Hrithik Versus Aamir Post

I have a terrible sickness where I can’t let anyone around me be sad. It’s horrible! And it results in me doing silly things like a post specifically designed to cheer up one particular reader.

(reading this over, I have a definite personal preference for Hrithik. But don’t let that sway you!)

Historical Film Hotness

Image result for hrithik roshan gif jodha-akbar"
Image result for aamir khan lagaan gif"

Three Friends on a Road Trip Driving Song

Zoya Akhtar Directing

Image result for hrithik luck by chance gif"
Image result for aamir talaash"

Chemistry with Rani Mukherjee

Image result for hrithik roshan rani mukherje gif"
Image result for aamir khan rani mukherjee gif"

Dhoom Songs

Overly Proud of Themselves Photoshoots

Image result for aamir khan photoshoot"
Image result for hrithik roshan photoshoot"

Child Star Cuteness

Image result for hrithik roshan child star"
Image result for aamir khan child star"

Unfortunate Expensive Historic Epic Mistake

Image result for mangal pandey gif"
Image result for mohenjo daro gif"

Hilarious Sweater Looks

Image result for hrithik roshan sweater"
Image result for aamir khan mustache"

Queer Energy Onscreen

Image result for aamir khan baazi"
Image result for hrithik tiger gif"

Shirtless with Lady

Image result for aamir khan shirtless"
Image result for hrithik roshan shirtless"

Sexy Librarian Look

Image result for hrithik roshan glasses"
Image result for aamir khan glasses"

Recent Big Dumb Fun Film

Image result for thugs of hindostan gif"
Image result for hrithik war gif"

Based on these totally objective measures, which is best?

Also, does ANYONE not start to giggle when looking at this gif?

Image result for mangal pandey gif"

And I won’t go through my choices for all of them but I will go out on a dangerous limb and say Rani-Hrithik > Rani-Aamir. Okay, now throw things at me.

15 thoughts on “Hrithik Versus Aamir Post

  1. 😘😘😘 Thank you! I feel better already. My thoughts, let me give them to you:

    1. Historical Film Hotness: Aamir was at peak hotness in Lagaan, but this is still no contest. Aish agrees with me.

    2. Three Friends on a Road Trip Driving Song: ZNMB. I looooove that song and it’s genuinely touching with Hrithik in the car after kissing Katrina (also, Zoya got him to agree to a closeup of his thumb which is such a cool visual for someone letting go of their idea of how they should move through the world)

    3. Zoya Akhtar Directing: No contest, Aamir takes this. One of his all time best performances.

    4. Chemistry with Rani Mukherjee: Ghulam all the way. Psycho Hrithik in MDK is amusing but not really comparable to Aamir & Rani fighting the mob.

    5. Dhoom Songs: This isn’t fair to Aamir at all 😆

    6. Overly Proud of Themselves Photoshoots: Ditto

    7. Child Star Cuteness: Believe it or not I’m giving this one to Aamir. It’s the ears.

    8. Unfortunate Expensive Historic Epic Mistake: Aamir for pure laughs

    9. Hilarious Sweater Looks: Ditto (that hair!!!!!)

    10. Queer Energy Onscreen: Do I really need to answer this one?

    11. Shirtless with Lady: Aside from Hrithik, Lisa Haydon alone gives that photo the victory

    12. Sexy Librarian Look: Aamir! Hrithik is, er, unconvincing as a smrt person

    13. Recent Big Dumb Fun Film: Do I really need to answer this one (part 2)?

    They pretty much tied on this, what does that say about me?


    • Hey, I did an odd number without realizing it! That was smart of me. Anyway, I tallied you up and you gave Hrithik 7 of them, so you need to send a break-up letter to Aamir know, your love is dead.

      Now I have to do my tally just out of curiosity:

      1. Historic hotness: gonna give this one to Aamir. Hrithik is too buff for me! Plus, pornstache

      2. Three friends driving song: DCH 4 Ever!!!! I watched it in college and it imprinted on me

      3. Hrithik! The quality difference between his usual work and what Zoya brought out in LBC is just so huge. Plus, his performance is almost entirely wordless and internal while Aamir has all those big emotional moments in Talaash.

      4. Psycho Hrithik and Rani, always

      5. Dhoom Songs: If Aamir wanted life to be fair, he shouldn’t have pretended to tap dance

      6. Photoshoots: I think I might give this one to Aamir. At least he is proud of his personality, not his abs

      7. Child Star Cuteness: Always Aamir, those ears make him the clear winner

      8. Epic Historic Mistake: I don’t know, I think I might prefer Mohenjo over Mangal. Epic alligator wrestling over British wrestling, always

      9. Hilarious Sweater Looks: Yes, this was my laptop wallpaper photo for a while. Always Aamir

      10. Queer Energy onscreen: Yeah, definitely Hrithik

      11. Shirtless with Lady: I’m giving it to Aamir, at least he looks a little ashamed of himself

      12. Sexy Librarian Look: But Hrithik is so much sexier! Giving it to him

      13. Big Dumb Film: Yeah, obviously Hrithik for the win

      And I am also almost tied! 6 to Aamir, 7 to Hrithik.

      On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 10:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I will not say anything inappropriate. I will not say anything inappropriate. Okay. I CANNOT stop laughing at the Mangal Panday imagine!!!

    Also, Hrithik all the way!!!! Although, if you add a category of young/newbie Aamir vs. Hrithik, it might be a tie. Aamir is QSQT/ Hum Hai Rahi Pray Ke/Jo Jeeta/Dil/Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi is on par with Hrithik (to me) from Kaho Na Pyar Hai, KKKG, Mission Kashmir, Mujse Dosti Karoge in terms of cuteness in very different ways!


  3. Even though I dislike Aamir I have a deep and unfortunate attraction to him, especially with that idiotic moustache and the hair. It’s an affliction. Hrithik is cute and stupid, I should like him more! Maybe it’s just because Aamit is domineering but adorably pixie sized. Anyway this is why I try to avoid Aamir like I avoid all the Khans.


    • Now I am picturing Aamir texting you to invite you to lunch, and you texting back “no no! I’m sick!” just in case you are overwhelmed and tackle him over the salad. You are right though, he is adorably domineering.


        • It’s the Sarfarosh effect! Smallest man in the room, but smartest man in the room so everyone defers without bluster or bravado on his part. I guess the same in Talaash, until he started losing his mind.

          On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 7:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • No, it’s a quiet dominance which is worse. I’m not even kidding, if he’s the same in real life as he seems (which of course might not be the case at all) he is absolutely the sort of person I’d sleep with and it’s terrible, because he’s terrible and I don’t even particularly like his movies.

          If he invited me to lunch I’d have to make everyone I know stop me from going.


  4. Historical film hotness: Hrithik though Lagaan was probably the only movie Aamir might be considered sexy and not cute
    Road trip movie: Dil Chahta is a much better movie but if we’re rating just on hotness, then obviously Hrithik. That facial hair on Aamir is repulsive.
    Zoya Aktar Directing: Hrithik again easily
    Chemistry with Rani: Definitely Aamir and Rani. Never though Hrithik and Rani had any chemistry
    Dhoom songs: Obviously Hrithik. Poor Aamir. Nobody else would win this anyway.
    Overly Proud Photoshoots: both look gross. Aamir trying to be sexy is never a good idea and these are times I like Hrithik the least
    Child Star cuteness: Hrithik. Just comparing Aamir with Azad and Azad is so much cuter. He’s such a sweet little thing. Maybe he got it from his mom.
    Unfortunate historical mistake: Both are horrible but Mangal Pandey is still watchable. When Hrithik’s movies are bad, they are sooooo bad.
    Hilarious sweater looks: Both look horrible again but this is not the worst. You missed out on those belly sweaters Hrithik used to wear. He was so proud of it that he used to give interviews about how he bought sweaters and then cut off the bottom so they would be really short. 👀 Then he would parade around showing his navel.
    Queer energy: Aamir makes a cute girl but Hrithik wins this. It’s good that War did it deliberately because Hrithik gives off that vibe in many movies, not just War. Maybe it’s because of the way the camera lusts after him. He never seems that straight.
    Shirtless with lady: Neither. These are too try-hard for my taste. Hrithik always looks more in love with himself than any woman. And Aamir is not sexy at all and I really dislike the concept of a woman at his feet. Just no.
    Sexy Librarian: Neither. Hrithik looks like a himbo librarian, like he’s playing dress-up in the bedroom and not an actual librarian. And Aamir looks like an uncle type here.
    Big Dumb film: Sue me but I didn’t enjoy War at all. But Thugs was 10 times worse. So I’ll go with War.
    So overall, Hrithik is hotter but it was an unfair comparison. Poor Aamir, this is the wrong category for him.


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