Birthday Face Off! Sushant Singh Rajput Versus Tovino Thomas

What an auspicious day, two hot rising stars born at once! But the question is, which one is better?

Gonna start with videos and move on to photos, so skip to the end if you are in a no-video-playing situation.


Sex scene song

Hiding his feelings for the heroine song

Gym candid

Image result for sushant singh rajput shirtless"
Image result for tovino gym"

With Small Girl Child

Image result for tovino baby"
Image result for sushant singh rajput baby"

With Beard

Image result for sushant singh rajput beard"
Image result for tovino beard"

Trying to Look Smart

Image result for sushant singh rajput glasses"
Image result for tovino glasses"

With real life love interest

Image result for sushant singh rajput"
Image result for tovino wife"

In a Comic Book T-Shirt

Image result for sushant singh rajput t-shirt"
Image result for tovino thomas"

Okay, what’s your choice? Who is the top Birthday Boy?


7 thoughts on “Birthday Face Off! Sushant Singh Rajput Versus Tovino Thomas

  1. So I have never seen a Tovino film, but based on the clips, Tovino can’t dance, so 1 for Shushant. They both do a good love scene so they both get a point for that. The hiding feelings isn’t really fair because Tovino’s video was so much cuter, the bus scenes with the other kinda random dude making fun of them, just adorable. So another point for Tovino. Gym candid, Shushant wins, hands down. Small child, the baby is fleeing Shushant while the toddler is tackling Tovino, so yeah Tovino gets that one. Beard = Shushant. Trying to look smart, well Shushant looks like he is really really trying and therefore Tovino wins. Real life love interest, well one is dating a model and the other one has a family, OF COURSE the family wins, another point for Tovino. Comic book t-shirt, Tovino. So 4 points for Sushant and 6 for Tovino, maybe I should see a Tovino film.


    • As you can probably guess, the toddler is Tovino’s daughter and has been “I am going to die from the cuteness” level cute since birth. I decided not to use this photo because I have used it way way to many times, but she is SO TINY!!!

      The other baby is Dhoni’s daughter, Sushant was working on his biopic and met his family. Thus her attitude of “you’re not my Daddy! Who are you? Go away!”

      And I concur with Angie, watch Godha! It’s so great.


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