Silly Sunday Speculative Post: Happy Endings For All Our Losers in Love, from Mandira Bedi to Varun

We all know that Hindi film loves a love triangle.  And usually a blameless love triangle, two good options and one of them loses out through no fault of their own.  So, I thought, why not give a happy ending to all of love’s losers?  And, just to make this more fun, why not cross streams and give happy endings to losers from different films? And why not make an easy post in which I rapidly run through a whole bunch of different plots without a lot of details?

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Happy Indian Teacher’s Day!!!

Okay, how many Teacher’s Days ARE there?!?!?  I already did the American/International Teacher’s Day, and Guru Purnima (click the links if you feel the need to review former teacher songs), and now there’s ANOTHER Teacher’s Day?  Just for India?  Thank goodness there are so many teacher songs!

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Happy Birthday Karan! Here’s Why I Think Student of the Year was Under Appreciated!

Karan is 44 years old today!  Not married, no kids, but it doesn’t matter because his legacy is going to be everything he has done for Indian film for the past 18 years.  And Student of the Year is a big part of that.

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