TGIF: Inspired By Suhana, Best/Worst Magazine Covers

Kind of surprised I haven’t done this already.  Oh well, we are here now!  I don’t promise a comprehensive overview, but I am going to pick out the most strikingly different covers I can find.

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Hindi Film 101: Media from Prithviraj Kapoor to Shahrukh Khan, Newspapers to Websites

Sonam’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to discuss the changes of old media and new media and blah blah blah to how the Hindi film industry operates!  And, hopefully, how it will start operating in a new way.  I’ll get to Sonam in the next bit, but first I have to back up and deal with celebrity culture in general, and how the media works with it.

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TGIF: FilmFare! Who Wore it Best Which Year? Madhuri versus Madhuri, Dia versus Dia, Sonam versus Sonam, Rekha versus Rekha, Shahrukh versus Shahrukh, and Ranveer versus Ranveer

In our discussion on this year’s FilmFare post, we ended up linking back to previous years for reference, which made me think of a TGIF theme!  Why not put up photos from previous years and have people compete with themselves? (index of all TGIF posts here)

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FilmFare Winners! What Does It All Mean?

Well, the FilmFare Awards happened.  We didn’t get to see it because, unlike the Oscar producers, the FilmFare people are too smart to do a live broadcast.  We’ll get to see a version that is edited down to just the good bits on whatever channel buys the satellite rights.  Which also changes a bit who might be winning these awards.

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FilmFare Awards! Who was there, what did they do, and what does it all mean?

FilmFare was finally broadcast!  Which means it is finally available on certain not-necessarily-legal locations on the internet!  At least until all the copyright holders find it and descend.  But just in case you miss the magical illegal window, here are the big things I noticed:

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Filmfare Nominations-My Predictions (Spoiler: No Shahrukh!)

So, everyone calls the FilmFares “India’s Oscars.”  But they’re not, really.  They are awards given by a filmi magazine to people who they want to feature in their magazine, or otherwise make nice with.  And they are given to people who still care about being featured in a filmi magazine and will show up to the awards ceremony.  So it is a popularity/power contest on one hand, and a test of your commitment to nurturing your career on the other.

Which is why I am hoping I can actually predict at least one winner!  (Last year, I won a “special” award from my class as the only person who managed to predict every single Oscar category wrong.  I am terrible with Hollywood, except in very certain areas.  But maybe the FilmFare’s will be my game!)

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