Happy Bisexuality Day! Characters Who Romanced Men and Women in the Same Song

This is “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”. So it seems a great time for a post about those songs that make you go “wait, does the hero/heroine have more chemistry with his friend or with the heroine/hero?”

Starting right at the top, “It’s Time to Disco”, with Shahrukh easily romancing both Saif and Preity simultaneously

Similarly, Ranveer is in love with both Priyanka and Arjun in “Tune Maari Entriyaan”

Another Priyanka one. Somehow she inspires bi-ness in her co-stars, “Desi Girl”

Other way around! Two girls and a boy. Who does Dips like more, Saif or Diana? “Tumhi Ho Bandho”

Really, I could have chosen any song from Sonu Ki Titu Ke Sweety, but I like this one. “Dil Chori”

We the audience know they are brothers, but THEY don’t know they are brothers! “Aira Gaira”

Do you think they cut this song because they realized the girls have more chemistry together than either of them does with Tiger? “Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiyaan”

Of course Saif and Akshay. And also Raveena. “Koi Nahin Tera”

Does Sanjay seem equally interested in Hrithik and Katrina here? “Chikni Chameli”

And back to disco for the end. There’s just A LOT happening here. “The Disco Song”

Okay, which of these is the bi-est?

Which doesn’t really belong because it is too homosexual?

Which doesn’t belong because it is too heterosexual?

What song am I missing?

And, most important, which one is less about being Bi and more about being a throuple?


18 thoughts on “Happy Bisexuality Day! Characters Who Romanced Men and Women in the Same Song

  1. oh my god that last one totally had a kiss fake out. Wow this is hard.

    Okay okay. So Time to Disco, the Gunday one, the Cocktail one, 90s Akshay and the SOTY2 one are all too gay to be truly bi, despite the SOTY2 and Cocktail ones being my clear favourites. (why is Tiger there? Why won’t he leave?)

    Dostana, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Sonu etc. are not gay enough for me. So that leaves SOTY which is just a pool of question marks, Kalank which I am feeling, and Agneepath which has too much tension and I don’t know what the straight meaning is even supposed to be.

    I might have to go with SOTY for being weirdly straight but also having a kiss fake out and some women flirting in the background?

    For my own input, the only throuple I can think of right now:


    • I love the moment in the SOTY2 song at 2:40 when the girls are like “okay, we are done sublimating our desires and sending messages through a man, Tiger can go away now”.

      So your categories are “too gay to be bi”, “too straight to be bi”, and “just right”?

      I have to STRENUOUSLY object to Dostana every being considered “too straight”. How dare you! I would feel the same about Sonu Ke, but I did pick the straightest song. Let me suggest this one as a substitute:

      Agneepath, yeah, I think they were going for “their hatred for each other is so strong they are no longer interested in girls”, but when you break that down, that is still just “they are way more interested in each other than in a sexy lady”.

      SOTY of course also ends with the two guys and no girl, which swings it back towards bi for me, despite all the man-woman stuff.

      Agree about your Throuple. Helped along by the Amitabh Has Chemistry With Everyone phenomenon. I would say the same is true of Akshay, but let’s be real, his chemistry with men is always far more than his chemistry with women.

      On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 3:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, it’s like the three bears, but with sexual orientation.

        Okay, I will move Dostana to throuple position. I don’t think the SONG is all that bi though, but I’ll take it,

        That Sonu… song is better! Very bi. But I stand by my top three. Agneepath would have made it to no.1 but it is a litle too gay, the tension is real.

        True about Akshay, although he had good chemistry with Rekha. The only straight jodi with him I will stand for.


  2. I will literally fight to the DEATH in my argument that SOTY is about a romance between Sid and Varun, rather than the two of them competing for Alia’s affections. That whole movie is ridiculously homosexual, but I can also see their characters being bisexual and in a throuple with Alia.

    The bi-est is probably KHNH, because Aman probably was, let’s be real. Anything SKTKS is automatically too straight for me. But I am behind you on Aira Gaira and SOTY2. Especially SOTY2, just because the whole movie would have been better if Tiger wasn’t in it at all.

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    • Yeah, Aman feels super flexible. In love with Preity, sure, but not 100% straight.

      On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 5:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • SOTY would have made more sense if Sid and Varun actually ended up together. Alia had barely any impact on the story and the romance was so lazily done. The movie was clearly centered on Varun and Sid which makes sense considering that they were already under Karan’s wing.


          • I’ve never managed to get through it myself, but I’ve watched the last 5 minutes where the stupid girl gets shoved in a mudpile so they can joyously run off together many many times.

            On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 5:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It made sense that the story was based around their friendship, even in canon, and that they had more issues with each other than the both of them being in love with Alia. But still, I’m campaigning for a full-fledged romance film cuz we need it.


        • Exactly! Sid even asked Varun (granted jokingly) if he was gay! And the Alia angle was more like Varun being sad about Sid than losing Alia tbh. Karan once again cheating me out of a potential gay college romance!


          • And how many times did Sid ask Varun if he was going to kiss him?? You know he probably wanted him to 😉 But I’m with you he was more gutted about losing Sid than losing Alia. Come on, Karan, give us what we deserve!


          • And he came SO CLOSE to the right themes! There was the idea of Alia and Varun just being a relationship of habit, because it was expected. And the idea of a sudden shock of an unexpected love that went against what society wants. Only, the stupid thing is that sudden shock of unexpected love was with Alia and Sid instead of Varun and Sid. Imagine the whole thing playing out the same, only with Varun casually asking his new friend Sid to help him make Alia jealous because she’s been playing around. And then Sid catches feelings for Varun, and Varun tries to deny them, but at the same time it’s the most powerful relationship he’s had in his life, the love and understanding and acceptance he always craved. Until his father finds out, Varun and Alia fight, Sid is frustrated at not being recognized, at the last minute while Alia and Varun are competing for the SOTY trophy, she sees his father sneer at him and understands the terrible position he was in and why he had the false relationship with her for so long. She forgives him, and let’s him win. 10 years later, they all gather at Rishi’s death bed. Sid and Varun never reconciled, Sid went on to be a successful businessman and Varun an artist but they both remained lonely and true to their first love. Everyone is nervously waiting for Varun and Sid to meet, and it finally happens, Varun sneaks into the back of the room as Rishi is dying and talking about the regrets of his life and his lost love. Varun turns away, seeing Sid as his lost love because it is too late. Just as the audience is screaming at them to get together already, seconds before Varun gets into his car and drives away forever, alia comes running after him, calling his name. She tells him that Sid is single, they are still friends and she knows he still loves Varun. Varun knows just where to find Sid, tracks him down in the locker room at the school, where they had their first moments together, and they finally kiss.

            What do you think?

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          • This is what Fanfic is for, to give us the movies we can’t have otherwise.

            On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 12:52 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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