Shahrukh Summer: All Shahrukh Goofy Songs

The is broken in my office AGAIN so it is 1 million degrees and my brain has melted. Sorry, I hate complaining all the time about this, but it is literally making me ill and having a big effect on my blogging abilities. So no deep thought post, big silly post that requires minimal thought instead. I’m gonna go through Shahrukh’s filmography and pull out every single goofy song. And you all get to decide which one of them is the most happy making!

Shahrukh, especially in his early years, had a definite “class clown” element to him. There are a lot of songs from back then, and a few from recent years, that are just completely silly. Like watching a clown more than a movie star.

Kind of interesting to think about how these songs shifted over his career. At first it was a boyish goofing around with the heroine. Then directors started to realize how fun Shahrukh is on his own, and he got more famous than his heroines, and the songs started being more “Shahrukh goofing around while the heroine watches admiringly”. Once he became a big BIG star, all of a sudden the fun goofy songs started getting far more rare. It was all flirty and mature and serious and BLECH. They are beginning to come back now, but only in rare situations, often as a promo or end credits song (so not when he is in character).

I am going to break these down into 3 categories: Goofing around alone, goofing around with the heroine, goofing around to cheer up the heroine.

Goofing around with the heroine was by far the more common type in his early years, back in the 90s when romances were fun.

And then, goofing around to cheer up and entertain the heroine.

And finally, goofing around just by himself

Okay, which of these songs is your favorite cheer up song? Which is your least favorite?

In general, do you prefer him goofing with the heroine, for the heroine, or unromantically?

6 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer: All Shahrukh Goofy Songs

  1. My ultimate favorite is him goofing off with Juhi Chawla in Duplicate, but I also love it when he is trying to get a heroine and is constantly being rejected; the Aana Mere Pyar Ko song is great! I defineily want to see SRK with heroines though, it seems like he is missing something (or someone) on his own.


    • I can see it. I think Shahrukh’s antics require an audience. That is, when he is goofing around by himself, it looks wrong and silly, but if there is someone onscreen reacting to him, suddenly it works better.


    • Ooo, Kaike Pan is a good goofy song! And one of his few later songs in the “goofing with/for the heroine” category.

      On Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 11:21 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m still going through this list. I haven’t heard most of these. I agree with Claudia, Khaika Paan is to die for. Also Pump Up the Bhangra! And Lungi Dance! And One, Two, Three, Four!

    Speaking of fun, I created a video with my favorite Duplicate scenes. If this is not okay, please delete. I just released it a minute ago. Your friend might like it since she has eclectic taste!


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