TGIF/Shahrukh Summer: Shahrukh Through the Years, 23 to 53

This would really make more sense as a Birthday Month post, but oh well, it occurred to me today.


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Image result for shahrukh dil aashna hai


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Image result for shahrukh baadshah


Image result for shahrukh mohabbatein


Image result for shahrukh k3g


Image result for shahrukh saathiya


Image result for shahrukh kal ho na ho


Image result for shahrukh main hoon na


Image result for shahrukh paheli


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Image result for shahrukh chak de indio


Image result for shahrukh rab ne bana di jodi


Image result for shahrukh luck by chance


Image result for shahrukh dulha mil gaya


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Image result for shahrukh jab tak hai jaan


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Image result for shahrukh happy new year


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Image result for shahrukh khan letterman

Okay, simple question, which year is your favorite year?

I think 47 is my favorite. But that is because I think he started trying too hard to look young after that, fillers and highlights in the hair and stuff. 47 is the peak of the natural aging era.


17 thoughts on “TGIF/Shahrukh Summer: Shahrukh Through the Years, 23 to 53

    • Yay, another vote for 47! Maybe he will live to be 92 and the exact center of his life will be the best of it.

      On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 12:26 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. His brain is the sexiest thing about him. So, whatever age number attached to him, he’s at his finest. You could write a simple function for it and it’ll always be the current one. Timeless sexiness. I don’t care if Farah adds a golden streak to his hair, or if he wears Yeezys. Why shouldn’t he? I genuinely don’t know what to make of these concepts of what is and isn’t appropriate at any given age. And I’m not trying to be politically correct or super fine or whatever, I really don’t subscribe to age concepts and whatever people assign to them. I think Farah had a lot of fun objectifying him in HNY and giving him (or rather his hair) that awful golden streak. It looks terrible but they seem to be having a blast anyway. She generally seems to like to objectify him. OSO was no different. As for hair fillers… I really haven’t seen that. All I have seen is a guy who has more hair than any guy could ask for (based on the candid / private photos I’ve seen where he has no gel in his hair), so I doubt he needs filler. I mean, he can barely see, so far into his face and full it is, but what do I know. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what is implied.


    • By “filler” I think we mean facial fillers. I didn’t know about this concept myself until someone mentioned it as a possibility for why his Raees look was so different from how he looked in real life before and after the shoot. It’s injectable fillers to pump up his cheeks and decrease wrinkles and make him look younger. On Shahrukh, he looks fine with fillers, but I prefer him without because his face is more flexible and expressive when he has wrinkles.

      This post is just watching his face/body age, which I find fascinating to trace the subtle shifts year by year. But I know at other times we have talked about wanting him to look or act his age on film. Which is a common conversation among fans. It’s not so much that we object to him playing young, it’s that his performances feel more creatively rich when he breaks out of the standard “hero” types, including age limitations.

      On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 2:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t think he had fillers because the wrinkles are too visible.

        For me it’s the opposite. If he wants to keep playing leading roles, there’s no harm in getting a bit of extra help. When it’s done well, it’s not really noticeable. It’s only when people go overboard that it starts looking crazy.


  2. Mid to late 30s for me. I also thought he was sexy in JHMS but I think it because it was the 1st time I’ve seen him in a film wearing clothes that showed off his body (that booty!)

    In recent candids, he’s been wearing some kind of hairpiece. There are some of him on the same weekend with normal hair (still lush but thinning) and then with what looks like an acrylic hair piece in front. In 1 pic I saw the wig was blown out of place and was quite obvious. I don’t know how to post pics from other pages here. He still looks great and I’d prefer to see the natural hair.


      • Okay. I did notice that his hair in front is of a lighter color in some areas which is normal when you dye over completely gray hair. Maybe his hair is just completely white in front and mixed in other areas.


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