Albie Dog Went to the Vet!

I know you are all interested. Who wouldn’t be? It’s a little doggie with a broken tail and ears that are too big going to the Vet. The picture book writes itself.

Albie Dog went to the vet! And I confirmed what I had suspected, even if he wants to put his tail between his legs, he can’t. Because it’s broken and will always turn up. See? While being miserable and shaking on the table, the way it still turns up at the end?

Anyway, the vet poked and proded and gave him all kinds of shots (rabies free until 2023!), and then fiddled with his knee and said “huh”. Turns out, Albie Dog has a trick knee, or a “floating patella”. I am just going to assume it’s from his football player past. But it also answers the mystery of why he has a cute little bald patch on one knee! It hurts sometimes, so he licks the hair off. It’s not a totally bald patch, just a little dot of slightly pinker looking fur.

The floating knee was fun, but then today I got a call that he doesn’t just have a floating knee, he also has intestinal parasites! How fun is that! It’s almost like Albie Dog has been eating random trash on the sidewalk, but surely not. What kind of a dog would eat random trash? Anyway, my favorite part is that the pills are shaped like little milkbones. Like the dog wouldn’t chew them if they weren’t bone shaped. I really don’t think dogs are that picky, especially the kind of dogs that eat things that give them intestinal parasites.

Anyway, I think he is ashamed of himself for all of this, don’t you? The bad knee, the gross eating habits, and so on? He looks ashamed. Or, he just looks like a dog. Hard to tell.

6 thoughts on “Albie Dog Went to the Vet!

    • The intestinal parasites are on the way out, but I think the garbage habit might be here to stay. Oh dogs.

      On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 12:46 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Mmmhhh, I don’t feel that he looks “ashamed”…’cool’ is coming to my mind…as in the sense of “I’m a dog…what do you expect???…I’m what I am…but I love you, my dear mistress…it’s so nice that you’re concerned like that…and give me a PUBLIC …see??? they look at me…hellooooo 🙂 “


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