My Saaho Outfit

Do you want to see what I ended up deciding to wear to opening night of Saaho? Of course you do!

I always dress up for movies I care about, but this time I paid through the nose for opening night tickets for a big Telugu film, so I am guessing other people will dress up as well.

I opted for sexy black dress, hair down, lipstick. I know the dress doesn’t look like much, you have to see it in motion, the slit goes up and up and UP. Anyway, my hair looks great and my nails are pink, that is good enough.

15 thoughts on “My Saaho Outfit

  1. Nice! Are you wearing any jewellery with it? A well-cut black dress is the perfect basis to go subtle or bling, depending on the event. Might be fun to go a bit bling for this.

    And, you go to a Shahrukh film with an Aamir fan, and a Prabhas film with a Prabhas hater – yikes! I would rather go on my own.

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