Upcoming Sunday Reviews! Swades, Maine Pyar Kiya, Baaghi (2016)!

I’m doing Ramesh Sippy movies for two weeks, which hopefully will get some of you to watch them so I can have someone to talk to about things, but in between I am also throwing in random Sunday Reviews.

Sunday 2/16: Swades (Netflix)

My personal favorite Ashutosh Gowariker movie, review reposted in honor of his birthday on 2/15. Watch Shahrukh be a dead sexy scientist in button shirts, and join the debate I have just started about whether or not he and the heroine have sex.

Sunday 2/23: Maine Pyar Kiya (Prime)

For Bhagyashree’s birthday! Watch Salman at his sexiest, Mohnish Behl at his normal sexy level, and Bhagyashree’s AMAZING HAIR.

Sunday 3/1: Baaghi (2016)

For Tiger Shroff’s birthday! Watch the movie that first made him an action star, a cheap rip off of Varsham and the Korean Raid. With hot dudes, fun songs, gorgeous Kerala scenery, and a silly plot, what’s not to love?

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