Month of SRK: 9 Shahrukh’s in My Apartment

I actually have far more than 9 Shahrukh’s in my apartment, but I grouped them to make it all easier.

  1. Telling me with his eyes how sexy I look in the bathroom mirror

2. In a poster over my DVD shelf

3. On my kitchen cabinets

4. Over my TV

5. Lit by the lamp

6. On my coin purse

7. Hiding on the curio shelf

8. Over the couch

9. Over my shoulder at the Maratha Mandir

13 thoughts on “Month of SRK: 9 Shahrukh’s in My Apartment

  1. Awesome. Who took the shot of you at Maratha Mandir? That’s a great photo. I’d actually love that on one of the patron thank you cards, if you wouldn’t feel too weird about that.

    A plug for supporting this fun place and Margaret’s work–getting the cards in the mail regularly is so much fun. They always surprise me and make me smile. And I’m not like a sugar mama or anything, I can only give a little, but it is such a good feeling!

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      • As you know the love of my life died tragically a few months ago (my mom). I am still living off of my savings while
        mourning has the better part of me. This month was bad for me too, but come November, I will do what I can as I am grateful for what you do and enjoy reading and communicating with people who relate to something that currently means a lot to me (SRK). You have my word that I will support this site, though it won’t be much this year. In January, I should be back on my feet and back to business and from then on it will be easier for me.


        • Of course! Whatever you can give whenever you can give it is appreciated.

          And so you have something to look forward to in November, I do an annual Christmas card give away. Whoever makes the most number of comments in a week gets a Christmas card from me! There were be a new winner every week for 10 weeks, and I am pretty sure you will win at least one week πŸ™‚ I will make sure to make you an amazing fabulous all SRK card to celebrate.

          On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 9:31 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. first picture – I miss your face! (In ShahRukh’s eyes, every woman is – as he says – beautiful. I would not know about “sexy”)
    It’s nice to give us this personal insight during his birthday month πŸ™‚
    Is the small photo in the beautiful frame your favourite one?
    If the last one is done “over your shoulder”, I guess it isn’t y o u in the photo?

    Your countdown makes the wait even more exciting πŸ™‚


    • No, that’s me in the photo! Turned away from Shahrukh and Kajol in the poster behind me.

      I think the small photo is the first one I got. Kind of silly, the first Christmas after my sister and I got into Indian film and Shahrukh, my Dad found little frames on sale and printed out a photo of Shahrukh and stuck it in them.

      On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 7:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. In the DDLJ poster, isn’t Anupam’s headshot from a totally different movie? Because I don’t remember him looking like that in DDLJ at all.


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