Shahrukh Summer: Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! What Kind of Pirate Would Shahrukh Be?

I was going to do something like translating famous Shahrukh lines of dialogue into pirate talk, but that seemed hard. So instead, let us just consider the many kinds of pirates and which kind Shahrukh would be, were he to be a pirate.

Classic old-fashioned buccaneer, a rebel with no respect for authority, but still a gentleman to the ladies

Image result for shahrukh om shanti om dhoom tana

Space pirate, traveling the galaxies and exploring new worlds

Image result for shahrukh love mera hit hit

Modern pirate/smuggler, taking to the seas because there is no life for him on land.

Image result for shahrukh raees boat

Corporate pirate, swooping in to evil companies and sneakily taking them over

Image result for shahrukh suit

Pirate for the state, secret agent of the government doing what they can’t do.

Image result for shahrukh main hoon na

Which kind of Pirate is more Shahrukh-y? Which is least? Which do you most want to see him play on film? Which least?

2 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer: Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! What Kind of Pirate Would Shahrukh Be?

    • Maybe the illegitimate son of a nobleman? Raised with all the proper etiquette and education but never fully accepted into proper society? His father buys him a commission in the real navy, but class jealousy causes his shipmates to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit, forcing him to go on the run and become a pirate. He is known as the “Noble Pirate” because he will take the treasure a ship is transporting, but never harm the passengers. His crew is made up of similar loners and outcasts. And then, one day, he captures a ship which starts to sink, forcing him to take the passengers onto his ship for their own safety…only to learn that one of the passengers is the noble fiancee of his own half-brother!!!!!!!

      Or, alternatively, he captures a ship and one of the passengers disguises herself as a man and stows away on the pirate ship, only to be discovered and explain to Shahrukh that she is a widow fleeing grasping evil in-laws, she has no money but her father was a captain and she grew up on ship and is ready to trade her knowledge and skills for passage to safety.

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