Shahrukh Day Mantras, What Are His Words To Cling to Today?

It’s Shahrukh Day, and also a time when a lot of us (myself included) are going through some big hard emotions. Personally, I am taking all my happy pills and hugging my dog an awful lot. And along with that, I am hugging Shahrukh, holding close to all the reasons he gives me hope and happiness in the world.

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Shahrukh Birthday Countdown, My Name is Khan! NO POLITICS!!!!

Remember, Happy Place Rules! Which is really hard with this movie, so I almost decided to skip reposting this review. But that felt wrong, so I am reposting. But with a reminder of Happy Place Rules. So you can skip reading this to protect your Happy Place, and if you comment, you have to find an inspiring/cheerful take in order to protect all of us in our Happy Place.

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