2010s Post: Best/Worst Aamir Khan Film Poll Post!

Oh boy! Another actor filmography to list out for the whoooooooooooole decade! And this should be a fun one to pick, because Aamir films tend to be either “I love them” or “I hate them”.

Aamir! More movies this decade than I realized. Mostly big ones, but a few small ones mixed in too. But which is the Best and which is the Worst????

Dhobi Ghat

I have to admit that I haven’t seen this. But I understand it is good! And good on Aamir for taking a smaller supporting role in an art film.

Image result for dhobi ghat poster


Aamir in a psychological thriller about grief, playing a middle-aged cop, and letting his female co-stars shine along with him. Remarkable.

Image result for talaash poster

Dhoom 3

Big, fun, stupid, addictive! And Chicago has never looked better. And Aamir handles a “big superstar” kind of role perfectly.

Image result for dhoom 3 poster


Aamir plays an alien in a film about religion, Sanjay Dutt has a too short but good supporting role, Anushka gets a little lost but is still there a bit, and it certainly looks pretty.

Image result for pk poster


Great soundtrack, really unique kind of story, a sports film about fathers and daughters, and Aamir let his two young female co-stars take the lead.

Image result for dangal poster

Secret Superstar

Aamir has more of an extended cameo than anything here. It’s a nice small film with him playing an amusing small part.

Image result for secret superstar poster

Thugs of Hindostan

Big Film!!! Big Aamir! Big Flop!

Image result for thugs of hindostan poster

Which is Worst?

Which is Best?

I already gave my answers for Salman, so I guess I should give them for Aamir too!

Best: Talaash. I was torn for a second between that and Dangal, but Talaash is just a hair more out there and inventive and poetic

Worst: PK. Again, I was torn between this one and Thugs. But at least Thugs I feel like people had a vision and wanted to make something new, while PK feels like Hirani cashing in on his popularity.

17 thoughts on “2010s Post: Best/Worst Aamir Khan Film Poll Post!

  1. I 100000000% agree on your choices and I had a similar conflict on Talaash vs. Dangal but only for a half second. I agree with Variety on Thugs being a decent popcorn entertainer and while I didn’t love it I wasn’t bored by it either. I’m still bewildered by the hatred for that film. PK is just freakin’ awful except for Sanjay’s bit where he was excellent.


    • Sanjay had to cut filming short on PK because of his jail term, and I have a slight thought that maybe if he had stuck around longer, the film would have been better. But I don’t know if even Sanju could save that disaster.


  2. I have to give Aamir credit, I’ve seen all but one of his films and I didn’t hate any of them. In fact I enjoyed every one. I thought his performance in Talaash was amazing, but again I felt like it was an American film set in India, so for best film I would probably vote for Dangal.


    • Yeah, looking at this list he has had a really good decade! Heck, all the actors I did the decade list for had a really good decade. Only a couple flops/poor quality films. The Khans make good choices!


      • It will sound mean but I’d rather take Aamir in a supporting role than in a lead role. The only time I really like him is when he does something really offbeat like Dhobi Ghat (or Earth way back in the day) or does a supporting role because for once, it’s actually fun to watch him.

        Most of the time, I find his lead roles really boring and flavorless. I end up thinking the movie is fine and yet it would have been more interesting/exciting with another lead actor. Perhaps I’m not giving him enough credit. Maybe he subsumes himself into the movie instead of being the star player so he rarely stands out.

        I like most of Aamir’s recent movies just fine but never really have any desire to rewatch them. They don’t make that kind of impact on me. I’d have to go back to his old movies to find ones that I really love. Nothing lately.


    • I did really like Dhobi Ghat, and I liked the side of Aamir the actor it brought out.

      (Though, Margaret, not giving him big points for taking the role in a small art film since it was his wife’s, and according to her she hadn’t planned on casting him.)


  3. I haven’t seen anything on this list except PK. But I really like it…it’s way more fof the Indian audience I think – my Desi friends born in India universally like it, which surprises me because it skewers religion. I think he already looks like an alien I agree Anushka got lost in it, the character wasn’t written ‘big’ enough to play against the other characters. Sanjay was excellent, and I’m a fan of the song Tharki Chokro, so I will go all rogue and say PK is my fave.


  4. Gahh I can’t chose between Dangal and Talaash. I am going with Dangal because he was cast against a lot of fairly unknown and inexperianced actors and he still let them shine and didn’t make it all about him. Where as Rani, Kareena, Rajkummar can all hold their own against Aamir. Worst is easily PK.

    I also agree with Alisa that I am a little confused with all the vitriol thrown towards Thugs. I watched it the first time by myself and it was fine but then I watched it again with my sister when we were in a very silly mood and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


    • Another Thugs defender! Or at least “it isn’t that bad”er. And also another vote against PK, versus Rachel’s for it.

      You know what’s fascinating about Aamir’s list? On Salman’s, the bad movies are universally agreed to be bad, no question, Race 3 and Tubelight were massive flops and everyone hated them. But with Aamir, even the “bad” ones have defenders.

      On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 8:12 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I’ve always been neutral on Aamir but this decade for me is a bunch of movies that I feel are just “eh”. I did like Dhoom 3 and PK but I don’t think either movie is amazing or anything either.


      • Talaash was good but I don’t think I was in the right mood when I saw it. It’s not one of those movies that enjoyed or found interesting enough to want to watch again.


        • Try watching again when you are in the right mood. I didn’t enjoy it much on the first watch myself, but then I came back to it and loved it.

          On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 9:40 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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