liking this trailer.

          Meanwhile, I need your opinion on the fanfic ideas post. What do you think about a forbidden romance between Harsh K and Harsh R?

          On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 4:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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