Month of SRK: 17 Southern Films I Would Remake with Shahrukh

Well, this will be a very boring post for those of you who aren’t familiar with southern movies! Although I will also try to give a brief plot summary so you can see why I think they would work well for him.

1.Bhaskar the Rascal

I already did a whole rewrite for this one, but you should be able to see the appeal in just a few sentence description. Our hero is a self-made man, a little crude, and good with his fists. He married late in life and his wife died and now he is the single parent of a sensitive little boy. Our heroine is a classy woman who divorced her abusive husband and lives with her tough quick to fight little girl. The kids are best friends, and adore each other’s parents but the parents can’t stand each other. Until the abusive ex shows up and suddenly the heroine needs help/the hero can’t stand seeing a woman in distress.

Image result for bhaskar the rascal poster

2. Manam

Okay, your brain is going to HURT! Our hero is a middle-aged man who is successful but lonely. His parents died when he was a little boy. But then he sees a young college kid and recognizes him as his reincarnated father. And a young college girl who is his mother. He determines to act as matchmaker and bring them together again, at the same time reliving his childhood with these two young people who feel a strange bond with him. And then a young woman enters who is the reincarnation of his own past wife, along with an elderly man who was their child. Amitabh as the elderly man, Kajol as Shahrukh’s reincarnated wife, and Varun and Alia or someone as the young couple.

Image result for manam poster

3. Gang Leader

5 women looking for revenge, headed by an elderly grandmother, go for help to a hack thriller novel writer who helps them in order to use their story for a plot for his next book. But somehow, along the way, he goes from a comic coward to the hero they need. And also falls in love with one of the women. Make Kirron Kher the grandmother gang leader, make Juhi the young widow Shahrukh learns to love, throw in a cute little girl, and a stressed teenager, and I am a happy camper.

Image result for gang leader poster nani

4. Pullikkaran Staraa

Another one I already did a quick rewrite for Shahrukh. An older bachelor just moved to a new town helps a young woman who is homeless after a failed elopement. She moves in with him, becomes friends with his old man group of friends, and decides she is going to help him woo a co-worker who coincidentally is also his ex-childhood sweetheart. Funny thing is, somehow he has more fun and more in common with this very age inappropriate young woman than he does with his childhood sweetheart. She is the one he gets drunk with at night and takes on crazy adventures and they just make each other happy. But can they get past the age gap and realize their feelings?

Image result for pullikkaran staraa

5. Uncle

Another Mammootty movie! Kind of a slow character piece, desperately needs to be rewritten a bit for the Hindi remake. But an interesting idea at the center of it. An old bachelor learns that his friend’s daughter is trying to come home from college but her ride fell through. He offers to give her a ride, they get lost, they spend the night on the road. The audience sees how innocent and sweet their time together is, he is protective as you would want and she is eager to here stories of her father as a young man. But because he is unmarried, and unattractive, and sexual (his friends know he has girlfriends), everyone assumes something bad happened. Where is the line in the “uncle” relationship? When do we stop thinking it is safe to leave our young woman alone with a man, when do we stop trusting them and our friends? Can you imagine Shahrukh as the sexy older man who is also moral and good and would never ever see his friend’s daughter as anything besides a daughter no matter what society things?

Image result for uncle mammootty

6. Yennai Arindhaal

Oh dear, I actually want you all to watch this movie so I hate to spoil it! I guess I can just give the Shahrukh character description. Our hero is a middle-aged ex-hero police officer who is still connected to the department, but gave up his career to instead dedicate himself to raising an adorable orphaned little girl he became responsible for. Also, he has grey hair. And then he is drawn in for one last case.

Related image

7. Ramante Edenthottam

Our heroine is married with a daughter and her husband is awful. He’s not openly abusive, he’s a good provider, and he is a great father. But he is always there with a snarky comment any time she starts to feel free, to have fun. They go on a family vacation to a remote jungle resort, it’s just the owner and a servant and a few cabins in the woods. The owner is a widowed middle-aged man who is kind and supportive and in this magical time in the woods the wife flourishes. Nothing happens between them, not really, but they start writing letters to each other, and he gives her the confidence to take up her dancing again and eventually leave her husband. Even then they still don’t get together, he is happy with his memories of his dead wife and she is happy being free, but they are still important in each other’s lives.

Image result for ramante edanthottam

8. Mersal

Okay, a silly one. But I want Shahrukh to do a triple role! Also, stop reading now if you like ridiculous over the top masala movies, you should watch this. In the past, a noble village headman arranged for a hospital to be built in his village. And then the evil doctors kill his wife, and then the man to cover it up. His oldest son is adopted and grows up in the city to become a saintly doctor. His younger son is raised by his loyal servant to become an amazing magician and to thirst for revenge. All three roles (village headman, saintly doctor, revenge magician) are played by the same actor, and all three roles have their own love story.

Image result for mersal poster

9. Kabali

A very unsilly one that will probably never get made, but wouldn’t it be great if it did? Our hero is an older/elderly man who has been in prison for 20 years. He is a gangster, but also a symbol of hope and power for his community. He comes out of jail ready to defend his people and clean up his city. And also wanting answers in the death of his wife and child in the police raid that lead to his arrest. I would LOVE to see SRK playing the angry protective gangster looking after the minority communities of Bombay and answers for the death of his wife. Raees, but angrier and more explicit and also age appropriate. But it’s not going to happen.

Image result for kabali poster

10. Abhiyum Naanum

Very excited about this one! It’s a variation on Father of the Bride. We start with the hero meeting a young father in the park, and then telling him the story of raising his adored only daughter. He and his wife eloped and were thrown out of their families, but for him their little family of 3 was perfect. He fussed and spoiled his daughter while his wife was calm about everything, lots of funny scenes of him freaking out about her being sick or getting into school or whatever while his wife roles her eyes. She was a special little girl, very generous, like ordering her father to give his jacket to a homeless man in need. And after all those years of their perfect little family, now she is marrying a man with a big loud family and he is going to take her away forever, and our hero has to put up with hosting the wedding. Fun twist to the usual story, the young couple (being practical and charity minded) wants a simple ceremony and to save the money for good works. It is the father who is all depressed because he dreamed her whole life of throwing a grand festive wedding for his daughter. And we end back in the present to learn the wedding was two years earlier and she is coming to visit, with her baby.

Image result for abhiyum naanum

11. Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol

I am less excited about this one, but it could still be fun. A long married couple has forgotten how to connect, and be alive in general. She watches soaps and he drinks with his friends. Then he goes to a college reunion and meets his college sweetheart and remembers when he was young and romantic. He comes home and, at first, tries to have an affair (or at least a regular flirtation with a co-worker). But he is bad at things and keeps getting flustered and making mistakes. And then he sees his wife from a distance one day and suddenly notices how beautiful she still is. He starts using all the romance tips his friends gave him for his affair on his wife, secret phone calls and gifts and things. Their marriage comes back to life and inspires their friends to do the same. Oh, and their kids are happier too.

Image result for mohanlal meena

12. 96

DON’T HATE ME!!!! I know I know, Vijay Sethupathi is perfect and irreplaceable. But imagine if we did replace him. It wouldn’t be as good, but it would still be pretty good seeing Shahrukh and Kajol as the high school sweethearts reunited 20 years later for one painful impossible night.

Image result for 96 poster

13. Vikram-Vedha

This one was actually rumored to be happening at one point, and that made me so happy! A charming criminal telling the story of his life to a cop over the course of several interrogations until cop and criminal finally understand each other and start working together. Plus, the cop has a sexy strong lawyer wife that he has hot sex with a lot. But who should Shahrukh play? I want him to have hot lawyer sex, but I also want him to have long criminal monologues. It’s a problem!!!

Image result for vikram vedha

14. Mumbai Police

If you have seen this movie, I want Shahrukh in the Prithviraj role. If you have not seen this movie, go watch it and then come back. I’m not giving you ANY plot.

Image result for mumbai police prithviraj

15. Ranam

It’s a hyperlink film so there are lots of stories. I really just want to pick out one central story for a remake. Our hero is a criminal to pay off a family debt. He also acts as a loving protector and big brother to his teenage cousin, who is in love with a troubled rich girl at his school. Our hero gets to know the rich girl through his cousin, she develops a crush on him and he is gentle when he rejects her. But then it all goes wrong partly because of his criminal activity and the girl ends up dead. Our hero, tormented by guilt, starts hanging around and observing the girl’s devastated mother. Her husband is abusive and a cheater, the hero is there as a helpful stranger when she finally escapes the house. He takes her to his home for safety and they end up falling in love. Without her knowing that he knew her daughter, or that her daughter died because of his actions. Now, THAT’S a conflict I want to see Shahrukh play! Alongside basically any age appropriate actress playing the mother who becomes fearless in her grief and leaps into a new relationship with a stranger.

Image result for ranam poster

16. Peranbu

This would be such a dark but interesting role for him. A father who has been working abroad comes home to find his wife gone and himself the only remaining caregiver for his severely disabled teenage daughter. He struggles to build a relationship with her, and then simply struggles, to somehow make the money to pay for a home for them while leaving her alone hours at a time to work, to decide if she would be better in residential care or with him, all of these hard questions. The unexpected ending is when he tries to kill them both (since there is no hope) only for them to be saved by a Hijra who had befriended them and him to realize that answer was right in front of him. He marries the Hijra and she becomes the loving mother and fellow caregiver his daughter needs, and the loving supportive partner he craved. Really interesting story, really interesting Shahrukh role, right?

Image result for peranbu

17. 1: Nenokaddine

Get ready for a plot that will make your head hurt! Our hero is a superstar musician. But he also has a brain disorder, he can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. And he has a mystery in his past, his parents were killed in front of him as a small child but he can’t remember their names or faces or his own name before the orphanage. A young reporter/fan starts following him around and trying to convince him that he needs treatment and has to address his problems. He has a brain disorder, but is also very intelligent, and manages to leave clues for himself and figure out what she is doing. And also that she is doing it out of True Love, he calls in love with his fan. And then uses the same logic to discover that she is the one in danger, not him. The things that really happened, that he didn’t imagine, were aimed at her not him. The star becomes the stalker, waiting outside her house and begging to talk to her. Until finally she is convinced and they go together to solve the mystery. I just want to watch Shahrukh playing a super smart orphaned superstar with a brain disorder and a young self-insert fan who is in love with him and who he falls in love with.

Image result for 1 nenokkadine

If you’ve seen the movies, or at least based on my descriptions, which would you remake? Remember it doesn’t have to be identical at all, just the same general sense of the plot and characters.

25 thoughts on “Month of SRK: 17 Southern Films I Would Remake with Shahrukh

  1. You know that Mersal remake may just happen. There’s a lot of buzz that Shahrukh’s next is with the director of Mersal, Atlee.

    For me, I kind of want a fun Shahrukh with a good dose of romance. Something like Peranbu would be very interesting for him as an actor but not really fun for me to watch again.

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    • In that case, I vote Bhaskar the Rascal or Pullikkaran Staraa! Playing an awkward older bachelor who never planned on love happening, and gets all flustered when circumstances throw him together with a surprising woman.

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  2. At his current age, Gangleader is the best pick to start – not really action, not completely comedy. Some movies like Abhiyum Nanum, Uncle are slightly above his age; some moves like Manam or Mersal are too South-ish.
    Can pick from latest of the likes of Nagarjuna/Venkatesh – Devdas, F2

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    • To me, Abhiyam Naanum and Uncle are right at his age. His real life daughter is 19, not such a stretch to play the father of a 22-24 year old. And same with Uncle, not so hard to picture him having a college friend with a college daughter, since he himself has a college daughter.

      But I really like Gang Leader too! Partly because the character can really be any age. The plot doesn’t require any real firm age markers.

      On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 11:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Star’s real age is different from the age they play on screen. I am referring to his current screen age. For example, Mahesh is 40+, Prabhas is near to 40, but they play 28-33. Same way, SRK might be older in reality, but on screen, he’s not ready to play father of a 20+


  3. Basically follow Mammooty’s filmography? Come to think of it even Billu was a remake of a Mammooty’s movie. In that case,would also suggest Unda-Mammooty’s best in recent years after Peranbu.But unlike Peranbu,Unda is a very light hearted film with some good themes. Also a policeman. SRK has never donned the uniform,has he?

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    • Mammootty is weird, because it seems like half his movies are totally bad and inappropriate, and then the other half have him aging more gracefully than other stars.

      Shahrukh hasn’t worn a uniform! He played a cop in One 2 Ka 4, but never put on the uniform, because he doesn’t love us enough.

      On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 11:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. Some of the movies you choose are definitely too southern to be successful in the north e.g Uncle, Ramante Edenthottam and especially Peranbu.

    1: Nenokaddine is too much and too over the top. A remake would be a disaster.

    Bhaskar the Rascal is not my favorite because of the stupid over the top twist with ex-husband, but if we’ll change it a little, why not? It has cute kids, age-appropriate romance, some fights. It can work.

    Manam – I hate this movie with all my heart. Watching it was a traumatic experience (almost like watching Zero), but like with Bhaskar, if we change some things (= we must change it from being Akkineni’s family video and a mean to promote their untalented sons to being a fun reincarnation movie)

    Vikram-Vedha – big yes! SRK as the gangster and Maddy still as the sexy cop.

    96 – I think he is too old for this role.

    Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol – I haven’t seen it, but I like the plot and would love to see it with SRK. The same with Yennai Arindhaal


    • Bhaskar and Munthirivallikal aren’t as good in execution as the central idea is, but then that’s why they should be remade! I think a rewrite, making them a little more Hindi and Masala, and throwing in Shahrukh charm and romance could make them better movies than they are now.

      96, what if we make it 30 years instead of 20 years? Although then he is definitely too old to have the option of marriage, which would be sad. On the other hand, then her daughter would be an adult so she would have the option of divorce (which is what I want anyway).

      Do SRK and Maddy have good chemistry? Would we enjoy seeing a bunch of scenes of them together?

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 2:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Ahh kinda unrelated, but I was just thinking how amazing a Bangalore Days remake would be with the right cast and of course a change in setting. The storylines and the presence of a dynamic acting ensemble make it a sure success in Hindi if the cards are played right. My casting idea is Alia as Divya, Rajkumar for Kuttan, either Ranbir or Ranveer(more Ranveer because I’m not feeling offscreen Ranbir’s vibes lately) as Aju. In my dreams, Fawad is Das he can play both sides of the character so well, and brings the mature vibe to the role. If not, I think perhaps Shahid or Aditya Roy Kapoor can pull of the Das role. I really wanna see Aditi as the dashing Natasha but maybe I could see Taapsee in the role as well. Anushka as Sarah although I think Deepika can also pull off this character with grace. Finally, Sonam as Meenakshi a little silly, but has good chemistry onscreen with Rajkumar! (Maybe we can bring Ranbir in now for a guest appearance as the angry ex).

    Bonus: Kalki Koechlin as Kuttan’s wife at the end !
    Plus, Rathna Pathak Shah as Kuttan’s mom and Anil Kapoor & Madhuri as Natasha’s parents

    Hope to see a post with your own thoughts & casting ideas !

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    • I love all of this! It’s perfect! I would say Shahid as Das if we can’t get Fawad, and I think I might actually prefer Deepika to Anushka for Sara. I don’t know about Madhuri as Natasha’s parents, might be too glamorous feeling and we would want some one who feels completely broken down by life. Divya Dutta maybe.

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 8:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • You’re right I think Deepika does have more of the Sarah vibe in her than Anushka:) I just wanted to see Anil & Madhuri together again maybe they can play Divya’s parents instead ? I can still see Anil doing well as Natasha’s father tho (or maybe even Irffan Khan can do that role). I haven’t seen Divya Dutta in anything or I would comment…


      • I just wanted to see Anil & Madhuri together again maybe they can play Divya’s parents instead ? I can still see Anil doing well as Natasha’s father tho (or maybe even Irffan Khan can do that role). I haven’t seen Divya Dutta in anything or I would comment…


        • If you are really desperate, Anil and Madhuri just co-starred in a comedy film that looked gosh awful, Total Dhamaal.

          On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 12:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Oh, this was a fun one. Numbers 3, 4, 5, and 7 could be sooooo good with Shah Rukh. Especially if the makers let go of making a movie “Shah Rukh-y” and just let him play the characters they are envisioning in the plot they have written.

    I have stronger opinions about 12-15, because I’ve actually seen these. 96 is a big NO for me, as is Ranam. Not only because of Vijay’s and Prithvi’s performances, but because they are so well matched to the female leads and the rest of the ensemble. And as much as I hate to say it, I do think Shah Rukh is too old for either role.

    13 is a yes! I also like the idea of Shah Rukh as the gangster and Maddy remaining the cop. I know it would never happen in real life, but Ajay Devgan would be an interesting choice, and Kajol could be his hot lawyer wife–that way we’d get the Shah Rukh/Kajol chemistry in a whole new avatar. Can chemistry have an avatar?

    14 is a more cautious yes. I think some things would need to be changed to make it more plausible that people haven’t twigged to some things about the Prithvi character’s life, again because Shah Rukh is older. Who would make a good Rahman to Shah Rukh’s Prithvi though. Or could Varun be Prithvi and Shah Rukh be Rahman? I guess Anil or Jackie could be Rahman if Shah Rukh is Prithvi.

    I was meaning to save this for the Brother’s Day repost, but I think that Prithviraj is a very Shah Rukh-style actor. A bit outside-in. Changes between performances in mannerisms, voice, and body language, but also the ability to reach out and grab the audience with raw emotion. Capable of understatement but maybe not as comfortable there. Comedy not the strongest suit but can pull it off sometimes.

    Whereas Vijay S. is more of an inside-out kind of actor. He somehow stays Vijay in every role, but also transforms into the characters he plays. Still grabs the audience with raw emotion, but underplays more. I’d love to see him and Prithviraj in a flick together. They’ve both worked with some of the same people, so I’m hoping it’s not out of the question. Did you know Vijay S’s nickname is Makkal Selvan, which means something like “man of the people” or “people’s treasure”? Given to him by an early director. I wish I knew his age, so I can know how much of a dirty old woman I am for liking him. I’m 11 years older than Prithvi (whose birthday was Wednesday), so veering on dirty old lady, but not quite there yet.


    • Yes, exactly with 3,4,5, and 7! The original idea had a very specific dynamic they wanted. 3 is The cowardly guy who is bullied by all these woman that move into his life but at the same time loves them all in different ways and grows to be serious and protective over time. 4 has this idea of a hero who never really grew up, kind of too gentle for this world. Just sees women as friends and people and never learned how to make them see him as a romantic option, but then that is why he will casually take a much younger woman into his house and life and not even consider that she might fall in love with him. And 5 is the opposite, an older guy who is so attractive and sexual and youthful seeming that no one believes he could be a nice “uncle” type for his old friend’s daughter and nothing more. And then 7 is so lovely with showing a hero who just likes women and wants the heroine to be happy.

      Love your Vikram-Vedha recasting idea! Kajol could absolutely play the lawyer wife, and having her with just two fraught scenes with Shahrukh as her gangster client would be awesome.

      For 14, I think if Shahrukh is established as a hero cop who is dedicated to his career, no one would question it. That’s a common character. Especially if he keeps getting in trouble and moved from station to station. I would vote Anil as his brother-in-law, maybe Juhi as the sister. We could change the plot slightly maybe, have a flashback showing that Anil and Juhi married very recently, establish that Shahrukh’s life changed after that as his sister was no longer living with him. Kind of put things in motion a bit, plus give us a sense of the relationships between Anil-Juhi-Shahrukh before the start of the plot. And for his young friend, I think Varun would be really good, giving us that kind of young but trying his best feeling. And maybe Vikrant Massay in a cameo. And obviously, it would have to be set a few years in the past to make sense. But if we do all of that, it could be brilliant.

      Also, good news! Prithviraj is perfectly age appropriate for me! So if I dump old man SRK, I have a back-up just right option. Somehow I thought Prithvi was more in the 10 years older than me range than the couple years older range.

      On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 11:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Oh, I’m so glad you like the V-V idea. I wasn’t sure how sacrilegious it would be for someone who likes Shah Rukh and Kajol romances so much. 🙂

        You have convinced me about Mumbai Police. I like all of your timing and plot changes, I like Juhi as the sister to Anil’s bro-in-law, and of course Varun would be an amazing younger cop/friend. Arjun R or Arjun K as the small but pivotal role?

        Here is a fun interview, in English for once, that lays out how it is that Prithvi is so young but has so many movies under his belt.

        Keep old man SRK as your occasional lover, since we know he’s probably a bit too much for a full time guy, and then have Prithvi around as your understanding main partner. He can just hit the gym if you’re spending time with Shah Rukh. (Tiny voice–or join in?)


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