Misc Post: Interesting Trailer, Albie Dog Story, Funny Story About Me

I’m in the middle of 3 movies in 24 hours and I am way way too tired to write anything real (finished the last review last night at midnight, up at 6am for work). So this is a catchall whatever post in the meantime.

Interesting Trailer

I saw Dear Comrade at the mainstream theater near my office which almost never shows Indian films. It regularly shows “foreign” films and “indie” films, but rarely mainstream Indian stuff. When it does, it tends to kind of put it in the same category as “foreign” and “indie” which means I end up sitting through trailers for a bunch of weird films I will never watch. Only this time, it was a trailer for a movie I am actually really really interested in and excited about and had no idea was happening!

You know Gurinder Chadhra? Bend it Like Beckham, What’s Cooking?, Bhaji on the Beach? And also, unfortunately, Bride and Prejudice, Mistress of Spices, Viceroy House? I love her when she is dealing with middle class or lower middle class immigrants within a western society. I hate her when she is dealing with rich people and magical realism and BLECH. I can’t tell if these are her two artistic sensibilities, or if the “bad” movies are what she does for the paycheck so she can make her good movies, or if she is getting bad advice, or what is happening. But the honesty and gripping “real” feel that brings you in to her good stuff is just not there in her bad stuff. Seriously, watch What’s Cooking? and then Bride and Prejudice and it is almost hard to believe it is the same director.

Anyway, she has a new movie coming out! Which looks like it will fall very much on the good and real side of things. A movie about a working class desi immigrant teenager trapped in 80s England who finds meaning in the music of Bruce Springsteen. Okay, that sounds potentially terrible, but based on the trailer she is going to tell the story with a light touch that still makes you feel the essential emotions of it. And it’s loosely based on the real story of a British journalist who was born in Pakistan and raised in England.

Albie Dog Was Sent Away

In order to accomplish 3 movies in 24 hours, I had to send Albie Dog away. I’m going up to my parents’ house this weekend again, which means I have to squeeze in all the movies in advance. They went up Thursday afternoon, stopped by my office to get Albie Dog, and then I got to go straight from work to yesterday’s movie. And today I leave work early and head off for a far away theater where I can see Judgmental Hai Kya and Arjun Patiala back to back and then head straight for my parents. Interesting thing, Judgmental Hai Kya is only playing at this one theater in the entire Chicago region. Even my regular Indian all-Indian theater is skipping it.

Anyway, Albie Dog! My parents took him to the dog park to wear him out before taking him home, and sent me a photo of a very very tired little doggie.

Funny Story About Me

This is one of those things that could either be embarrassing or funny and I’ve decided to own it and declare it funny.

About 6 months ago, I bought coffee for my coffee maker at home. But it was strange and powdery in consistency and didn’t work well when I made my cold brew version not in the coffee maker, and also tasted kind of terrible (although I’ve never really liked the taste of coffee). So I ended up buying a second totally different bag of coffee just for back up. I’ve been going along alternating between these two options for months, and as the hot weather wore down my energy and made it harder to sleep at night, the coffee just didn’t seem to be as effective. I’d have a cup in the morning, and then I would drag through the morning at work and end up having to rush out for a second cup from a coffee shop or something after a few hours. A sad thing, but after 34 years it looked like I was finally building up a tolerance for caffeine like a normal human adult.

After literally months of using this coffee, I was using the powdery stuff in the coffee machine on Monday this week and kind of sleepily looking at the bag as I spooned it in and hit “start” and suddenly noticed something weird. Here is the bag, can you spot the thing I didn’t see for literally 6 months?

So, okay, I bought the wrong kind of coffee by mistake, no worries I had my back-up bag. I turned around to pull that out and suddenly noticed something about it that, for literally months, I had never seen.

Take your time, look at the photos carefully, make sure you can see why both of these options just did not seem to keep me awake after I put them through the coffee maker. You have your answer? Or do you give up? Or do you need 6 months to figure it out the way I did?

Yes, I bought instant coffee and used it in a coffee maker for 6 months and just accepted that terrible coffee is what coffee tastes like. And then as a back up, I bought another bag of coffee that was decaf and just thought my caffeine tolerance was building up. For MONTHS!!!!!

Anyway, this just goes back to my general theory that people who need coffee should not be expected to successfully make coffee. There should be some kind of coffee fairy who goes around and drops it in your mouth as you awaken, thus giving you the needed burst to make your own coffee and also be able to read clearly labeled packaging. Alternatively, coffee shops should have little shot glasses by the register to perk you up before you are expected to order and successfully pay.

6 thoughts on “Misc Post: Interesting Trailer, Albie Dog Story, Funny Story About Me

  1. I watched the trailer without any expectations (because I only watched Bride and Prejudice and Mistress of Spices and didn’t liked it) but you’re right the movie looks good.


    • You should watch Bend it Like Beckham, I think you might really enjoy it. The hero is skinny, but the romance is excellent.

      On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 12:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Blinded by the Light looks so good! Now I’m excited too.

    I’m more amazed that a bag of coffee lasts you months. I have also ended up confused when I tried to experiment, so I stopped experimenting with something as essential as coffee.


    • Well to be fair, i only have 2 cups of coffee a week, and at least half the time i get it from outside. And it definitely lasted longer because i didn’t like the taste!


  3. Haha, kind of cute. I think even using regular Turkish coffee in a coffee maker would result in subpar coffee as the Turkish kind is supposed to be poured into the cup, grounds and all.


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