Daily Hrithik Shipping Post: War Sequel!!!! What Jodi Do We Want Next?

I have Ideas!!!! And you can pick and choose among them. Don’t limit yourself, if this is like the Bond or Mission Impossible films, it could go on and on and on with a different love interest each time. Pick one, or two, or three!

Hrithik-Aditya Roy Kapoor

Hrithik is a lone wolf doing super secret classified missions. Ashutosh orders him to work with a partner, just this once, the centre is insisting he has some kind of supervision. Aditya is introduced as the buttoned down government man assigned to shadow him. At first Hrithik dismisses him and tries to ignore him (although he can’t help sneaking a look when Aditya wears only a towel around their shared hotel room). But then there is a fight scene and Aditya reveals that he has crazy fighting skills, he is more than just a bureaucrat. Hrithik finally starts to respect him and invites him to get drunk on mini bar alcohol that night. Aditya reveals his backstory, trained as a commando and so on, but then his mission went wrong because of a screw up at headquarters, and he decided paperwork was important too. But he also reveals that he has been following Hrithik’s reports for years, he was the man behind the man helping plan all of his missions, providing the last minute needed support, and so on. SO ROMANTIC. And then they go on the mission together, punch punch, fight fight, win win. And at the end when ARK is sadly preparing to go back to the bureaucracy, Hrithik stops him and says “hey, ever think about joining me in the field? I could use a partner”. Or maybe ARK goes back to his sad office and finds Hrithik sexily waiting for him? Something like that.

Image result for hrithik roshan aditya roy kapoor

Hrithik-Sid Malhotra

Sid is a top young agent, a superstar, and then his boss tells him he has to work with this “old man” Hrithik. He is dismissive and insulting and passive aggressive about it, Hrithik just gives him a crooked smile and ignores him. They go on the mission and Sid keeps trying to drop Hrithik, but then he gets caught by the bad guys and Hrithik comes bursting in to rescue him. Fight fight fight, they learn to respect each other and fight together like a well-oiled machine. And then Hrithik takes Sid out drinking to celebrate, they way they would celebrate a mission in the old days (usually Sid just goes back to his depressing apartment and works out). Big dance number, joy and happiness. Sid is now all in on Hrithik and happy when his boss orders them to work together again. This time, working together, the pull off a perfect mission with lots of undercover work (Hrithik plays the glasses wearing new corporate boss, Sid plays his assistant, they steal files from the corporation and climb down the side of buildings and stuff in secret at night). As part of their cover, they keep being caught in compromising situations and the whole office things Hrithik is in a relationship with his “assistant”. But then at the end of the mission, Hrithik betrays Sid! Disappears with the Macguffet! Sid is heartbroken but keeps it from his boss and instead starts using his skills to track Hrithik down. He finally finds him, tense confrontation, and Hrithik reveals everything. It was a double mission, they suspected Sid’s boss was passing on information, Hrithik pretended to work with Sid but secretly they were setting up a trap for the boss to prove he was disloyal. He’s being arrested right now. Sid swallows the news and accepts it, but then turns back and asks if it is true that Hrithik is the best of the best, travels the world on secret missions, never has a regular life. Hrithik confirms it. Then Sid reaches out his hand and asks “want a partner?” Cut to end credits song.

Hrithik-Anil Kapoor

Anil is a widower, and retired. Grey-hair, glasses, sweater vest, playing with the baby grandkids on weekends. And then he gets a call, the agency needs him to come back in for a mission related to his last job. He puts on his work suit, that doesn’t fit right any more, and pulls his old briefcase out of the closet. But when he gets to the office, everyone ignores him because he is just a funny old man. His old friend welcomes him and tells him to get coffee before the briefing, but he can’t even make the fancy new coffee machine work right. And then suddenly Hrithik appears and is cool and kind and shows Anil how to use it. Anil shyly asks if they can sit together for the briefing and Hrithik smiles and says he would love that, but he’s the one giving the briefing. Hrithik gives the briefing, and then calls Anil to come forward and add his bit as the last person to track the Big Bad before he escaped. Anil drops his papers and is all nervous, but Hrithik bends down to help him pick them up and grabs his hand encouragingly. With that shot of confidence, Anil stands up and gives a great briefing, gaining the grudging respect and attention of the young team. And then we see Hrithik meeting with his boss, asking for Anil to be assigned as his partner in the field. The boss doesn’t think it is a good idea since Anil is so old, but Hrithik is definite, age brings experience. They go on the mission together, Hrithik tells Anil he has to learn to loosen up and get his confidence back, takes him out drinking, gets him dancing, Anil is like a new man! He goes undercover as a successful businessman, works with Hrithik, his cover is blown and he is captured, Hrithik’s boss tells Hrithik to leave him behind, Hrithik refuses and goes rogue to rescue Anil, Anil ends up providing the last little clue they need (thanks to what he overheard in captivity), they solve the case and return home in triumph. And then Anil goes back to his little life, wearing his sweaters and playing with the grandkids. Until one day in the middle of a family party, Hrithik shows up at the door, holds out his hand and says “Come with me”. And Anil smiles and takes his hand.

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Hrithik-Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut is introduced. Then he takes his shirt off. Hrithik watches him take his shirt off. Vidyut gets in a fight, Hrithik watches him fight. Vidyut sees Hrithik watching and grins at him. Hrithik grins back. They have a manly hug. Repeat for 3 hours.

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Hrithik-Rana Duggabatti

Rana comes from regular army, now assigned to the secret spy team. He is confused by the lack of rules, now no one wears their uniform or tidies their quarters or any of that. Hrithik tries to get him to loosen up, but Rana doesn’t know how. Hrithik assigns one of the young people on the team to take Rana out drinking, Rana comes home drunk and slurringly insults Hrithik, says he is out of training and over the hill and needs discipline. Hrithik is amused. The next day he wakes up hungover shirtless Rana by throwing a bucket of water on him and then invites him to fight Hrithik and give him some “discipline”. Fight fight, lots of tight wrestling holds and eye contact, finally Hrithik wins and Rana admits defeat. Now they are friends and have a song together. And then Rana learns their mission, the whole team is going undercover in the regular army, that’s why they brought in Rana to be part of their cover. Everyone dresses up in little army uniforms. Rana and Hrithik are going in together, they will be fellow officers sharing quarters and secretly investigating to figure out who the traitor is on the army post. Every night they hang out in bed together talking over what they learned that day. Lots if secret missions and fights and stuff. They finally learn the traitor is Rana’s mentor and former commanding officer, Rana is heartbroken, Hrithik comforts him in a manly way. Rana asks to take leave, he needs time to think. But when he returns home to his house in south India, his mother tells him that his friend arrived first and has been waiting for him. It’s Hrithik! He smiles at Rana and tells him that he decided it was time for a vacation too, and why not visit Rana’s hometown after he was always talking about how beautiful it is?

Image result for rana daggubati uniform

Hrithik-Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar is an analyst at the home office who dreams of being a field agent, but keeps being turned down. His hero is Hrithik, he has photos of him from his missions taped up in his cubicle, and he gazes at him from afar when he comes to the office, but they have never met. He finally gets a chance to present a briefing to Hrithik, but is so nervous that he makes a hash of it. Hrithik is increasingly amused and delighted by this nervous little man in glasses, but Rajkummar doesn’t realize it and is just embarrassed. He rushes out. Hrithik follows him out and finds him wiping away tears on the roof of the building (his secret crying spot). Hrithik comfort him, tells him it is good to care that much, he wishes everyone cared like that. And as they are together, THE WHOLE OFFICE IS BOMBED!!!! Now Hrithik and Rajkummar are the only agents left, forced to work together to figure out who coordinated the attack and who was the mole in the office that set it up. Hrithik teaches Rajkummar to shoot, convinces him to wear contacts so we can all see his pretty eyes, buys him new cool clothes, and takes him on a mission with him. They succeed (with lots of funny mistakes from Rajkummar and times Hrithik has to save him). And then they go to the debriefing in the new office and their boss casually mentions that he will be glad to have Rajkummar back in his cubicle as an analyst. Rajkummar’s face falls, but he just says “yes sir”. Hrithik then speaks up and says “Then you will have to find a cubicle for me too. We’re partners, where he goes, I go.” Rajkummar looks at him with love in his eyes, the boss laughs indulgently, and agrees that in that case, he guesses Rajkummar will be staying as a field agent.

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Which are your top choices? Or is there someone else I should add in?

18 thoughts on “Daily Hrithik Shipping Post: War Sequel!!!! What Jodi Do We Want Next?

    • Ooo! But then they are all the same age, I don’t know if I like that. I think I want a bigger age gap between the couple.

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 9:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Maybe Anil is all “dork around the coolest boy in school” about Hrithik’s cool clothes and attitude and stuff, and Hrithik is all “oh wow, this guy is smart and stuff!” about Anil? Like if the star of the football team fell in love with his math tutor and vice versa?

      Or, we can just do the Vidyut plot. Although I am kind of in love with the Rajkummar plot too, with the “why, without your glasses, you are pretty!” reveal.

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 11:35 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Like if the star of the football team fell in love with his math tutor and vice versa? = 100000% the vibe I was thinking of. And when they fight Anil is the one thinking strategically while Hrithik is pounding everyone to bits and then when they are on a computer toward the end of the film Hrithik comes up with a brilliant idea and Anil falls even more in love with him.


        • But I also want a make over montage! I know sweater vests are sexy, but I want Anil with great hair and a really great suit too.

          On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 11:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Awwww, don’t be sick! Or if you must be sick, stay home and read fanfic and help me write it.

      Votes on best jodi here?

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 12:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I love them all. If i am being superficial but still looking for decent chemistry then I would pick Hrithik with Sid or ARK. If I just want amazing chemistry and great acting, then Hrithik and Anil. And of course, if I am just looking for Hindi Cinemax, then Hrithik and Vidyut.

        Also, the Hrithik-Raj storyline is giving me major Get Smart vibes, which is one of my all time favorites as an OTT, silly, happy, spy movie. And I have really really wanted it to be turned into a Hindi movie, so I would love that!


        • Yes, I got halfway into the Rajkummar one and realized I was just rewriting Get Smart. Which I also love.

          On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 9:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


          Liked by 1 person

  1. I LOVE Sid Malhotra, I think he’s such a good action star, so that one would be perfect for him. But I would pay an obscene amount of money to watch the Rajkumar Rao one. It feels like such a cliche fanfiction come to life in all the right ways. I need it so badly.


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