Thursday Tamil: Maari, a Very Irreverent Film

What a fun movie! So glad it is on Netflix so I can watch it easily and recommend it to you all.  Maybe not a brilliant Balachander level film like the last few Tamil ones I watched, but very very fun.

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Upcoming Movies: The Next Film of Amitabh, Rajinikanth, Ranveer, and Dhanush

Lots of first looks!  Which are always kind of “how is this news?” but sometimes slightly interesting.  These were slightly interesting ones.

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Tuesday Tamil (On Wednesday): VIP 2! A Fun Film to See in Theaters

Well, I saw another new Tamil movie in theaters! Kabali, Vikram-Vedha, and now this.  So, 66.6666% of all Tamil films I see in theaters start with “V”.  And another 66.66666% involve relatives of Aishwarya Rajnikanth.  And 100% of them involve me arriving at the last minute and missing the trailers.  Oh well.

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Trailers! Southern Trailers! I May Have To Spend $$$$$ and See These in Theaters

I don’t have a super lot to say about these trailers, but I am really hoping that you do!  Because I need to learn more about these movies and decide if it is worth it to go see them in theaters.  Because, you know, Tamil/Telugu movie tickets are big bucks!

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Tuesday Tamil: Velaiilla Pattadhari, Dhanush Explains Why I Started a Blog

Well, I finally watched VIP!  Because I really really wanted to watch that teaser with Kajol, and I decided I couldn’t let myself watch it until I saw the first movie.  Anyway, it is just as good as you all said it would be!  And the plot and themes and stuff hold together a lot better than it appeared from the Wikipedia synopsis.

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Dhanush in Hollywood!!!

As is being reported all over the place (for instance, in Variety), Uma Thurman has been cast in Marjane Satrapi’s The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir.  Oh, and also Dhanush.  Who is often referred to in these articles as a Bollywood star.  Is that accurate?  I’m not sure.  I have my issues with the name “Bollywood” (see the name of the blog!), but if it is ever an appropriate term, it would be for the Hindi language Bombay-based industry.  And Dhanush has only been in one of those, and it wasn’t exactly a typical one anyway.

But, forcing myself to move on from that, this is pretty interesting news, right?  In a bunch of ways.

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