It’s Tabu’s Birthday! Let’s Watch Her Songs and Talk Gossip!

Happy Birthday Tabu!!! And thank goodness, a nice lowkey topic for a post. Now that Month of SRK is over, my well of inspiration has suddenly dried up. But Tabu’s always fun.

Tabu! From acting royalty, distantly related to Shabana Azmi. The rare heroine who is popular both in the north and the south. The rarer heroine who has never married. She either is in a relationship with “close friend” and married man Nagarjuna, or was and now is ruined for all men, or is in a lowkey live in thing with a non-famous person we don’t know about. Generally speaking, she is just very very cool. Let us celebrate her coolness on this day!

Here she is, being glam and classy at age 47 a few months back:

Image result for tabu

Here she is as a young woman patiently watching Ajay Devgan sleep and being bored with him.

Image result for tabu

And here she is with her maybe-maybe-not lover Nagarjuna:

Image result for tabu nagarjuna

Here she is with her current common co-star, Irrfan Khan.

Image result for tabu irrfan khan

And finally, here she is playing with Tusshar Kapoor’s son.

Image result for tabu actress baby

Now, songs! What’s great about Tabu is she has that sexy intelligent vibe going for her. Even in just an item song, somehow you are attracted to her mind as much as her body.

And when it’s her and the hero, you kind of want to hear their conversation as much as watch them make out.

Don’t worry, I am also going to let you have an opinion on the Nagarjuna debate. Here they are being steamy.

And here they are being cute.

Tabu being intelligent and interesting, Kunal Kapoor being just plain beautiful.

And here’s one where she is just pretending to sing, and pretending to have a conversation with Mohnish Behl, and they are both being super smart-hot.

Okay, DISCUSS!!!! I want to know:

What IS the deal with Tabu and Nagarjuna? I am not hooked in to southern gossip streams and I NEED to know.

Which is your favorite Tabu song (one included here, or one I forgot)?

Is Tabu’s best chemistry with Irrfan Khan, Nagarjuna, or Suniel Shetty? Or some other person I forgot?


7 thoughts on “It’s Tabu’s Birthday! Let’s Watch Her Songs and Talk Gossip!

  1. You forgot Ajay!!! Granted I didn’t see a lot of their older stuff but I really like their offscreen friendship! And I am of course disappointed that they crossed paths in movies like four times during this entire decade but never got to be properly paired. Also I have heard about Astitva but I didn’t know that Mohnish was in it! Here I was thinking that HSSH was the only time they worked together. Also I think it’s funny how a lot of actresses try to crossover to Hollywood yet Tabu is the one who ended up getting significant roles (okay like only two but she did more than look pretty).


    • Don’t get too excited, Mohnish is only in Astitva for a little little bit. Mostly the film is sadly empty of hot man content. But Tabu is great!

      Agree about Tabu and Ajay, so cute together. I really liked them in De De Pyaar De as old lovers who will always love each other in some ways.

      On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 5:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Tabu’s best chemistry is with Nagarjuna undoubtedly.

    I like many songs of Tabu’s films, only 2 listed above (Ninne Pelladata and Takshak) – will not link all – Coolie No. 1, Kadhal Desam, Biwi No. 1, Kalapani, Aavidaa Maa Aavide, Cheeni Kum, Kandukondain Kandukondain (song with Ajith in desert), Vijaypath.
    However, I will quote 3 songs =
    1. Coolie No. 1, technically her debut.
    First night song where she was sensuous –

    2. Kadhal Desam – one of the early hits of AR Rahman. You can watch this movie.

    3. Vijaypath – This was one of the first Hindi songs I hooked on to on TV –


  3. Ajith + Tabu + ARR = Hotness with brains & creativity

    I met Tabu once about a decade ago. She’s breathtaking in person. Film flattens out her beauty a bit. IRL the subtly unusual combo of her eye color, hair color, and skin color really grabs your notice, but is almost undetectable on film.

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