Are You Looking For a Way to Support the Blog? Here is How You Can Promote Me, and Donate to Me!

I skipped these posts last month because they are so naggy, but then I thought I’ve gotten new readers since then, maybe they want this information and I should provide it to them.

If you want my blog readership to grow, the best way is to talk about me on The Internet. For whatever strange reason of human behavior, people will not click links if the author herself says “hey, I have a post related to this topic”, but they click by the hundreds if someone else says “hey, one of my favorite websites has a post on this topic.”

Mentioning me with a link in the comments on other sites or blogs, tweeting out my posts to your followers, or tweeting them to celebrities you follow, it’s all very effective and stuff that doesn’t work when I do it. And it also makes me feel good, I get alerts about click throughs and links posted and stuff and whenever I see someone has done something it makes me go “aww, they do love me! I want to write more stuff”. And conversely when I don’t see those notices, it makes me go “aww, no one loves me, I want to curl up and die and never write again.”

On the other hand, you can also give me money! Think of it on the coffee level. If you enjoy reading my blog as much as you would enjoy a cup of coffee, throw some money my way. You can set up a recurring donation of $1, $5, $10, however much you want through Patreon:

Or you can do a one time donation through Paypal of however much monetary pleasure value you think the blog has given you this month:


Donation to DCIB


If it makes you feel better about donating, I can tell you that between recurring donations and one off donations and the ad revenue on the site, I make about $100 a month. Movie tickets are $12, if I see 4 movies a month (my average) that is $48. Add on the cost of gas to go to the very very far movie theater that shows Indian movies, I easily break $100 on that alone. All other blog expenses (high speed internet, video subscription services, my time) are out of pocket. So if you donate to me, it’s hardly going to make me rich. It just tells me you care and understand that there is a real cost to the entertainment I am giving you.

2 thoughts on “Are You Looking For a Way to Support the Blog? Here is How You Can Promote Me, and Donate to Me!

  1. I am no one to gove bloggers a pointers about blogging, but will share some thoughts. You are one of the best blogs i follow to get alternate perspectives to bollywood news, in sports analogy you are “Deadspin(website)” to espn(bollywood), who says as how it is. The other source i follow is bollywood sub in reddit , which congrigates most of news links. I think you should start sharing all your insightful articles (such as critical reviews and commenting on social issues etc) on reddit sub , it will help you long way. Last but not least, i like the blog name , but if i were not aware of your content and somebody shares the link, the name would make me hesistate to click the link doubting the quality jusging by name of the blog. You see “” used to be “” , they changed the name for same reason. I think you should keep this blog name and create a different catchy name for exclusively sharing the articles which would definetly increase the viewership, after sometime they dont care about names.


    • Thank you!

      As I say, me posting links does nothing. If you think it would be good for articles from me to be linked on reddit, please post them yourself. It is not something I can do effectively, but it is something you can do for me and I would greatly appreciate it. I think I have been linked from reddit once, maybe twice, and it resulted in about 2,000 views total. If you post just one link to one article, it will make an enormous difference to me and I would greatly appreciate it.

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 9:43 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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