Another Terrible Trailer! For Love Aaj Kal 2 This Time

What has happened to the trialer makers of Hindi film???? Have they all been kidnapped and their incompetent teenage children are trying to take over? Was there some horrible brain weapon that wiped their memories? Or did they go on strike and instead Hindi filmmakers have to use slave labor from some country that doesn’t even speak Hindi?

How is this terrible, let me count the ways! First, both the leads are just horribly unpleasant unlikable people. There is a character development flip where you take an expected situation and have your characters act in an unexpected manner, which intrigues the audience, followed by revealing the underlying reason they acted so strangely which makes the audience sympathetic. But you can’t just do the “unexpected manner” part! That makes them look weird and robotic and unpleasant. Have the girl yell at the guy, and then show her crying to herself so the audience fills in “ah, she was acting strangely because she feels feelings deeply”. You know?

Second, everything looks weird. I think there is probably a concept of the two eras having a different sort of visual tone, like color correction tone. But flipping quickly back and forth between them without letting the audience settle in is not a good way to show that, it just makes everything funny looking. Especially the characters, their skin tone even is just off in both eras.

Third, we don’t get nearly enough plot. That’s really an Imtiaz Ali issue, he doesn’t like plot. So this movie probably doesn’t have any, probably the conflicts really do boil down to “I love you but I want a career also” and nothing else. But it is the job of the trailer maker to create plot in that case, make us feel like something is happening even when nothing is.

The end result is that we have a movie that looks weird, and seems to be about two very unpleasant people moaning and groaning over problems that aren’t really problems. Why would I want to watch that?

Oh, and also, all the songs are remixes from the original which JUST came out 10 years ago so it’s not like we have had time to get tired of those songs and be interested in a remix, they end up just feeling old and dated instead of nostalgic.

In summary, I hate this trailer but haven’t necessarily given up on the movie. If Imtiaz manages to make no plot feel like plot, and if the characters are more than the random stuff shown here, and there are actual original songs, and the visuals slow better in context, it could be create. That’s a lot of “ifs”, but it is Imtiaz after all. The trailers for JHMS felt like a totally different movie than what we ended up getting (weird sex farce with heavily edited songs is what the trailers looked like) just because his films are so hard to capture in trailer form. This could end up being a totally different movie than the trailer implies.

16 thoughts on “Another Terrible Trailer! For Love Aaj Kal 2 This Time

  1. If I remember correctly, the original was in fact two completely different stories. An older Rishi is telling a young Saif his life’s story about lost love and that is mixed with Saifs current love story where he is missing the boat on the woman he loves. If this is that story, you would never know it. Did you see Saif’s answer in an interview about it? Find it: he said, “I wish them the very best. I liked mine better.” I’m positing that he didn’t want her to do this and that he doesn’t interfer with her choices.

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    • Yep. And in the original, Saif plays in both eras but the heroine is different, while the couple is the same in both eras in this one. The original also had a similar no-conflict kind of conflict in the modern era, that was the point, unlike in the past when love was instant and overcame great difficulties, today couples break up and make up over nothing. Probably the same point in this movie, the look and everything is just not as good.


  2. I swear I have been very positive about this movie since I saw the poster. I like Imitaz Ali and I need a good romance so badly! But after seeing this trailer my first thoughts were:

    I find the trailer confusing, too long and lacking of heart. I do liked the part ” I want all of you” but all the rest is boring. And why Karthik plays two roles and Sara only one?


    • Did not even realize that wasn’t Sara in the past! It was the same in the original and it was kind of weird there too. I guess it sort of made sense since in the original Rishi was telling his story to Saif, not to Saif and Dips. So, like, Saif was imagining himself as the hero. Or Rishi was imagining himself in the past as Saif since he said Saif reminded him of himself. Maybe same idea here? Karthik will have some old man tell him his story and it will make him picture it as himself?

      And yes! The trailer is confusing, and lacks heart. That “I want all of you” moment was the only one that really landed for me because for once they let there be real emotion between them and a conflict we can kind of understand, the rest of it was just off-putting and confusing.


  3. The promo is getting horrible comments even on youtube which is extremely rare. The only time I can remember that happening is Race 3.
    Why has Imtiaz made a remake of his own movie from only 10 years ago? And it even has the same songs!! Sara is a pathetic actress. Some of her scenes look like readymade memes.


    • Really? You are ready to write her off from this? She was great in both Kedarnath and Simmba i thought, and to me she and Karthik look equally bad here. Since i have also been very impressed with Karthik in the past, i am going to blame the director or trailer editor, not the actors.


      • I don’t like either Kartik or Sara normally but she is beyond bad here. Imtiaz has truly lost it if he thinks any of this looks good.
        Putting aside the acting, WHY was this film made at all? Why was a remake necessary? It’s not like the first one was that good either. They’re even cashing in with the same songs. Who on earth thought this was a good idea?


        • I was ready to give it a chance and hope it was a new twist on the same idea. Like, what if the main love story was in the past this time and the present day couple is the one getting the short end of the stick. Or what if this time it is the past that is wild and free and the present that is romantic and poetic. But no, it is the exact same theme done a second time. Why?


          • Or if the couple doesn’t end up together and instead chooses their own personal happiness. Which we know is never going to happen.


  4. Oh boy. I was shocked by how bad the trailer is. First of all, the name of the movie is the exact same? I thought they’d at least add a “2” or something.
    Secondly, just like you said, it’s very hard to grasp what the story will be aside from poor acting and whining about non problems.
    Third, the fact that this uses the originals songs is hilarious. So there is not a shred of originality it seems? I find a remake of a film that is hardly 10 years old and still seems fresh, pointless.
    Lastly, the acting looks awful but generally it feels like Imtiaz Ali is throwing this movie together at breakneck speed without a really story, with poor performances and recycles music. They just announced the existence of this film a few months ago right? And they want to to come out on Valentine’s Day, hardly a month from now. I guess to capitalize on Sara and Karthiks popularity asap? I’m so confused!
    I hate Kartik generally and am not sure about Sara but boy does she stink in this promo. The scene where she’s super emotional looks so bad…I won’t be bothering w this one


    • The funny thing is that in spite of whatever hype they’re trying to create with Kartik and Sara, they really don’t have any chemistry. Kissing scenes don’t automatically mean you have chemistry!

      I just don’t get the point of this movie. For the 1990 story, they are justifying stalking?? Apparently since it was the olden times, they will value love and will be shy about a peck on the lips. For the 2020 story, career matters more and they have sex all the time. Okay. Maybe 10 years ago, that seemed new and different but now nobody cares about kissing scenes or expects people not to worry about their careers. It’s the normal and expected thing. Who cares? What boundary is this film pushing? If they really wanted to do a love aaj kal story, the 2020 one should have been a gay couple or at least an interracial one to show that love is the same in every era when it really comes down to it. Instead it will be that today’s couples worry about their careers but in the end choose love, just like the 10-year old original movie. So pointless.

      This film looks bad even if you excuse the horrible acting and remix songs. This a remake that is totally unjustified.


  5. As I’m not a ‘trailer person’ (I rarely watch the trailer of a movie I know I’m interested in) I did not and will not watch this one – especially as the working title has become the movie title. I remember that I hadn’t a good feeling when the movie title of JHMS came out…and this one is even more referencing to a former Imtiaz movie.
    However, I read the comments of those who have watched the trailer and it – I admit – saddens me that apparently, it stirs more negativity than positivity.
    Apart from Rockstar, I could relate to the psychological and philosphical side of Imtiaz’ films and knowing about his theatre background, his inclination for play-like plots and his affection for Rumi’s thoughts I still have hopes for his new movie. Yet I fear that the flack he got for JHMS did affect him a lot.


    • I don’t know, I thought he was as nice as he could be. And also, they seem to have a “honesty is what keeps this relationship working” kind of recovering dysfunctional family vibe. So HA Saif trying to be nice! And also, HA picturing Sara calling him up and yelling at him and then him yelling at her, and the making peace again.

      On Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 9:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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