Happy Late Birthday Saif! Let’s Look At My Favorite Songs of Yours!

I suppose I could try for some objective overview of his career kind of thing. But, naaaaaah. I’m just gonna do my favorite random Saif songs, from the mullet era to the beard era.

You may not like extremely young and skinny and mulletted Saif, but then you would be WRONG! “Ole Ole”

Obviously I am not going to ignore the Sakshay, “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”

I can’t resist including a second MKTA song, I just love it so much. “My Adorable Darling”

Do you remember when Saif and Kajol co-starred? No one does really. Anyway, here they are together in a terrible earworm of a song that somehow I love! “Hamesha Hamesha”

Same movie, another earworm! And such a fun happy dance number, “Neela Dupatta”

And then we leave the mullet era and enter the “actually good hair in actually good movies” era! With Dil Chahta Hai and “Wo Ladki Hai Kahan”

Kal Ho Na Ho, I had such a hard time not including all of the songs. But really I love this one the most for the way he dances with the bagel lady, “Kuch To Hua Hai”

This is very hard for me, because I completely hate this movie. And yet, somehow, I also love this song! “Ab To Forever”

Saif really just has to sit there and look cool while Katrina dances in her awesome dress, but he is very good at sitting and looking cool, “Zara Zara Touch Me”

As one of the Tashan defenders, I must include this song. Also, it’s hilarious, “Dil Dance Maare”

Such a cool song! “Raabta”

Love this song, all beachy and happy and casual. Too bad Saif is about 10 years too old to play this character. “Tumhi Ho Bandhu”

Boy, he really has not done anything interesting in recent years! But I found this one song at least really interesting in Baazaar, “Adhura Lafz”

How about you? Which is your favorite Saif song?

7 thoughts on “Happy Late Birthday Saif! Let’s Look At My Favorite Songs of Yours!

  1. Ahhhh, the KHNH memories. Rohit was the first romantic underdog I actively rooted for, and Saif/Preity are probably my second favourite 2000s on-screen pairing after Rani/Abhishek. I want to see them in a good movie sooo badly.
    I just realised that he and Manisha Koirala are birthday twins- both born on August 16, 1970. I hope Prasthanam goes well for her- in my opinion, she’s in the league as Tabu, and deserves a career resurgence similar to the one the latter’s been having over the last few years. Watched Dear Maya recently, and she was wonderful in it


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