Silly Sunday FanFic: Same-Sex Romances, Antonio Banderas and Shahrukh, SOTY as It Should Have Been

Do we keep coming up with same-sex romances because they are sexy, or because it is a gap that can only be filled by fanfic and not reality? Or both? Anyway, here are two more of those thingies.

Antonio Banderas and Shahrukh, Thriller Romance in Goa with Youthful Flashback Featuring Vikrant Massay and Gael Garcia Bernal

(this is another one suggested and half-written by Emily)

In the present day, Shahrukh is a semi-legal businessman in Goa who dotes on his college age daughter. They live in a luxury mansion, paid for by Shahrukh’s import-export business which relies on bribing officials to look the other way. Meanwhile, Antonio is a grubby smuggler and fighter, on the run from Spain, introduced fast talking his way out of a fight on the docks in Goa, then going on the run, hiding from the police, finally seeing Shahrukh go by in a big fancy car just as the police are about to capture him and leaping into the car. He and Shahrukh share one thrilling moment of eye contact, and then he hides and Shahrukh lies to the police and gets them to move on. Once they are gone and the car is moving, Antonio tells Shahrukh he needs a place to hide and help getting out of India, Shahrukh “owes” him that much. Shahrukh says nothing, silently implying agreement.

Image result for shahrukh dear zindagi

Shahrukh hides Antonio in the basement of his house and warns him not to come out. He gets angry when his curious daughter finds Antonio and Shahrukh finds them talking together. He orders her away, Antonio points out he is bored down in the basement, Shahrukh agrees to take him out for one night on the town. They get caught up in a bar fight when Antonio starts hitting on the beautiful lead dancer. Shahrukh and Antonio fight their way out, but once they are free and Antonio is laughing about how it is just like when they were young, Shahrukh is furious. He points out that he is a father now, and he has a life and a reputation to protect, he can’t just get drunk and fight in bars, he can’t give into his feelings, he can’t do what he wants to do… Antonio says, “but I can” and grabs Shahrukh and kisses him passionately. Shahrukh kisses back and they slowly sink down to the ground on the beach together. FLASHBACK.

Image result for gael garcia bernal
Or maybe not? Is he too old and not-hot now? He’s also Mexican, not Spanish like Antonio, but then if Antonio can play Mexican, surely Gael can play Spanish? I mean, Gwyneth Paltrow plays British, right?

Vikrant Massay is young Shahrukh, just arrived in Spain with a load of smuggled goods from Goa. His boss, Naseeruddin Shah, encourages him to go out with their local connection, Gael Garcia Bernal, and see the city while they wait a month for the boat to be ready to go back to Goa. Gael and Vikrant immediately hit it off, giving each other the eye. Gael takes Vikrant to gay bar, to test him, and asks him to dance with him. The dancing quickly turns passionate, they kiss, and then fall into bed together. It is a wonderful sundappled time together, they talk and share histories, Vikrant has never been in love before although he has had sex, with a girl back home because he thought he had to and also with other men, one night stands. Gael has been in love, with men and women, he is always falling in love. But he is afraid he can never feel true love, just a few months back he thought he was in love with another Indian, a girl who paid for passage from Goa to Spain on one of the boats, but now he can barely remember her face and is in love with Vikrant. Perhaps true sacrificial love is not in him. And then one day Vikrant goes to meet Gael at their regular cafe and sees he is being arrested. Gael sees Vikrant and suddenly punches the police officer to distract him and signals to Vikrant to run, sacrificing himself for Vikrant.

Image result for vikrant massey
I know he looks nothing like a young Shahrukh, I don’t care

In the present day, they wake up together on the beach and share a laugh about how the last time they were together like this, outside all night, they weren’t so stiff in the morning. They go to get coffees and Shahrukh makes a joke about how now he will let Antonio move out of the basement and up to his bedroom, but Antonio shuts it down, says he is happy in the basement, he will be moving along as soon as Shahrukh arranges passage anyway. Shahrukh is hurt and turns cold, Antonio accepts it but lets the pain of his sacrifice (his second sacrifice) show in his eyes.

They return home but, before Antonio can sneak in, they are seen by Shahrukh’s daughter. She is thrilled to see the nice friend of her father’s again and insists on inviting him to stay with them. Shahrukh, now in a mad bitter mood of nihilism, agrees that Antonio should stay with them. There is now a stressful thrilling period with Antonio and Shahrukh pretending to be normal in front of other people, stealing angry kisses from each other in hallways, and sneaking into each other’s beds at night but never talking about it in the daytime.

It all comes to a head when Naseeruddin (who Shahrukh still works with) finds out Antonio is in the house. He is terrified the two of them will compare notes, turns out he is the one trying to kill Antonio all along because he doesn’t want Antonio to reveal to his loyal second Shahrukh that, 20 years earlier, he tried to have him arrested. His men attack the house, Shahrukh and Antonio fight back to protect his daughter. In the midst of the gunfight when they think they might die, Antonio and Shahrukh exchange “I’ve always loved you” statements unaware that the daughter is overhearing them and suddenly understanding. They capture and defeat Naseeruddin, forgiving him after he signs over all his property and power to Shahrukh. Shahrukh insists Antonio take a large amount in gold, but Antonio is still determined to leave, he has no place in Shahrukh’s new happy life. The daughter is devastated, tearfully begs Antonio to stay and, when he says “no”, at least asks him to take the locket with her photo with him to remember her. Antonio leaves, and as his boat pulls away from shore, he opens the locket to see the daughter’s photo on one side, and her mother’s photo on the other. Suddenly it all makes sense!!!!

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Shahrukh returns home that night, depressed, and finds Antonio waiting for him in a dark room, asking “why didn’t you tell me?” Shahrukh pretends ignorance and Antonio explains. He recognized the photo and, finally, recognized why the daughter looked so familiar to him. She is the daughter of the Indian woman he was with before Shahrukh, she is his own daughter. That is why Shahrukh never came back for him in Spain, he was in Goa, raising his child. Finally, Antonio can believe in Shahrukh’s love, believe he won’t disappear again. They can start fresh, as a real family. HAPPY ENDING.

Student of the Year, the Varun-Sid Love Story It Should Have Been

It’s almost there already. We just need to slide the love triangle slightly to the side. Varun and Alia are a “proper” couple, matching families and matching social standing and, of course, boy-girl as is only right. But then Sid arrives, poor and low class and a boy. He and Varun immediately spark together and feel a strange bond. But they don’t cross the line until the school trip. Varun decides to make Alia jealous, but she is too confident to be jealous of any other woman. Instead, he suggests to Sid that they pretend to be having an affair, because that will truly make her jealous. Only, somehow, the charade becomes real, Sid starts to fall in love.

Sid’s grandmother gets sick, and Varun comes to be with him and support him. Alia is increasingly suspicious. The Student of the Year competition starts and, at first, the 3 of them are still united. But then Alia catches Varun and Sid kissing, their first kiss. She is furious and ends her friendship with both of them. The competitions are filled with tension as Varun and Sid continue to exchange glances but not act on their feelings and Alia is angry at both of them. Finally, on the last day, Alia overhears Varun’s father yelling at him for his “unnatural” desires and inevitable failure. She understands why Varun felt the need to have a fake relationship with her for so long and, at the last minute, forgives him. She holds back in the final footrace and lets him win.

10 years later, the class has gathered at the hospital and everyone is wondering if Sid and Varun will be there. Sid arrives, right at the end, and Alia goes and greets him, they are good friends now. As they gather around Rishi’s deathbed, Rishi talks about never being brave enough to go after love and losing it, while Varun arrives in the doorway and sees Sid and Alia holding hands. In his mind, this is confirmation that his cowardice doomed their love, just as Rishi could never be with the man he loved because he married a woman. Varun sadly turns and walks out, leaving Sid behind forever. Just as the audience is dying of the stress of him not knowing, Alia runs after him and stops him. She explains that Sid has never married a woman, or dated a man, he has remained true to the first only love he ever felt. And she knows Varun is the same, the rock style lifestyle is a front, just as their relationship in high school is a front. If he still loves Sid as much as he ever did, go find him, he is waiting in the locker room where they first met. Varun walks into the locker room to find Sid sitting and staring at his old locker. He says his name, Sid looks up, they slowly go to each other, and finally kiss as the camera spins round and round. Jump forward to their wedding, HAPPY ENDING.

5 thoughts on “Silly Sunday FanFic: Same-Sex Romances, Antonio Banderas and Shahrukh, SOTY as It Should Have Been

  1. “the Varun-Sid Love Story It Should Have Been” I JUST ABOUT CRIED RIGHT THEN AND THERE JESUS
    Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. That was beautiful. Thank you. I’m still gonna try to write a full-fledged thing with dialogue and everything, but this is the love story we deserve. Thank you.


    • Blech, dialogue! I hate dialogue. So much easier to write “and then he said something sexy”. Only thing harder is to actually write sex scenes, versus just saying “and then they had sex”. I like my version of fanfic so much better. At least, for writing, not for reading.

      On Sun, Sep 29, 2019 at 10:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Very nice :). I think I would cast Mario Casas, hot young actor of the moment, as young Antonio opposite Vikrant Massey as young SRK.

    And add a few more action scenes. When they meet in the flashback, Antonio is receiving the goods Shah Rukh has smuggled in and something goes sideways so they’re thrown into fighting together right away. And since they’re good at it, end up getting in a few bar fights during Shah Rukh’s time in Spain, partly because they’re hanging out in seedy places and there are some local rivalries, and partly as entertainment. We’ll give them a signature move they do together, Shah Rukh feeding bad guys to Antonio to finish off or something. Then when they get back together years later and get into the bar fight, they automatically drop into the same moves and it all comes back.

    In the present, I picture Shah Rukh mostly using his street smarts and home turf advantage to get Antonio out of scrapes (they’re older now), except for the one bar fight over the item dancer/local gangster’s moll that leads to the encounter on the beach.

    Like the twist with the daughter, nice touch!


    • Ooo, I like it! How about Shahrukh has Antonio stashed away in the basement, but he keeps sneaking out because he is bored and getting into trouble, and Shahrukh has to bail him out (literally) or smooth things over with the owners of businesses he destroyed and so on and so forth? And then there is the one night that Shahrukh gives up and offers to take Antonio out since he is going to sneak out any way, and that is when they get into the dance and the bar fight.

      On Sun, Sep 29, 2019 at 2:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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