Happy Leap Day! Let’s Look at Men Leaping!

I did it! I got through the day! I was doing pretty good, with a careful balance of caffeine intake, until about 4pm and then it all hit me all of a sudden. So now I am going to quickly write this post, and then sleep until I wake up.

This is a silly post, right? But hey, still fun.

I love the big big leap Hrithik does 3:29 in this. “Deewana Hai Dekho”

Check out Shahrukh and companions at 40 seconds! “Soni Soni”

This song is like all leaps, and it’s glorious. “Tu Meri”

Shahrukh again, check out 3:30! “Chaiyya Chaiyya”

Another one that’s like ALL leaps! “Dhivara”

Okay, I’m out, bedtime for me! Feel free to add on more “leap” songs as you think about them.

3 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day! Let’s Look at Men Leaping!

    • Sure! Also, I just watched that whole movie for the first time last year, and it is very strange.

      And so cool that there is another fan of classic America musicals here!

      On Sun, Mar 1, 2020 at 6:34 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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