Saturday Small Talk: Shahrukh New Movie Rumors, Weird Tamil Release Delay, Lots to Discuss!

Happy Saturday! I am going to the far far theater to see Chhichhore (so many h’s!). I could go to the just normal far theater, but then it wouldn’t be an adventure. Anyway, while I have my adventure, you all can talk.

Shahrukh’s Next Movie Rumored, Again

Things to discuss! Anonymous yesterday alerted me to a rumor that Shahrukh’s next film is going to be a big special YRF film for their 50th anniversary. Possibly an action movie, possibly Dhoom 4, possibly not.

So, here’s what I am taking from this. Is it YRF’s 50th anniversary? No, actually. Daag released in April of 1973. If this film is gonna take 3 and a half years to make, then maybe they will announce it now. Or maybe they will count the “anniversary” as from the first shot of Daag and not the release date, that could take us back to only 2 and a half years. I am seeing “1970” listed in several places as the founding date, but that’s just weird to me. How could it have been founded 3 and a half years before the first film released?

Image result for daag poster
OMG, it’s so 70s!

Is September 27th Yashji’s birthday? Yes, it is. And he would have turned 90 in 2022, that might be another anniversary to look at.

Does Shahrukh have a long deep close relationship with YRF? Yes indeedy! So based on that alone, if YRF is planning a movie to celebrate the anniversary of the Studio or for Yashji’s birthday or anything, Shahrukh is the person they would want to be part of it and Shahrukh would expect to be part of it, would be hurt if he wasn’t.

And, on the other hand, when Shahrukh’s career has floundered (as it is doing now) and when YRF has floundered (as it is doing now), they have traditionally come back together for their mutual benefit. That’s the best reason for me to believe this story, but with a caveat. The last time Shahrukh and YRF came together it resulted in a massive flop for both of them, Fan. So that instinct of returning to each other when times get tough may be less now.

My biggest reaction is “this isn’t confirmed yet so it’s not real”. Even if the rumors are true, even if at this moment YRF and Shahrukh are planning a film together, looking at casting and dates, all of that, it can still fall apart. I’m not saying anyone is planning for it to fall apart, it’s just that once the announcement is made and it is official, then it is a public embarrassment to cancel, there is added pressure that means you really do have to make this movie. Right now, it would be a heck of a lot easier to cancel this project and pretend it was never going to happen. So I’m not going to treat it as something “real” until the announcement makes it real.

I Didn’t See Enai Noki Paayum Thota Because It Didn’t Release-STRANGE!

Oh Gautham Menon, why are you so brilliant and so disorganized? He started making this movie 3 years ago, rumor has it that it is really really REALLY good, he discovered yet another brilliant composer to do the music, the soundtrack is rocking on the charts, and literally hours before it was supposed to hit theaters suddenly it isn’t after all. How does this even happen? No really, HOW?

It sounds like it was some kind of funding issue, but what kind of funding issue comes up hours before release? Supposedly the backers of the film had already gotten together, gone to court, worked things out to try to get it into theaters so they could make at least some of their money back. And now, not. Was there some sort of final deposit that had to be paid? Is the film being held hostage in some weird way? What the heck is happening?!?!?!

Oh, and the lead actor Dhanush is so over this thing that he did his dubbing and was done, didn’t promote or tweet or interview or anything, washed his hands of the whole business. Dhanush is not the first actor to have a similar “I just can’t with you” reaction to Gautham. I love Gautham’s movies, but I suspect he would drive me crazy if I ever had to work with him.

Okay, that’s all I got! Talk amongst yourself if I missed some other story or angle that you are interested in.

40 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Shahrukh New Movie Rumors, Weird Tamil Release Delay, Lots to Discuss!

  1. Enai Nokki Payum Thotta has basically been in production since 2016. The main problem in most cases like this in Tamil cinema is finance. Producer borrows money to make a movie – can’t pay it back and moves on to another project with totally different people. When that movie is about to release, those that are owed money jump in at the last minute because they think now’s the only chance I have to get at least some of my money back. It ends up being very weird sometimes – the producer that owed the money is not producing anything anymore so they’ll bring up the issue when the distributor/director/actor of the movie’s next film is up. Even if those people weren’t the ones that borrowed the money or dealt with the financial aspect of it.

    Gautham Menon is a bit messy with all of this given that he’s got his hands in so many different projects at the same time. Dhurva Natchathiram with Vikram has been filming since 2017. There’s a web series and few other films he’s announced/rumored to start. He also produced Naragasooran which is done but hasn’t released. The director basically blamed Gautham Menon’s financial issues for the causing the delays in release. Rumor has it that he’s now trying to work out a deal with Lyca to step in and pay some of the debts off so ENPT can release and he’ll do a movie for them.

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    • Thank you so much for the background!

      So if I am understanding correctly, financiers wait for a sign that there is any possibility of money moving around and then leap in? I assume producers are still borrowing money personally with no legal protections, no way to segregate their last film from the next?


        • Seems like he is just brilliant and stuff, so he keeps getting high profile folks to collaborate with him. And once you have the big name star signed, you can do a lot of things.

          On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 3:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yup and yup. This is why, especially with smaller or mid-budget films, there’s no clarity on release dates. Just about everyone has something like this hanging over their heads. Dhanush actually mentioned this at the audio release for Asuran. He said producer of that movie was amazing because he got paid in full before the movie release. Usually the actor gets an advance and the remainder of their pay after dubbing. But because issues like this come up all the time, they’re often asked to forego their last payment – which I strongly suspect he had to do for ENPT.

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        • This is so interesting, because even in the “bad” old days in Hindi I don’t think it was this bad. Films would be delayed or filming stopped because of money issues, but there wouldn’t be this last minute stopping because of money owed on the last film. Like, you couldn’t start your next film if the last one was still a mess. Maybe a weird blessing of most of the money coming from the mob? It’s not like you are going to make them wait for payment.

          On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 3:45 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • There isn’t really the mob here per se but there are loan sharks. Barring corporate producers and a handful of independent producers, mostly producers have to borrow money at ridiculous interest rates to make the movie. The interest grows so quickly that even if you have a hit, you can’t really get out from under your debts. You can’t even get loan shark financing unless you’ve got a star attached. Tamil stars won’t do profit sharing (mostly because financing is such a mess) so you have to pay them and their salaries end up a significant chunk of the cost of the film. So you have to borrow more money and the cycle continues. There was an interesting write up of the situation here:

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          • Thank you! I love learning this kind of stuff.

            With the loan sharks, I am assuming they are semi-legal? Enough to have court cases and stop releases? Versus money entirely in the black?

            On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 7:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Here is SRK’s denial.. and there were rumors about a rumored movie.

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    • Ha! I love it when he gets cheeky.

      And yeah, if he says a film is happening, it is a verbal contract with his fans and with his collaborators that the film will happen. Anything short of that, and he will end the film planning whenever he wants to. From what we have heard about his process, he always has 5-6 films in the air and in process. But he makes the final definite commitment when he makes the announcement, anything short of that and he can always tell the person he has spent 6 months talking with about a script that it just isn’t going to work out. It’s on record that he sent Maneesh Sharma away several times, Anubhav Sinha didn’t hear from him for months and then out of nowhere got the call that he had decided to do Ra.One. Ashutosh Gowariker brought Lagaan to him and after discussion and back and forth got a soft “scheduling issues” no.

      On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 8:08 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Well, it’s good to get it from the real source. But I’m surprised he reacted this time when there have been rumors for months and he never tweeted anything about it before.

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      • Yeah, but this time was different, right? For one thing, it was sure enough that it made its way to my blog. And it seemed to suddenly be everywhere, not just one iffy source. I think he always does a denial when it reaches this point. Fair enough, he wants to release his announcements on his schedule, not when the media leaks them. I wouldn’t be surprised if these strong leaks even scare him off of projects, put pressure on him to announce before he is ready which makes him just not announce at all. Or makes him suspect there is a leap from his collaborator which makes him stop trusting them.


        • That’s true. That guy that put out this rumor has usually been accurate before so everyone started going crazy. I do think it’s likely SRK might have been talks for this particular movie but that nothing has been decided.

          The leap from a collaborator sounds accurate too. It’s can’t be a coincidence that Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted about this script the same day the rumor came out. He was clearly adding fuel to the fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if SRK finds that kind of behavior to be distasteful.

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          • And a warning sign, right? Someone that leaks rumors about a film before the announcement is someone that is going to keep making their own decisions without approval straight through. Shahrukh doesn’t need to work with someone whose going to put out photos from the set, or tell the filming locations, or even leak personal stuff about him (like, where his next interview is) without his permission.


          • SRK must also be wary after what happened with that Salute movie. It became this big thing that he was dropping the movie and a needless scandal was created. This time around I doubt any announcements are going to come until filming is about to start. There won’t be a long lag between announcement and filming because anything can happen during that time.

            This rumor was saying this movie will be announced next year. Even if he’s doing it, why would he want the news out this early? Because there’s no guarantee when so much time is left. Things can go wrong, the financing can fall apart, the actor might get interested in something else, the director’s mind can wander to another project… He wouldn’t want news out now of something that’s supposed to happen so far in the future.

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          • Yeah, exactly. Announcing too early means there’s a possibility the film can fall apart, and if it does, you have to either provide an explanation or assume that people are going to invent one. That’s just unpleasant, you don’t want to tell the world “I decided against doing the film because the director had bad breath” or whatever reason it is.

            Of course the other side is, if you wait until just before filming it’s gonna be really really hard to keep it quiet. People are gonna notice meetings with co-stars, visiting studios, all that stuff. There must be a perfect balancing point when you are sure the film is going to happen but word hasn’t spread beyond your basic collaberators and started reaching out into the industry.


        • I love it when he gets cheeky too! This one is funnier because he has said the exact same thing at least 2-3 times in the last 2 years 😂

          I don’t think any real confirmation or announcement is going to be coming from anywhere but from him or RCE.

          I agree about him backing out or anyone of the million things falling apart in the pre production phase.. and most of the speculations have been based on who is going in and out of Mannat. But that’s silly, SRK has strong relationships in the industry.. Adi could be going to meet him for a hundred other things that have nothing to do with a movie.. so could SLB and all those other directors. SRK helms RCE.. which has so many other departments too.

          In either case, I still miss SRK on my screen


          • I remember about 5-6 years ago, suddenly everyone was sure Don 3 was going to happen. And when you traced it back, it was just because Farhan had been spotted entering Mannat and then leaving like 5 hours later. No Don 3, I figure they just spent 5 hours playing video games and laughing at the news crews outside.

            On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 11:33 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Honestly, SRK isn’t that straightforward so I understand fans’ doubts. He denied on twitter that he was doing JTHJ, Chennai Express, and even claimed him playing a guide in an Imtiaz movie was just rumors. I think something similar happened with Happy New Year also where he denied it and then announced it 2 months later. There are millions of rumors about movies but he hardly ever reacts. The fact that he chose this one to say something is telling.

            What could be the case is that sources get certain things correct and certain things wrong because they too are trying to piece together a story from Chinese whispers. It could be that he’s doing a YRF movie but not an AAZ movie or maybe both parts are correct but they are just in talks and nothing is finalized yet. Or perhaps everything is correct but they want a proper announcement coming out when they’ve planned it and not dribbling out through various sources. SRK is not even in India but the fact that he seems up to date on this news is interesting since he says himself that he hardly ever knows what’s going on.

            The guy that wrote this article has had to remove the article from the website. Production houses usually do that; YRF is known to do it. Recently they made fan groups and websites delete news about Ranveer’s next Jayeshbhai movie and then announced it formally a few days later. However, he’s pinned his tweet about it and claims he stands by what he’s saying.

            Whatever is true or false, I think we will likely get some news on Sept. 27. If we get nothing, then we can dismiss it for now at least. YRF announced some Akshay movie’s release date for Diwali 2020 already so nothing is going to release before then anyway.


          • We are due for some kind of a YRF announcement anyway. Their film slate is way too empty right now, they must have something cooking.


          • How many films does YRF usually release per yer? I really don’t keep track.

            As far as I’ve found, these are the ones announced so far. They already have 6 upcoming films.

            War – October 2, 2109 (Hrithik, Tiger)
            Mardaani 2 – Dec. 13, 2019 (Rani)
            Shamshera – July 31, 2020 (Ranbir)
            Pritviraj – Diwali 2020 (Akshay)
            Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar – no date (Arjun, Parineeti)
            Jayeshbhai Jordar – no date (Ranveer)

            Their plate looks pretty full even if you ignore the Pinky movie which has been stuck for a long time. Pritviraj was just formally announced today since it’s Akshay’s birthday.

            (I don’t understand this habit of birthday announcements. Isn’t it odd?!)


          • The birthday announcement thing is SO ODD!!!

            I think we can assume Shamshera is going to be bumped as well thanks to Ranbir being a disaster at life. Which means between December 2019 and October 2020, they’ve got nothing. Sandeep Aur Pinky is super delayed, and Mardaani is the only movie they have filmed/announce since the Thugs debacle. They’ve gone up and down, but they usually have 3-4 movies coming out a year, one or two big ones and two small ones. 2019 has been really empty, and 2020 is looking pretty empty too. What the heck have they been doing?


          • I think we need to talk about Ranbir being a disaster at life. Why are ALL his movies delayed again and again and again? I get that they’re big movies but so what?! Thugs and Tiger and Zero were all big movies too. Even movies with extensive VFX make their date. Except Ranbir’s. And it goes across all production houses. Bhramastra is a disaster right now – they change dates every few months. Shamshera looks like another disaster. The same happened with Jagga Jasoos.

            Actually, after the Thugs debacle, they announced Mardaani, Jayeshbhai and Prithiviraj. The first two are small movies and nobody really cares but I assume that Priviraj movie is big. To be honest though, nothing with Akshay ever looks big. He did that Kesari movie and also wrapped it up really quickly and got his usual mediocre box office out of it.

            In that case, there is no big movie they have in the pipeline except Shamshera and it already looks bad even before knowing anything. All I see is the Thugs hangover in their announcement.

            Looks so crap!!


          • Hmm. I think I have to come up with some objective adult sounding way to create a “why Ranbir is the worst at everything” post. I feel the need to vent and I suspect I am not alone.

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  3. I couldn’t reply to your post directly but yes. Legal enough to cause legal problems but shady if you dig deep enough. It can get rough though. Mani Ratnam’s older brother committed suicide and the general consensus was that it was due to loan shark financiers. The methods are probably similar to the mob but legal because they often have political backing and legal paperwork backing. I found this article I read a while ago about it. Actually, this would probably make for a very interesting movie if it weren’t so awful.

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    • Huh. Speaking of Mani Ratnam, puts a new spin on his Madras Talkies. I thought of it as a regular small banner, released a film every few years. But so far as I know, everything comes out on time and does well. Which I guess makes him a rare thing in Tamil film! Maybe because he has the national connections? Can get funding from people who would be more in the Hindi market, like Amitabh distributing Bombay?

      Also puts a new spin on the efforts at crossover films. I was thinking of it from the Hindi side, their audience is leaving and the southern audience seems strong, taking a Tamil film and dubbing and releasing it is a way to get new content with a built in audience. But from the Tamil side, sounds like it gives them a chance at a far more reliable funding source, and gives them cover to avoid their old issues coming up again and interfering with their new movie.

      On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 10:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Just read the article, really interesting! One thing that jumped out at me is the fake “film federation” that acts as a go-between and supports the financiers. I run into that over and over again in Hindi film news, these groups that spring up from nowhere and aren’t legitimate at all, are just there to make a big splash and confuse issues. And the funny thing is, as is described in this article with Tamil film, there is a well-known active and caring actual organization. But it gets hidden under the fake ones.


      • I never really thought about it that way but you’re probably right. I don’t think any other industry has the same level of financial issues so getting a market in another language will probably give you more legitimate financing options.

        Madras Talkies is interesting. I looked up their last few films and it looks like they get co-producers for the bigger budget films and solely produce the smaller films. Interesting to note that Chekka Sivantha Vaanam was co-produced with Lyca and so is Mani’s next movie. I think its gotten to a point that big films (top actors/well-known directors/big budgets) mostly get produced by either the handful of independent producers that don’t need to borrow money or by corporate production companies which is basically Lyca or Sun. The small/medium budget films are essentially forced to deal with all of this.

        I’m not sure how effective the official unions can be though given that so many members are themselves impacted but the loans. They really probably need the government to regulate the industry, ensure transparency – basically make it difficult to be shady.


        • That’s what happened in Hindi, kind of. The incorporation laws finally loosened up after Rakesh Roshan was shot and suddenly the money got a lot more regulated. But clearly that didn’t work in the Tamil industry, probably because legit banks are even less willing to lend money to Tamil film than they were to Hindi.

          On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 2:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Very interesting read. Have seen the critics/audience crying about the lack of scheduling in Tamil films release. Most of the small movies release together ,as many as 6 or 7 together and noone ends up making revenue -even if the content is good. The big hero films get a good release. No wonder despite there being several good directors,Tamil films are mostly erring on the side of soulless,big hero movies.


      • I would say it is a great opening for outside investors, but it sounds like even if a new honest investor came in, they would have to clear all the bad investments for their collaborators first or else get sucked down the hole with them.

        On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 11:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Did you watch the ‘Ghungroo’ song from War?

    I was meh at first but it’s grown on me after a few times, especially the hook! And it reminded me that I love Shilpa Rao’s voice. Funny how the whole look and sound of it is entirely western, but ‘breaking of ghungroo’ is such an Indian thing, it makes no sense in the lyrics, but I like it! Wanted more of Hrithik dancing, it’s just a few seconds. I have no interest in seeing the movie so I hope they release more songs where he dances.

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