Good Newwz (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) Trailer! I’m Not Thrilled

Well, this is a disappointment! Not based on the poster, it’s perfectly in line with what I expected from that, but based on the initially casting and topic announcement I had higher hopes. Oh well, all of life is just a series of disappointments (it’s overcast today and I haven’t had my coffee yet).

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Hum Hain Rahe Pyar Ki Pre-Review Post: Recasting! With a Gender Flip! Prithviraj-Rani, Tell Me You Wouldn’t Watch That!

I bowed to the pressure and rewatched it last night to prepare for a review, and it is so much cuter than I remembered. More importantly, it is just BEGGING for a modern day north-south remake.

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Katching Up on Koffee: Diljit and Badshah! Two nice boys from the Punjab!

What an interesting episode!!!!  Exactly what we have been asking for, Karan breaking out of the usual circuit of guests and being open to new topics and new considerations.  Also, yes, a lot about Salman and Shahrukh, but from a different angle than usual.

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News Round-Up: Priyanka and Her Evil Twin Priyanka, Aish and Abhi, KriArj and Fanney Khan, Hrithik and Tiger, Akki and Bebo

This is usually the day I do my box office report, but I went over to BH to get the numbers and ran into a bunch of news stories I thought I should talk about first.  So box office is coming, eventually, but first news for us!

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Soorma Review (SPOILERS): A Little Brother Grows Up

I already put up my No Spoilers review, and this really is a good movie, so I would recommend skipping this review until after you watch it, if you are able to watch it.  The trailer gives away the general outlines of the plot, but there is a lot more to it which deserves to be seen with fresh eyes, not spoiled by me.

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Trailer! Welcome to New York

Normally I try to mix these trailer posts up a little, adding in a few to compare.  But right now, there is NOTHING. Because stupid Padmavat messed up the release schedule and there is this weird gap.  All the movies that got moved to February last minute, their trailers came out months ago when they were supposed to release.  And all the movies that might otherwise be release in February have scuttled forward to March and their trailers aren’t out yet.  But this one trailer does look fun!

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Happy Lohri!!!! A Selection of Punjabi Songs to Celebrate

Happy Lohri!  Which is a Winter Solstice holiday in the Punjab, usually celebrated with a big bonfire!  There are of course plenty of Lohri specific songs in Indian films, but they would be super hard to track down, plus I wouldn’t like all of them!  Instead, to celebrate this Punjabi holiday, I am just going to post my all time favorite Bhangra/Punjabi songs, counting down from number 5 to number 1.  There are a lot of them, because there are a lot of Punjabi refugees who ended up in the Bombay film industry.  Because they needed jobs, and also Punjabis are HOTT.

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News Round-Up: Diljit Biopics, IFFI Hesitates, Siddharth Fashions, Deepika Deepikas, and Kangana Can’t Kangana

Happy Cyber Monday!  If my website loads slowly today, it’s not my fault, it’s The Internet.  Well, more accurately, The People on The Internet.  So, be patient, and load this whole story, and you can read a bunch of not very exciting news stories.

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News Round-Up: Dabangg 3 and Sonakshi, Diljit and Kriti, and Shahrukh and Karan and Farah

Happy Monday!  Time to see what everyone’s been up to over the weekend.  Not as exciting as some Mondays, but there are a few mildly interesting stories out there.

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Phillauri Review (NO SPOILERS): A Simple Story With a Message to Remember at the End

Well that was a short movie!  Strolled out of the theater a few minutes after 10, with a 7:45 start time and a 10 minute intermission.  But a nice movie.  A nice concise small movie.  It felt kind of like a fairy tale, or a fable.  A story for children, nice and simple and easy to remember and understand.

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Sardaar Ji: My 2nd Punjabi Movie! Love the Spunky Women!

Thanks to a recommendation in the comments on my Halloween post, I watched Sardaar Ji!  My second Punjabi movie!  These movies are FUN!  And, they make me feel like I am a cool Punjabi woman who can handle anything, at least for a little while.

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Jatt and Juliet: It took me 5 years, but I finished it!

Jatt and Juliet is the first Punjabi movie I started, and the first Punjabi movie I ended, but there was a 5 year gap in the middle there.  I rented it right when it first came out, after hearing all the buzz about how it was setting records and breaking out of the regional market.  And then somehow I just didn’t get into it, and I turned it off half way.  But I re-started it last night, and made it all the way to the end, and turns out, I love it!

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Udta Punjab Review: Nothing Happens, and Yet Everything Changes (SPOILERS!)

I already put up a quick spoiler-free review, now it’s time to get in depth and deal with what really happens!  Time for spoilers!

(if you want another non-spoiler perspective, check out moviemavengal’s review)

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