Trailers! Chhichhore and Dream Girl!

Those aitches are going to kill me in Chhichhore, I will never be able to spell it correctly. On the other hand, Dream Girl is a breeze! Purely for my spelling abilities, I wish all movies had English titles.

Chhichhore! The trailer dropped a while back, I just haven’t gotten around to talking about it. Pretty straightforward plot, it’s just the structure that is slightly different. Our hero arrives at college, makes friends, has a crush on a pretty girl, the girl ends up part of their friend group, they enter the sports competition, get caught by the Dean doing stuff, hijinks hijinks. And then we cut to the present day where everyone is middle-aged and our hero and his wife are waiting in the hospital with their grievously injured son.

I just feel like there must be more to it than 80s nostalgia and campus humor. Surely there is more! And also, surely there is some way the present day hospital stuff will tie in directly to the past? Or, maybe not. Maybe it is just everyone showing up to donate blood or something. I’ll still see the film, but based on the trailer the only thing that feels new and interesting to me is that the pretty girl is considered part of the group of friends, not just as a pretty girl.

Dream Girl! This is the new trailer, dropped just this morning. Once again, Ayushmann takes an aggressively non-Heroic kind of role. A Ram-Leela actor who usually plays female parts, and takes a job pretending to be a woman on a call in line to make more money for the family. The movie is a little more interesting than “ha-ha, a man pretending to be a woman”, the complications seem to come from the clever things he has to do to keep the callers interested, and when callers start showing up on his door in love with him.

My only question with the film is what the heck Nushrat Bharucha is doing in it. She is a really really good actress, and a really really good comic, and this was supposed to be her break out of the Luv Ranjan low budget ghetto, but I have no idea what character she is playing, what complications she is bringing, none of that. I really hope she has more to do in the actual film than she does in the trailer.

21 thoughts on “Trailers! Chhichhore and Dream Girl!

  1. Good for Ayushmann breaking out the box once again. I’m so curious to see if they can pull off this story without offending my leftist sensibilities. My India is moving at a snail’s pace but still moving…at least in how the media portrays unconventional situations. Sorta like the US!


    • I was running the trailer through my mental translator, and almost everything would have worked just as well with an actress in Ayushmann’s part. It’s talking about a phone sex person who gets caught in real life problems when the callers track them down. There are only a few things related to Ayushmann being a man, and really it could work just as well with the lead character being an older woman, or an overweight woman, or anything. The joke doesn’t seem to be “ha-ha, man acting like woman!” but more “ha-ha, men expecting a female fantasy and not being prepared for the reality”.

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      • I hope the heroine has a fun comic role! I haven’t seen the original either and wikipedia doesn’t mention much other than a couple line summary. I was actually planning on watching the original but I didn’t find it online with subtitles so I gave up on it.


        • This seems like a good chance to announce that Dream Girl sounds like an inferior Aunty no. 1 remake.

          Coolie no. 1 should be on youtube, that’s where I watched it. I don’t like it myself. The only good No. 1 movies are Aunty no. 1 and Hero no. 1. The rest is meh to awful. Coolie no. 1 is okay I guess, the script is good but there’s too much Shakti Kapoor, the heroines are potted plants and it’s too easy a role for Govinda. I mean, he’s still easily the best thing about the movie and it’s not like the later ones where he is OVER IT but it’s not his best work. The songs are pretty good though.

          I’m just glad they’re not remaking one of his films I actually like lol.


          • This actually sounds good. If Dhawan is taking another pass at the same plot idea that he didn’t do perfect the first time around, it makes me think he is ready to experiment and do something better. Judwaa 2 was really just 1, only not as good. This could be Coolie No. 1, only better.

            On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 12:08 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I realise you don’t like Govinda, but he is an actor of really great ability and range, and I can’t imagine anyone doing as well at the acting part of it right now, let alone the dancing too. All the no. 1 films, stupid and and unchallenging for him as they sometimes were, really lean hard on his especial abilities and honestly I can’t imagine it being better without him, even if you ALSO remove Shakti Kapoor and Kader Khan.


          • I don’t particularly dislike Govinda, I just never really watched that much of him.

            I was thinking more about what you said about the heroines being dull and stuff. Is it possible that the basic story could be improved with a second pass? That’s what really bothered me about Judwaa 2, it wasn’t just that no one could replace Salman and Karisma as leads, it was like they weren’t even trying to do anything but the same thing over again. Like, they even remixed the songs! Why keep one twin as a performer and the other as a criminal? Why keep the girlfriend mix-up? Why not just take the idea of separated twins being mistaken for each other and do something entirely original on top of that?

            On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 12:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Well, you have to imagine this as being basically a Jerry Lewis movie or something like that. The whole movie is written so Jerry Lewis can show his Jerry Lewis schtick in the most pandering way. If you want to remake it and still make it appealing to people, you have to change it in such a way that it’s basically a totally different movie with a different emphasis and essentially a different style of comedy. I guess that’s possible, and even to me desirable, because this is not the Govinda schtick I want, but I don’t know if anyone involved has the skill. The thing is, this relies on an established persona and schtick, it’s not a star establishing kind of film like they’re making it now.


          • Looking at the basic set-up, simply giving the heroine more agency could completely change the movie. What if it was about her deciding to teach her father a lesson and hiring the Coolie to fake being rich herself?

            On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 12:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I think something like that would really improve it, but I feel like he’s using this as the star establishing turn for Varun, so why change it so it’s no longer a star vehicle but a balanced movie?


          • I hope not! I don’t think Varun would be well-served, because he just can’t carry that kind of movie. Have you seen Main Tera Hero? I feel like int hat they gave more for the heroines and villains and stuff to do and it made Varun shine, versus Judwaa 2 (I really hate the movie the more I think about it) where everyone else was just props in the Varun Dhawan Show.

            On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 12:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yeah, exactly, he’s not ready for that. But I feel like that’s what he’s trying to do by picking this movie. It’s like remaking Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or something, just by doing it you’re making a statement.


  2. I saw the trailers only now and liked Dream girl much more than Chhichhore.
    I don’t like movies about college friendships and seems that the trailer revealed all the plot. I’m not interested what will happen, there is no mystery, and Sushant’s fake beard is horrendous. I wouldn’t buy a ticket to see this film, but who knows , maybe other people will like it.


    • All the old make-up is terrible! Fake beards, fake bald caps, blech! But Dream Girl looks possibly fun.

      Meanwhile, I am heavily promoting my new Marry-sex-kill post, you finally have the chance to kill Devdas and marry Surinder Sahni. Or the other way around, but then you would be wrong.

      On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 2:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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