Silly War Post: Rank Which of These Imaginary Love Scenes You Most Want Filmed and Added

This is a silly silly post that is only for my fellow members of the new “Tiger+Hrithik Tru Luv 4Ever” club. But I have Ideas that I must share, and then you can give your opinions on them and share your own Ideas.

Missing Scene of Hrithik Revealing His Baldness

After their first kiss, alone in Hrithik’s office post the conversation about Tiger’s partial blindness, Tiger moves to be more aggressively passionate, grabbing Hrithik and pulling him close, than running his fingers through his hair and pulling his head down. Hrithik suddenly frees himself and pulls back. Tiger opens his eyes wide and holds back tears “what? What’s wrong? Don’t you want me after all?”

“No!” Hrithik turns away in shame, “I have my own secret. Once you see it, I am afraid you will never love me again.” He turns back, face tormented, eyes burning, and slowly reaches up and pulls off his wiglet, looking pleadingly at Tiger, afraid to see hate in his eyes.

Tiger smiles with a sudden burst of warmth, “Oh baldy! Did you think I didn’t know? We all knew. I love you even more for caring what I think.” He reaches out again and now, with the last barrier overcome, they can slowly undress each other and sink down on the floor to make sweet sweet love.

Missing Scene of Tiger Shaving Hrithik’s Head

During a practice run, Hrithik’s wiglet flips forward and covers his eyes while trying to take a shot. Everyone awkwardly looks away. Hrithik completes the practice run, but then orders them all to take five and goes off to his quarters. Everyone looks awkward, and then Tiger stands up and says “I’ll talk to him.”

Hrithik is standing alone, looking agonized. He hears Tiger come in and, without turning because they are so in tune he knows who it is, says “I don’t know what to do. I can’t endanger my team, but who am I without my hair?”

Tiger reaches out and strokes his back and Hrithik turns to hide his head in his shoulder for comfort, “Don’t worry my love. With hair or without it, you are still the man I love and our respected leader.” Hrithik looks up, lips trembling with fragility, “really?”

Tiger smiles indulgently, strokes Hrithik’s head and says “Come with me”.

In a wordless sequence with a love song playing in the background, Tiger leads Hrithik to his luxury bathroom. He guides him down to the floor and sits behind Hrithik, letting Hrithik’s head rest on his chest. He runs warm water, and gently runs a wet washclothe over Hrithik’s head, getting them both wet and requiring them to take off their shirts and throw them aside. Shirtless and wet, Tiger pulls out a big straight razor and sharpens it then, gently, runs it across Hrithik’s head, stripping him of hair. Tiger nicks his own finger making the last stroke across his head, and Hrithik reaches up to grab his hand and lick the blood away, then kiss and softly suck the cut finger. Their eyes meet and faces soften, Tiger bends down and Hrithik reaches up and they kiss. Hrithik twists about until he is on top of Tiger as their arms and hands cling and stroke over their bare backs on the hard wet ceramic floor. Fade Out.

Missing Scene of Hrithik Proposing

The night before the final mission, Hrithik and Tiger cuddle in bed together. Hrithik confesses that he never thought he would find love again, not after his partner was killed by Tiger’s father. But now it is as though Tiger’s family has given him back what he lost and he never wants to risk losing it again. He slides off the bed while Tiger sits up and kneels on the floor next to the bed and says, “I bought this ring 10 years ago and never planned to use it. But now, I have found the man who can heal my broken heart, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Tiger, please, will you wear my ring and my name?” Tiger, so overcome with emotion he cannot speak, nods and then reaches out to take the ring and slip it on his finger, kissing it, and saying “I swear, I will wear this so long as I live.”

Later, in the hospital after Tiger has been recovered from the sea, Hrithik looks at his hand and notices the missing ring and his eyes narrow in suspicion but he is distracted and does not act on it. Every meeting after that Hrithik notices the lack of the ring and it stops him as he is about to give himself to Tiger again. Until, finally, he realizes that this is not “his” Tiger after all.

Tiger is ALIVE!!!!

After the final fight when Hrithik kills Evil Tiger, we get one more scene. In the same hospital room where Evil Tiger got his new face from Good Tiger. Good Tiger is there, with tubes coming in and out of his body. The doctors are talking in hushed tones, he should be dead and yet something is keeping him alive, some inner spark. His engagement ring gleams on his hand as his breath goes in and out.

Suddenly, AN EXPLOSION! Hrithik swings through the new hole in the wall as the doctors scream and scatter. A series of Ninjas burst forth and try to keep him from Tiger, he fights his way through all of them. Finally, exhausted and triumphant, he has defeated all his foes. The fire still burning behind him dies down, the Ninjas are groaning on the floor, and the world stops as Hrithik slowly starts moving towards Tiger’s comatose body. He reaches him, hesitates for a second like he is afraid of what might happen, then reaches out and strokes his cheek and whispers “Tiger”. Tiger’s eyes stay closed, his breathing regular, no response. Hrithik gasps in sudden pain and starts to turn away, but then his eyes are caught by a movement. Tiger’s hand is gently fluttering, his finger raised to reveal the ring still on it. Hrithik’s breath catches in a sob, “Tiger!” He whips off the oxygen mask from his face and passionately kisses him, Tiger comes back to life returning the kiss, his arms reaching up until they are locked in a passionate embrace. The camera pulls back to show them, framed by the burnt hole in the wall, Ninja’s artistically arranged around them, as the music swells and a perfect sunset glows through the explosion hole behind them.

Happy Families Scene

After the meeting with Ashutosh at the end, Hrithik pulls out his phone and calls up an unknown number saying “yeah, he agreed. Just like you said. I’ll be home for dinner.” Cut to Tiger, in a pink apron in the kitchen, taking a cake out of the oven, saying “Don’t forget to bring ice cream, we’re celebrating.” Vaani’s daughter comes in saying “cake cake!” and Tiger reminds her that she can’t have it until after she finishes her home work. Hrithik walks in to find Tiger and Vaani’s daughter huddled together working on worksheets, dinner waiting on the table. He smiles at a sudden thought, Tiger says “what?” Hrithik shakes it off, says “nothing, I’ll tell you later.” There is a montage of the three of them eating dinner together, Hrithik makes the daughter laugh by balancing his spoon on his nose, Tiger smiles at them both, they both carry the daughter to bed and cuddle with her to read her night time story until she falls asleep, then lean against each other in the doorway watching her, before turning away and going, hand in hand, off to their own bedroom. As they get ready for bed in a familiar routine, passing each other clothes to go in the closet and so on, Tiger asks “what were you think of earlier?” Hrithik smiles and says, “Oh, just something Vaani said about soldiers having a family to come home to. I never thought I would have that.” Tiger reaches out to embrace him, they share a soft kiss, and Tiger whispers, “come to bed with me now and I will show you how I welcome you home.”

I feel like if we add all of these scenes, we will have successfully transitioned this from an action film with some love scenes to a romance film with some soft porn scenes. Which, obviously, should be our goal.

What ranking of priority would you give these scenes? Which is most important to add and which can we cut for time as needed?

Are there other scenes you feel are required?

20 thoughts on “Silly War Post: Rank Which of These Imaginary Love Scenes You Most Want Filmed and Added

  1. As a charter member of the “Tiger+Hrithik Tru Luv 4Ever” club this bit is absolutely my favorite: Tiger’s hand is gently fluttering, his finger raised to reveal the ring still on it. Hrithik’s breath catches in a sob, “Tiger!” He whips off the oxygen mask from his face and passionately kisses him, Tiger comes back to life returning the kiss, his arms reaching up until they are locked in a passionate embrace. The camera pulls back to show them, framed by the burnt hole in the wall, Ninja’s artistically arranged around them, as the music swells and a perfect sunset glows through the explosion hole behind them. I can 100% see this 😂😭

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    • It’s the happy ending they deserve!!!!! Plus the crazy logic that fits with the rest of the film, Tiger healed by a kiss.

      On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 6:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • Thank goodness none of that was true! You can also go back and check out my critiques of the Gully Boy trailer for more “Margaret was completely totally wrong” moments.

          The nice thing is, I am so consistently wrong about trailers that there is always the possibility for a delightful surprise from a movie I think I will hate.


    • Yes! That is, if there is a sequel. They must know that it was the Hrithik-Tiger chemistry that sold the whole movie.

      On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 10:26 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. The evil Tiger/good Tiger hospital scene somehow reminds me of John Travolta’s/Nicolas Cage’s “Face/Off”. I like this part.
    As for the soft porn, I vehemently doubt that this would work in India. They can deal with a highly homoerotic bromance (the stars and the audience), but would they (largely) accept an openly gay plot with kisses and touches and making love-scenes???
    Isn’t it more exciting to leave it to imagination, to do the wished plot only in the own head (like it happens here)? I feel that the own imagination is the main reason for the success of “War”.


    • Oh sure, it would probably never work in India, but it is fun to think about and write our own version.

      In a more practical version, I could see the hospital rescue scene happening in the actual film (or at the start of a potential sequel) just without the engagement ring and the kiss. But Hrithik bursting in, saving him, thinking he is dead and being heartbroken, only for Tiger to respond to Hrithik’s voice and come back to life, that I could easily see being inserted just to give us a happy ending.

      On Wed, Oct 9, 2019 at 5:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I need all of them, but especially the wig reveal scene and the rescue scene. That rescue scene wouldn’t even be out of place in the actual movie. I would immediately believe he came back, because this movie is basically Sharmilee already.


    • I only want the wig reveal scene if it is followed by the sexy shaving scene. Because I can’t deal with Hrithik with a receding hairline. Bald, that I could handle.

      But yes! The rescue scene makes total sense and would give us the happy ending we deserve. Or, the start for the sequel.

      On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 12:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • A little loving morning ritual? I could see that.

          Or perhaps a love token! Tiger cuts off some of his own hair and Hrithik lovingly wears it on his head as a reminder.

          Scratch that, obviously the origin story of Wig is that hrithik shaved the head of his dead partner after Tiger’s father killed him, and used the hair to create a remembrance he wears in plain sight of others without their realizing it.


          • That made me actually laugh. Scalp jokes, oh god.

            Great point about Bad Tiger’s hair. I’m just going to go with wigs, or maybe they lasered it to look more similar.


          • Wait a second, how did Bad Tiger have the exact same hair as Good Tiger when before the face off operation they had totally different hair? Or am I thinking too much. Also, weren’t they slightly different heights?


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