Kavita Krishnamurthy Day! What Is Your Favorite KK Song?

Kavita was really REALLY big for about ten years. And then not. So you may not be aware of her now, but I bet you still know a lot of her songs.

Kavita is 61, and started her career as a playback singer back in the 70s a teenager. She worked off and on, in all the language industries, and did a little dubbing too. Finally, in the 90s, she broke through and was the bestest and brightest and most in demand EVER. She got married in 1999 and started getting really picky and experimental and stuff with her singing, which means we shallow Hindi film fans kind of forgot about her again. Anyway, her birthday is today! And I am going to remember all her great songs! Or, some selected great songs, because she has soooooooooooooo many.

“Hawa Hawai”

“Jumma Chumma”

“Pyar Hua Chupke Se”

“Tu Cheez Badi Hain Mast Mast”

“Tu Hi Re” (Hindi)

“Sanson Ke Mala”

“Neend Churiye Meri”

“Duniye Main Aaye Ho”

“Satarangi Re”

“Ek Shararat Hone Ko Hai”

“Saajanji Ghar Aaye”

“Nimbooda Nimbooda”

“Maiyya Yashoda”

“Ishq Bina”

“Kay Sera Sera”

“Maar Dala”

“Rehne Hai Tere dil Mein”

“Love Story”

“Acchi Lagte Ho”

Okay, those are all my favorite Kavita songs! Tell me yours! Or, cheat a bit and follow this link to see the full list of her songs and pick the ones you like!

13 thoughts on “Kavita Krishnamurthy Day! What Is Your Favorite KK Song?

  1. Kay Sera is a great one! I usually find her voice way too high pitched but this one is a fun song at a lower octave which has her sounding great.
    My other fave is Hamesha Tumko Chaha from Devdas. She’s super high pitcher here as usual but the song is so heartbreakingly beautiful and you feel the pain through her voice. Paired with a stunning Aish and SRK in the movie, it’s pure magic 🌟!


    • I gave myself a rule that I could only pick one song for each movie and it was REALLY HARD with Devdas. Maar Dala is more of a show piece for her voice so I went with that, but I love Hamesha Tumko more. I don’t even like the movie (like, at all), but Hamesha is just the perfect combination of lyric and melody and singing to evoke a mood.


    • I knew you would be there for the Govinda songs! Looking at her filmography, she was clearly the b-level funky songs singer for a really long time so I was counting on you to know which of those b-level funky songs was good.

      On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 3:17 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I find her really fun and expressive, so she’s a good match for the weirder songs and duets. The Maharaja song I mean is this which I also love despite the horrendous 90s synths:

        I’d never have thought Govinda would be a good for a whimsical semi-magical character with a strong connection to nature, but there we are.


  2. Kavita is my favorite playback singer, so this is very difficult for me, but I’m going to go with Tu Hi Re as my favorite song of hers. It’s hauntingly beautiful and I’m not sure I could ever tire of hearing it. The runner-ups for me were Maar Dala (Madhuri & Kavita-killer combo!), Bin Tere Sanam and Mera Piya Ghar Aaya (Madhuri & Kavita once again)!


  3. Like someone mentioned above in comments, I too felt she’s high pitched for Hindi songs – would have become a hit in Telugu, if she is singing actively in new millennium (Until 90s, Suseela, Janaki and Chitra ruled – the likes of Sunidhi could get in only in 2000s).
    Still, I like some of her songs like Maar Dala and Kay (Qu?) Sara


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