TGIF/Shahrukh Summer: 2000s or Today, Which Do You Prefer?

Silly post, unrelated to the Female Film theme, but I feel like we need silliness in our lives. Let’s compare old-young SRK photos and pick which is best!

I’m not gonna do young-young, because although we all love him, I don’t think anyone actually prefers 90s SRK. But I am going to do that magically 2000s era versus today.

T-shirt young

Related image

t-shirt old

Image result for shahrukh khan t-shirt young

Leather jacket young

Image result for shahrukh khan leather jacket

Leather jacket old

Image result for shahrukh khan leather jacket

Sweater young

Image result for shahrukh khan sweater

Sweater old

Related image

Motorcycle young

Image result for shahrukh khan motorcycle josh

Motorcycle old

Image result for shahrukh khan motorcycle

Formal young

Image result for shahrukh khan yeh ladki hai allah

Formal old

Image result for shahrukh khan salwar

Madhuri young

Image result for shahrukh khan madhuri koyla

Madhuri old

Image result for shahrukh khan madhuri koyla

With babies young

Image result for shahrukh khan aaryan young

With babies old

Image result for shahrukh khan abram

With Gauri young

Image result for shahrukh khan gauri young

With Gauri old

Image result for shahrukh khan gauri

Suit young

Image result for shahrukh khan suit young

Suit old

Image result for shahrukh khan tuxedo young

Okay, that’s 9. I’m gonna stop with an odd number so there will be a clear overall winner when I finishing tallying my choices.

T-shirt: gotta go young, those biceps!

Leather Jacket: It’s close, the Veer look is good, but I feel like old Shahrukh is just more confident in it.

Sweater: the old photo shoot is cute, but the KHNH sweater look is iconic. Young again!

Motorcycle: No contest, gotta go old.

Formal: Old again. But it’s more about the fashion trends changing and being more flattering to him now, than an actual judgment on young Shahrukh.

Madhuri: Old, no contest. Young is just too eager

Babies: How can I choose! All babies are wonderful. I guess young just because it’s two babies instead of one.

Gauri: I adore that young photo. They are nice now, all fancy and clean and stuff, but I love back when they just looked like any young couple trying to figure things out.

Suit: It’s not fair because the suit is objectively better in the old photo, but his face is so open and handsome in the young photo, I gotta go with it.

Look at that! 5 young choices to 4 old! I guess Shahrukh isn’t getting better with age after all.

How about you? What’s your overall choice, or individual category picks?

25 thoughts on “TGIF/Shahrukh Summer: 2000s or Today, Which Do You Prefer?

    • His older performances, like his greater acting ability, or just watching him in movement rather than still?

      On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 10:59 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I’ve really only watch him in movement in his movies, and maybe occasionally in interviews, but there he is mostly sitting. Rarely seen his ad films.

    I might happen to like some of these older pics better than the younger ones you chose (i especially like the pathani suit and the final suit) , but in general I’d say he makes a better print model as a younger man. The bright eyed bushy tailed thing works better in print ads. Look at the young suit pic… you just can’t get a closeup photo like that once you’ve aged.

    To answer your question re film, it is better acting and better movement, but the latter is a question of preference. The younger is more athletic and quick shifts of movement. The older is more sensual and smooth.

    Other observations

    I love the young Gauri! Even in her young interviews she’s so frank, honest, raw, unpolished.
    The older Gauri looks worn down, in photos at least, it could just be her current makeup choices are too harsh.

    Madhuri and srk have so much better chemistry in print than on film. Both are excellent photos. And the older one is so poignant given the context of their filmic history.


    • I love the young Gauri too! And also the young Shahrukh. They felt like a match for each other, both unpolished and raw and new and excited. Now I think they have both gained a lot of polish and learned how to put up walls between them and the world. But Shahrukh is an actor, he can still act fresh at least. Also, watching Shahrukh’s more industrial interviews now and how interesting he is in them, I wonder if Gauri might feel more natural in the present if we got to see her talk about her job? Instead of having to constantly fence with folks wondering about her marriage and kids.


  2. Tee shirt is a tie: both are equally good. Leather jacket: old no contest. Sweater, young. Motorcycle old. Formal: tie. Madhuri : young. Young couples are irresistable. It makes me sad, but happy to see them before life wore them down as it does all of us. Suit, old. As he says, the suit are much better. Have you ever seen the Simi Garawal (sp) party where he wears that over sized white suit??Kids: old. The love on his face is unbeatable. Which puts me at a solid tie, I guess


  3. Man, that young photo of his in suit!! Came across it few days ago on twitter, had to catch my breath for a sec then, it’s the same now ♥


  4. SRK’s age doesn’t bother me much, young or old. For me, his attractiveness is directly tied to how much he currently weighs. He looks 10 times better when he’s a little heavier and has more fat on his face. When he gets too skinny, his nose looks bigger and weirder, and screws up his face.
    When he has enough weight on, his close-ups still look really good for his age.


  5. Ugh! What a choice! It depends on the definition of ‘best’ In general, young is more beautiful, old is more intense and sexy. Either way it’s a win-win. 🙂


  6. It’s harder because most young ones are from movies/songs, so I’m seeing them in context.
    Tshirt – young, he looks skinny in old one
    Leather – objectively old, but Veer in the song was hot!
    Sweater – young, it is iconic. Old one looks great though half his face is hidden
    Motorcycle – old
    Formal – I mean he should always be in Pathani suits! Agree that old one fits better, but I have to go with young because of the song
    Madhuri – I guess old, but I can go with young just for Madhuri’s smile
    Babies – young because I see three cute babies there
    Gauri – young, I love that photo
    Suit – young, no question!


    • Poor Shahrukh, all his best days are behind him!

      It’s not really fair though, I had to do movie stills for the young ones because it was too hard to find candids, but the old ones popped right up because they were recent.


  7. This is impossible! How am I supposed to make a choice with these photos? I truly can’t. I object!

    I have a least favorite one though; The Veer Zaara brownish leather jacket one.


  8. Younger Shah Rukh for sure. He was at his peak in looks in his late 30’s/ early 40’s in my opinion. He’s still handsome but a bit too gaunt in his 50s.


    • I agree, but I would say he went from handsome/beautiful to distinguished/sexy. His look earlier doesn’t have the gravitas for me that he has now, and also not the raw sex appeal.

      On Sat, Aug 24, 2019 at 11:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  9. It’s always an interesting read but for me impossible to make a choice…each year of ShahRukh has something special: ShahRukh himself…his intensity, youthfullness, body language, eye-expressions, charming the camera, putting himself into the focus of unknown eyeballs, making himself wanted and making others smile or swoon or dream.
    For me his age is of no matter. the 20-year-old one looking still looking like a kid, the 30-year-old one who still can have puppy eyes, the 40-year-old one with the distinctive lines of masculine beauty and now the 50-year-old one with a stunning virility. I’m already looking forward to the surprises and pleasure the 60-year-old ShahRukh will give me…in 6 years…with each year till then to enjoy.

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  10. I have to say he gave full-on twink vibes in the 2000s but that is the Shah I fell completely in love with. Now he actually looks mature and sexy. 2000s SRK was definitely sexy but right now it’s a more rugged type of sexy.


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