Biggest Question of FilmFare Awards 2020: Who Wore the Most Comfortable Outfit????

Okay, I’m home, I’m feeling better, I am ready to do a FilmFare post I actually want to do. CLOTHES!

My office has a nice leggings-yoga pants kind of dress code that I have been taking advantage of all winter. Today, like a FOOL, I decided to wear actual pants. Actual pants are the WORST! Now that I am finally home and reunited with my lovely two sizes too big sweatpants, I am ready to consider the most important question of FilmFare coverage, Who Wore It Comfiest????

Mouni Roy, NO! Fitted waist and hips is death

Mouni Roy

Pooja Hegde, I like it, looks nice and knit, and there is a nude panel so she doesn’t even have to use boob tape. Plus simple hair and no jewelry, definite comfy contender.

Pooja Hegde

Siddhant, NO! Fitted pants? Plus narrow shoulder jacket? No one needs that for a 6 hour event.

Siddhanth Chaturvedi

Vaani! Not only a sari draped in such away that you can’t move, but also I think the bodice isn’t quite fitted right. Worst of all, those little spanglies are probably super rough on the skin. Just all around NO.

Vaani Kapoor

Oh Southern Harsh! How did you manage to combine unbelievable unattractiveness, with super discomfort? One or the other I can see, but why both?

Harshvardhan Rane

I really like Radhike’s look. Nice, simple, pleasant, and loose and comfy for a long seated evening. Giving Pooja Hegde a run for her money in the comfy race!

Manish Malhotra

Now on the one hand, that bodice is incredibly fitted and she always has to do deep breaths to keep it up. On the other hand, she could be wearing sweatpants under that skirt and no one would know.

Urvashi Rautela

Madhuri looks good, but boy is that uncomfortable looking! There’s probably a whole infrastructure underneath it too. Blech, not for me.

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Now, Kartik Aaryan knows how to dress for comfort! Not so much taste, but you can’t have everything. Look at that soft silk shirt, loose jacket, sneakers, and nice saggy pants.

Kartik Aaryan

Ananya Panday, not comfy! You know that waist is digging into her all night, plus that top/sleeve combo is the kind of thing you have to hike up every 30 seconds. And if the theater had air conditioning, she is going to be shivering all night. Oh honey! Put on a sweater!

Ananya Panday

Cute Sunny Sing, nice basic suit. Not terribly comfy, but not terribly not comfy either.

Ugh, PRANUTAN! She should have borrowed one of her grandma’s many MANY FilmFare dresses. Maybe she did? It would explain why it is about 6 inches too long for her. How is this both too tight and too loose at the same time? And with the sheer skirt, she is going to have to keep those knees tight together all night.

Saiee Manjraker, I don’t understand your dress. There’s a hard fitted bodice, then a weird band of fabric over the shoulders, random tucks at the waist, and a slit that is too high. So, you have to let your top half be trapped in clothing jail, an then your legs have to be carrelled all the time so they don’t escape. Not great.

Ranveer? What? How? I don’t….WHAT? And it’s not comfy either! Can he even bend his knees in those pants?

Alia, I love this!!!!! So drapey and interesting, but also looks like it will hold up well all night. Nice loose over the tummy, full coverage on the legs, of the a/c is too high you can just wrap your drape around yourself. Plus simple hair and no jewelry. Love it! Oh, and it’s my favorite colors, which have nothing to do with anything, I just like yellow/orange/coral.

Is Varun legitimately unable to button that button? Also, what do we call the thing around his neck?

Sanya, NO! This is weird, and unflattering, and probably uncomfortable too. I think it’s two pieces with a scarf-y thing over it. Makes her look super stumpy and tiny, and the bodice looks like it is fitted enough to be uncomfortable but not so much she doesn’t have to yank on it. The skirt could be okay, but the slit is too high and it’s too long. She’s gonna trip on that, get tangled in the scarf trying to stand up, and then her top will slide down while she struggles. All around disaster.

Taapsee, in the same look as Madhuri but slightly softer knitted fabric I think. On the other hand, big pokey shoulder thing, and way too heavy earrings. And the kind of eye make-up that just makes you feel itchy all night until you finally rub your eyes, and then it smears and everything is ruined.

Bhumi! Comfy!!! Except I bet there is something hard and tough under all that fabric along the top to keep it up. And it looks like she has to stand really weird to make her leg pop in the slit. I bet this looked way better in motion, and felt better too.

And finally, Ranvir Shorey! For the ultimately in comfortable facial hair.

Okay, my finalists for comfiest look!

Pooja Hegde

Pooja Hegde

Radhike Apte

Manish Malhotra

Alia Bhatt

And for least comfortable:

Taapsee Pannu

Or Ananya Panday?

Ananya Panday

15 thoughts on “Biggest Question of FilmFare Awards 2020: Who Wore the Most Comfortable Outfit????

  1. I agree with you on least comfortable, but I’m adding Vaani because I don’t think I could ever manage in a sari. It would be impossible to pee, and I have this weird thing where I get anxious if I don’t have easy access to a bathroom. TMI but yeah.
    Alia for most comfortable. Also she looks the best except for her slicked hair, I always hate that look.
    And I’m so glad I made the decision for my teacher pants to be a more bootleg look, so they’re wider at the ankle and I don’t usually hate wearing them.


    • Vaani does look pretty miserable. Now I am thinking about peeing! I wonder how Taapsee’s dress works? And I am assuming Madhuri would have to fully unzip, and undo all kinds of inner workings first. At least Ananya can probably pee easily, just needs to lift the skirt.

      On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 7:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Think of saree as a heavy skirt. You just hike it up and do your business. Is that TMI too? But Vaani’s saree sure looks uncomfortable. How is she doing that v thing at the waist?


  2. Have to agree with Courtney on Vaani as least comfortable, I’d give her the tie with Pranutan. Vaani’s dress has the extra layers to get tangled up in, but Pranutan’s looks impossible to walk or sit down (or pee!) in. Maybe you just find a spot and artfully lean?

    I like Taapsee’s dress. Can’t find an image of her walking, so the jury is still out on the skirt, but the shoulder wing ruffle doesn’t look too stiff, and the bodice looks structured but well fitted and no risk of indecent exposure. The extra butterfly skirt is pretty and so light it doesn’t seem like it would get in the way. Have to agree on the earrings, though, those make me since to imagine. Eye makeup, eh, it would make me cry and go all streaky but you gotta figure actors have to be used to heavy makeup.

    Agree on Alia looking beautiful – also very mature, right? But have to go with Radhike for most comfortable. She and Pooja are the only women not wearing strapless or off the shoulder tops that require a lot of pushing up armature to keep them in place, and of the two Radhike’s looks more forgiving.


    • What I really love about Radhike is that she posed with Manish Malhotra, not clear on if they arrived together or not. Anyway, here is India’s high fashion tight clothes king, posing with super sloachy comfy Radhike.

      Now that I look at it again, I totally want Radhike’s dress in cotton for next summer just to wear everyday. Don’t you?

      On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 9:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Aren’t red carpet dresses supposed to be uncomfortable,making us question the rules of physics & biology?Long back when I was getting my eyebrows plucked for the first time & screaming ,the lady at the parlor told me something to the effect of- ‘honey,if u want to look good,you have to grin & bear it’. I can’t imagine Ananya being comfortable with her sleeve being lower than her armpit and freezing in A/C the color & those sleeves will get the attention as the new IT girl rt?


    • I guess Ananya is getting attention, but Bhumi is getting attention too and she could lift her arms over her heads. I think I would rather go for “land on the spectacular worst dressed list but be comfortable” versus “land on the It girl hottest dressed list but not be able to move”.

      On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 9:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Ananya’s outfit is just a strapless bra-top with *unattached* arm sleeve-lets. Thre appearance of a straitjacket-like top half is just an optical illusion resulting from the particular camera angle, lighting, shadow, and reflection. I wouldn’t worry about A/C at these events… the plethora of pit stains we’ve seen over the years suggests that the A/C isn’t cranked up very high. I really love her skirt! Age appropriate, fresh color, youthful, refreshingly lacks a slit. Given her lean frame, she’s not cinching at the waist. In fact she looks very comfortable. I would just lose the fake sleeves and add a chunni or lehnga-style vest or something.

    Vaani also isn’t as uncomfortable as you think. That appears to be a “prestitched” saree. Which means that it’s basically a skirt with a piece of trailing fabric to throw over your shoulder, all made to look like a saree. It used to be that these were only made for small children, but nowadays adults wear them too. It’s very convenient with less cooperative fabrics to have the saree prestitched because then all the pleats, the shape, and the fit, all stay in place throughout the night without readjustment. Her bra-top fits fine too, it’s just that she’s standing with her saree-paloo-carrying shoulder perched higher than her other shoulder, giving the impression then that her bra top is askew. Remember that the paloo is being pinned to a bra strap instead of a saree blouse. It looks like her assistant didn’t pin the paloo quite taut/tight enough for the look they were trying to achieve, so vaani is compensating by hiking her shoulder to achieve the effect. An easy fix which I’m sure was addressed directly after the photo.

    Saanya also is in “something” prestiched, fully or partially, so again not as uncomfortable as one might think.

    Most comfortable & appropriately dressed is pooja hegde. Radhika is comfortable but too casually dressed for the occasion. Maybe this is her “I’m not up for an award tonight” look. Honorable mention to Alia. Bhoomi, Tapsee. Tapsee would be my favorite if not for the butterfly on her shoulder. Lose the butterfly keep the earrings would be my vote.

    None of the men’s outfits look comfortable. Not even karthik – baggy clothes shift around a lot and need frequent readjusting. But ranvir shorey looks like he’s the most confident in his clothes, like “no worries, this is how i always dress”.


    • I’m still puzzling over Ananya’s outfit. Like you, I like the skirt. And the colors are good. But somehow that top just makes it feel cheap. Not “cheap” like “sex” but “cheap” like “thing you would buy off the rack”. Maybe same top, no sleeve things, and instead a tuxedo jacket? Or just the same top, no sleeves, but going all the way down to the waist?

      Even if Vaani’s sari is pre-stitched, I still don’t like it. Just as a skirt, it is tight and you can’t move in it still. Something else a co-worker pointed out is the boring color. That same outfit, but in bright red, or blue, or yellow, or green, or ANYTHING, would really pop. But in the nude, it just doesn’t shine.

      I still hate Saanya’s look, again it feels cheap to me. Not as fitted as I would expect for this event, and the cut and color are super unflattering on her. For the Dangal promotions she tended towards these sort of 1950s style party dresses, big skirts that were a little below the knee and fitted tops, and that looked great on her frame.

      So glad you also like Pooja!

      With Taapsee, I would go the other way around, keep the butterfly on the shoulder, make the dress otherwise entirely black and white, and no earrings. So it is this dramatic black and white sleep look one one pop of color.

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 10:50 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Pooja’s looks comfortable, but the slit might be so high she has to watch where she puts her legs all night. Alia’s LOOKS comfortable, and it is gorgeous, but it seems like a strapless top would actually be pretty uncomfortable. At the very least you’d have a red mark all around your upper chest. Also, you’d have to futz with the train all night. Radhike’s I think looks most comfortable and beautiful and unique. Ananya’s looks most uncomfortable from the waist up. Same strapless issues, plus I personally hate when my stomach gets cold.


    • First, I think we can agree that Alia is doing much better all around than she was last FilmFare. Talk about an uncomfortable top!

      Ananya’s top must be even tighter than Alia’s to stay up with no waist support. Just not good.

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 3:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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