News Round-Up: All Actresses!!! Kangana Contracts, Alia Dances, Patralekha and Sara Sign

Always so much news on Saturday!  Which is nice, because it is easy to write these posts and then I don’t have to think of anything new.

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Saturday Small Talk: Let’s Chat the Weekend Away!

Happy Saturday!  I am pre-scheduling this because I am going to sleep in!  And then go see Soorma.  And then take a nap.  The perfect day.

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News Round-Up: Ajay Reaps Rewards, Varun Averts Violence, Sara Signs Second

Nothing super interesting to discuss today, but some little bits of things to throw out there for all of us to chew on (now I am imagining myself as a zookeeper throwing news meat to my pack of lion-commentators to fight over and masticate down to nothing).

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