Magical Thinking Post: Let Us All Combine Our Powers For These Very Small Wishes

I am a deep believer in the “God has a plan” theory and also the “Butterfly effect” theory. Meaning that I don’t like to make big wishes for fear they will come true and somehow mess with The Universe. But I think the following small wishes should be safe and not permenantly damage anything. Join me in combining our powers to Make Them So!

Sooryavanshi Includes a Shirtless Wrestling Scene Between Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan

If I have to see yet ANOTHER Akshay movie, I want to be rewarded with some classic Akshay Kumar man-love. And Akshay and Ajay wrestling? It would be The Dream. So long as I am putting things out in the universe, can this also be part of a song sequence so we can all watch it on youtube without needing to see the rest of the movie?

Image result for akshay kumar ajay devgan
Tempted to ask The Universe for a three-way Ranveer-Akshay-Ajay wrestling scene, but I think Akshay-Ajay alone would actually be hotter

Ranbir Kapoor Takes an 18 Year Paternity Leave

IF Alia is pregnant, and IF she decides to continue the pregnancy, then I want her to go right back to work and Ranbir to turn into a hipster stay at home Dad for 18 years. Also, so long as I am making wishes, I want him and Saif and Ranveer (who would also be a stay at home Dad to Dips’ possible off-spring) to start a Daddy’s play group together and live stream it on the internet.

Image result for ranbir kapoor hat
He already dresses like a stay at home Dad, why not make it official?

Shahrukh Grows a Beard and Starts Wearing Glasses Again

I don’t want to interfere with his professional or personal decisions, but I feel like I can at least make this little wish without hurting anything. I miss the glasses! And I really really miss the beard. Just seeing them pop-up on the occasional airport and instagram shot would make me so happy.

Image result for shahrukh khan glasses
Picture this, but with a beard. I don’t care if they are plain glass, I just want the thoughtful professor look back!

Amazon Drops Their ErosNow Partnership

I just sent in ANOTHER angry message to amazon about how ErosNow movies don’t have subtitles. We will see if that, along with Positive Thinking, has an effect. Amazon is so powerful, surely they can figure out a way to get the rights to the ErosNow catalogue without using the stupid ErosNow features. I would so much rather pay $1.99 to rent a film individually on Amazon WITH SUBTITLES than have to pay the “subscription” to ErosNow only to realize the movie I want, once again, has no subtitles. Let us all try to make it happen.

Image result for kahaani 2
Had to watch this on einthusan, because ErosNow failed me AGAIN.

Prabhas Gets a New Stylist

Perhaps the most important thing to wish for, it would take so much ugliness out of the world.

Image result for prabhas interview

28 thoughts on “Magical Thinking Post: Let Us All Combine Our Powers For These Very Small Wishes

  1. I’m sure Prabhas dress that bad on purpose. He can be so handsome and sexy, but we all know he doesn’t like fame, attention and confusion, and imagine if he would look good everyday, women would stay under his house day and night 😉


    • In that case he should just get a wife, dress nicely, and let her deal with it!

      On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 2:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Ranveer’s character in Simmba was a fan of Ajay/Singham. Maybe Ajay/Singham and Akshay are rivals for the hero worship of Ranveer? So they organize a wrestling match so they can both show off for Ranveer? But then they end up becoming friends and the wrestling match turns into a manly hug?

      Also, I really hope the universe doesn’t get confused by our wishes and send Prabhas on an 18 year paternity leave and give Ranbir a stylist. I don’t care what clothes Ranbir wears, and Prabhas is already not working enough.

      On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 2:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • “Also, I really hope the universe doesn’t get confused by our wishes and send Prabhas on an 18 year paternity leave and give Ranbir a stylist.”

        Why would you put this thought into the universe 😦


  2. I’m mean so my wish is that some aliens with bad taste in movies come and kidnap all the men from the couch, and force them to make jingoistic movies in some other galaxy 😉

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      • Or Akshay suddenly gets a call from his very very old martial arts teacher who needs him somewhere far in China to take care of his old school and so he disappears for 20 years.


          • Sure, as long as Akshay keeps his mouth shut and just do sports, why not, even if I don’t understand why watching Akshay wrestling if we have movies with Unni Mukundan wrestling 😉


    • No, I am a smart cookie who is ignoring Karan because he is irritating. Thus my tiny small happy wishes here, I don’t want to deal with big problems of the world, just little things like Shahrukh’s reading glasses.

      On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 4:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • What happened? I was the one who ignores Karan, and you the one who likes him. LOL I’m confused now. But the poster we are talking about suits this post about little magical wishes – I saw Vineet Kumar Singh’s name on it (along with Pankaj Tripathi) so I’m happy because my wish that he will get a chance has been fullfiled.


        • Oh, yaaaaay! I’m happy then.

          Karan has exhausted me lately. I think it’s since SRK and Salman stopped tweeting as much, suddenly my feed is just Karan and Taran Adarsh and it’s a bit too much Karan.

          On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 4:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. SRK did have a stubble again a few days ago during that stamp event thing, so maybe there’s hope? The glasses are definitely cool, too.


  4. Well, I don’t know about the others but you will get your beard wish for SRK. He’s been spotted around lately growing his facial hair.

    First spotting with stubble was a few days ago when he went to some Post Office function:

    Second spotting was him having some daddy time with AbRam at his tae kwan do lesson:

    And third spotting from today!

    Let’s hope he’s growing it for a role. Or maybe he just missed his beard but that would be disappointing because the man needs to get back to work already!

    Also someone please explain how he is aging so well in spite of having terrible habits. That hair is as thick and luscious as ever.

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  5. Hi! Second the wish to see SRK with those glasses! I miss them… even in Dear Zindagii.. I was really really hoping I would get a scene with glasses.. but I don’t remember now if there was one!

    Also.. SRK is at work! Even his so-called break is busier than most people’s work schedule.. BUT i do want him BACK on my screen!!!! I actually miss him in a movie.


    • There are rumors floating around that he will replace Salman in the Bhasali movie with Alia but I hope it’s not true. The BW media can’t be trusted so there’s that.


      • It doesn’t seem true? I mean, it would be so likely to be a rumor that folks would start. And if he wanted to work with Bhansali, he would, he doesn’t have to take Salman’s leftovers.


        • I don’t see it as left overs at all.. more like only the Khans can actually ‘replace’ each other… I mean Lagaan was offered to SRK.. then went to Amir.. and stuff like that..

          In any case, SRK and Bansali working together rumors have been a thing since the end of Devdas.. and from what I understand of the stories.. it seems like Bansali has a couple of script ideas and he is sort of just talking to all the big names… including both SRK and Salman.


          • Actually, I think that Bhansali tries the association with the ‘big names’ because of money. I don’t want to blame him for that but according to his last ventures (including Inshallah), I don’t see a challenge for ShahRukh doing a movie with him.
            Well, we’ll see.


          • I feel like if Shahrukh wanted to do a Bhansali film, he would hold out for a role that was really crafted with him in mind. Because it is Bhansali, and his plans are so firm, I can’t see him turning a Salman role into a Shahrukh role without major massive rewrites. And at that point, why not just ask him to right a new script?

            On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 11:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Bhansali is finicky about casting but then why cast Salman at all? The man hasn’t acted in at least 20 years.
            My issue isn’t with Bhansal or taking leftovers or anything like that. It’s in the fear of pairing up SRK opposite Alia. I’m honestly not that picky and I would be fine with other actresses in their 20s like Kriti or Bhumi. But Alia literally looks like a child. How can anyone in their right mind make her do love scenes with a 50 year old actor? Even if the age difference is built in, it is too creepy to cast Alia.
            On the other hand, I love both SRK and Alia and really want to see them do a movie together but there are so many other options where they can be the leads without it being romantic. How about a professor who works with a troubled student? An old spy who gets paired up with a new hire for a mission? A boss and an employee in a battle of wits? There are SO many options. Come on, why can’t they make anything fun? The same old stuff is being done over and over.


          • Any of my scripts from Sunday! ANY OF THEM!!!! They would all be better than an SRK Alia Bhansali romance.


          • I liked Alia-SRK dynamic in Dear Zindagii.. but honestly.. Alia was the weak link.. the movie could have been on a whole NEW level if Alia could be swapped for a better performer..

            Don’t get me wrong.. I generally like Alia.. she is perfectly nice and is sometimes a good actor (I liked her in Raazi or even Humpty)… but here especially opposite SRK who was just soooo good.. I felt this was a missed chance.

            So on that note, I really really hope that we get a different pairing. I for one would love to SRK-Tabu or even SRK-Aishwariya or SRK-Vidya in a classic Bansali setting.

            Of course SRK-Kajol would be hands-down the best idea.. but I don’t see that happening for a Bansali movie.


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