Sexiest Songs, Rani Alone

For a respectable actress, Rani has done a fair number of songs that show off her sexiness as a solo person. Not item songs exactly, more songs where we are watching her from the perspective of the hero and desiring her.

Obviously, this is the best one. She has never looked sexier. “Aga Bai” Aiyyaa

This is the early baby faced Rani, but I love her casually joy and confidence in the short skirt, plus it’s an all around great song number, “Lal Garara” Badal

Older Rani, and she is SMOKING HOT here. Technically Shahid is on the screen too, but Rani gets plenty of focus. “Hadippa” Dil Bole Hadippa

Such a nice song idea, Rani isn’t being obviously sexy or anything, just charming and smart and young and active, and that alone is super sexy (at least to Viviek). “Chalka Re” Saathiya

The only time Rani did an actual classical sexy dance number, and personally I don’t find it that great (for one thing, I am distracted wondering if they had that tone of pink available in 1857). “Main Vari Vari” Mangal Pandey.

5 thoughts on “Sexiest Songs, Rani Alone

  1. A bit swamped at the moment, but had to come watch Aga Bai again since Prithviraj just tweeted a picture that practically made me pregnant through my computer screen. I recommend if you like a ton of facial hair.


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