Upcoming Film Reviews: Kali, Ninne Pelladatha, Jeet, Eega

Oh boy, such a busy week! I only have to write one new review, but it’s for a super fun and crazy film that I will SO enjoy reviewing.

Wednesday 11/6: Kali (Malayalam, Hotstar or Einthusan)

You have to watch past the interval. It starts out seeming like an interesting story of a young couple, and then it takes a turn you aren’t expecting. Plus, it’s a fascinating exploration of anger, when it is a blessing and when it is a curse. Oh, and Sai Pallavi and Dulquer are ADORABLE together in it.

Thursday 11/7: Ninne Pelladatha (Telugu, Hotstar or Einthusan)

Such a cute film! And perfect for Tabu’s birthday week. Family friendly, sweet, innocent, there’s even a dog. And a shy and uncertain sexy “alone in the house” song.

Friday 11/8: Jeet (Hindi, Youtube for free)

Another Tabu pick. And a really strange yet awesome film. Love quadrangul with Tabu, Karisma, Salman, and Sunny. Super crazy unexpected plot, all the best of 90s Masala all the way around.

Sunday 11/10: Eega/Makkhi/Eecha (Hindi/Telugu/Tamil, Prime)

This was Rajamouli’s first crossover hit before Bahubali and it’s brilliant. You say “reincarnation revenge movie with a fly” and it doesn’t sound good, but believe me, it is SO good! Fun and fresh and clever and just a pleasure to watch.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Film Reviews: Kali, Ninne Pelladatha, Jeet, Eega

  1. Lol, everyone’s excited about Eega while I’m excited about Ninne Pelladatha! I love Eega too but it’s become one of those movies that I’ve seen way too many times in a short period of time 🙂


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