Travel Day! Reruns Straight Through!

I hope you enjoy a new rerun every hour!  Because that is what you are getting today!  I am going to enjoy all the niceness of sitting in an airport and reading a book for fun and ignore my blogging.  But first, I will summarize my day for you so you can picture it, and know why I’m not responding to your comments.

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Hindi Film 101: Top Box Office Hits 1986-2000

And now we reach the era that the majority of us are actually aware of!  Yaaaaay!  Which is also why this is the shortest post, because I didn’t feel the need to give nearly as much background.  Feel free to take off in the comments with your on details for these films, if you want.

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Watch a Movie With Me One Week From RIGHT NOW (No, this isn’t an April Fool)!!! #MPK

If you are a regular reader, you should already know about this.  But just in case you missed one of the earlier posts, or just started following me today, An Announcement!  We are planning a twitter watchalong in exactly one week from now, 7pm Chicago time Saturday the 8th, of Maine Pyar Kiya.  You can join in or following along using the hashtag #MPK.

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Watch a Movie With Me on Twitter! Maine Pyar Kiya, Evening of April 8/Morning of April 9 (depending on where you are)

I put up a post a week ago asking for votes on dates and films, and the winner is April 8/9 and Maine Pyar Kiya!  Well, the qualified winner.  There were a lot of split votes, Mann kind of tied with Maine Pyar Kiya.  But Mann is apparently completely unavailable in Australia, so Maine Pyar Kiya it is!

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Happy Birthday Salman! Best Performances!

Again, these are the best performances of those I have seen. Just like the last post was the best hair from the looks I knew.  I haven’t actually seen every Salman film.  But I have seen a lot of them!  And of the ones I have seen, these are my top 5 performances.

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Happy Salman Birthday Week! Best Hair!

It had to start late, because I didn’t want him to share with Aamir.  But now the decks are cleared, Dangal is out, so I can focus on the birthday boy!  I’ll be repurposing my 50 reasons to love him post from last year, updating and polishing and of course adding a reason 51.  But I also wanted to post a couple of bonus “best of” posts.  I haven’t seen everything he’s done, so this is just “best of” what I have seen, not all time.  Feel free to mention anything I might have missed in the comments!

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Happy Birthday Lataji!!! (How are there so many birthdays in 2 days!!!)

I just finished my three part Yash Chopra post, and then Ranbir Kapoor pops up, and now Lata!  Gah!  Stop being born, people!  Anyway, Lata will have to be content with 16 reasons I love her for the 16 notes in the Indian scale.  I’m not doing another 80+ after I just did it for Yashji.

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Opportunity to vote for Kuch Kuch!

Or whatever, but let’s not kid ourselves, it should be Kuch Kuch.  It should always be Kuch Kuch.

Anyway, rediff has a poll as part of their week long Salman birthday coverage where you can vote for his best movie.  I don’t know if I would really call Kuch Kuch Hota Hai a Salman movie, but they included it, so now I must vote for it!

You can vote here. (Maine Pyar Kiya and Bajrangi Bhaijaan are currently battling for number 1)