Valentine’s Week of Sex Thought Post: A Woman’s Virginity, What is it in Indian Film?

Oh boy, a Thought Post! These are the posts where I talk a bit too much to call it a “Discussion Post”, but a bit too little to call it a “101”. It’s just a bunch of thoughts, and then you can leapfrog off of it.

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Friday Classics: Jeet, All the Best Things of the 90s

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!! If you like that kind of thing. If I say that the finale has a woman giving birth in a burning house in the middle of a gunfight, does that make you happy or sad? What if I tell you that they all escape the burning house into a burning car in which there is a high speed chase and explosion while she is STILL giving birth? And it ends at a brothel where prostitutes serve as helpful midwives? Is your response “that is so illogical it makes me angry” or “that is so illogical it makes me happy”?

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DDLJ Part 14: Tea and Conversation

I’m back to DDLJ! ┬áMostly because I have been so busy watching Sultan in theaters (4th time tomorrow) that I haven’t had a chance to watch any other movies at home. ┬áBut DDLJ is always there for me.

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