All the Awards Poll Posts! Vote Before I Start Tallying!

The 15th seems like a good time to stop putting up new posts, right? So here is the full list of all the posts, scroll through and make sure you have voted in every category you care about. Or even categories you don’t really care about!

2010s End of the Decade Posts

Worst/Best Wigs of the Decade

Favorite Movies of the Decade

Film of the Decade (Bahubali, yes or no?)

Song of the Decade (Sheila Ki Jawani, yes or no?)

Favorite Songs of the Decade

Best/Favorite Shahrukh Film of the Decade

Best/Worst Rani Mukherjee Film of the Decade

Best/Worst Aamir Khan Film of the Decade

Best/Worst Salman Khan Film of the Decade

Best Zoya Akhtar Product of the Decade

Hottest Old Man of the Decade

Best Hrithik Song of the Decade

Worst Ranbir Kapoor Film of the 2010s

Happiest 10 Photos of the Past Decade

Best Farah Khan Song of the Past Decade

Film of the 2010s that Most Should Be a Lesbian Romance

Best Irrfan Khan Romance of the Decade

Worst Hindi Movie Title of the Decade

Best AR Rahman Song of the Decade

Happiest Sonam Kapoor Film of the Decade

Biggest Celebrity Story of the 2010s

Little Known Movie You Recommend from the 2010s

Worst Akshay Kumar Film of the Decade

Best Rom-Com Year of the 2010s

2019 Awards Posts

Song of the Year

Humblest Leading Man of 2019

Best Choice for Foreign Film Oscar Nominee of 2019

Worst Trailer of 2019

Worst Title of 2019

Best Love Song of 2019

Most Important Resolution for 2020 for Hindi Film

Best Fictional Couple of 2019

Most Redefining of Traditional Masculinity Movie of 2019

Best/Worst FilmFare Photo of 2019

Most Underserved Female Character of 2019

Gayest Movie of 2019

Most Groundbreaking Female Character Who Isn’t Promoted as Groundbreaking of 2019

Biggest Disappointment of 2019

Nicest Surprise of 2019

What Made Us Happiest in 2019

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