Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Go to a LIBRARY!

What a fun Saturday I am having! Library! WOO! Seems like the perfect “get out of the house but not tie myself down to a schedule” kind of activity, right?

I was completely frazzled and worn out after last weekend’s super fabulous but also super busy weekend. And then I went into hibernation mode for the past few days. And now I am DONE! Ready for more adventures! And what could be more adventurous than going out into the suburbs and visiting a really cool library and sitting there and reading a book for a while?

Let’s see, what can you talk about while I go hit up the libraries? Oh oh! How about, how cute is this video? And how the heck is it related to promoting Angrezi Medium?

Other Very Important topic of discussion that came up early this week, is Shahrukh getting invisalign or some other tooth treatment during his hiatus?

And finally a super super big deal poll we must all answer:

Yesterday was Oreo Day, which do you prefer:

  1. Oreo Filling
  2. Oreo cookie

Personally, I am strongly STRONGLY cookie. It’s dark chocolate! The filling is just sugar paste! Obviously chocolate over sugar.

Image result for oreo

17 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Go to a LIBRARY!

  1. I have a post-India hangover and I feel incredibly unmotivated to do anything even though my son and husband trashed our house while I was away and I still haven’t unpacked. I loooooooved my visit to India so much. It was seriously a peak life experience. I met so many kind and generous people (and a couple of jerky ones but nothing too awful given all the warnings I got before I went). Kerala must be the most beautiful place on earth. I got to hang out with film folks in Chennai and they were so interesting and nice. And then Mumbai, omg, I could spend at least a month just exploring Mumbai. I barely scratched the surface of everything to do in the city. And the FOOD, omg. I ate my way across the continent. I feel like it’s going to take me a year to completely process my experience.

    One sobering thing I learned is that it’s nearly impossible for a westerner to visit India and not run straight into colonialism and problematic attitudes and behaviors. I had to really step back and think about things like what am I photographing and why and how does it affect the people whom I’m pointing a camera at and how will the photos be perceived by people back home? And most of the other tourists I met from the UK and Europe (didn’t meet a single American the entire trip) were absolutely horrible, racist and inconsiderate and fetishizing poverty, it upset me so much. There’s a lot of people who visit India and think of it as a place where they can take whatever they want and behave with no regard to local norms. Yuck yuck yuck.

    I am sorting through the more than 1,000 (!) photos I snapped and will put together an album and share when I can. Also, big shoutout to all of the DCIBers who shared information with me before I went, so incredibly helpful!

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Kerala so much. It really is God’s Own Country. I went there a couple of years back and had an air BNB right on the beach – best time of my life till date. I can never decide which place is more beautiful – Kerala or Goa or Andaman.

      Did you enjoy the food on this trip? What’s is your favorite? I’m sorry to be nosy but I just love talking to people about our food.

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    • I think I might have a new theory of travel, you need a quarter of as much time to be home and recover as the amount of time you were gone. So, if I do a quick two day trip, I need to schedule a half day after I get back to laze around and re-acclimate. In your case, you have earned almost a full week of just doing nothing!

      So glad you had such an amazing time! And for your point about the colonial feeling of being a tourist, I had the reverse experience my two times in India of feeling like I myself was on display and photographed and stuff. But then, I think I am more shockingly white-looking than you? When you were there, did you have anyone ask to take your photo?

      On Sat, Mar 7, 2020 at 11:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh I was definitely on display but I think it’s also related to colonialism, the white person being a valued fetish object (even though I’m Latina in India I was white because of my pale skin). Didn’t happen much in Kerala because people there are very chill, it’s sort of the Indian equivalent of California surfers. Happened a lot in Tamil Nadu, I was surrounded by people wanting my photo when I visited Mahabalipuram. I got stared at more than I expected in Mumbai but I think that may have been because people couldn’t figure out what I was. I didn’t look like most Americans/Europeans but I was clearly not Indian. I also got very strange looks from the staff at all the hotels and I don’t exactly know if it’s because of my looks or because I was traveling solo or because I was a bit freaked out by the over the top service you get at good hotels in India.


        • Ooo, chill India. Yeah, Kerala is definitely my first choice, were I to have to visit India again. Travel stresses me out, going on a very very long plane ride and then arriving somewhere chill and beautiful with great food sounds good.


          • I have to admit when I arrived in Mumbai I beelined for the enormous and very nice Starbucks two blocks away from my hotel. I just needed bland corporate coffee and croissants and a familiar spot to catch my breath. You really do need breaks/buffers when traveling to a place like India that is wildly different from home. Oh and on my very first day I stayed at the ITC Maratha which is a crazy swanky hotel near the airport in Mumbai. I was there for just one day before leaving for Kerala the next day but I had a massage and enjoyed my extremely comfortable room. Expensive but worth it. I made up for the cost by staying at a super basic hotel in Colaba when I returned to the city for my final week.


  2. I watched Dawaat E Ishq, which either you or Angie recced to me, I think you, and really enjoyed it. It ticks a lot of boxes; actors I like, mouthy heroine, loud hero who wears even louder shirts, faux engagement. So thanks!

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    • I think Angie and I double-teamed you. But I claim credit for posting the image of ARK in his flowered shirt to put you over the top! So glad you enjoyed it. It was one that people recommended to me for years and I finally watched it a couple of years ago and also loved it.

      On Sat, Mar 7, 2020 at 2:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Plus, he runs a cheap greasy food restaurant, who would want that? Only, EVERYBODY!!!!!

          I love how the film both establishes that his job is supposed to be lowclass and unappealing (even his family looks down on him for getting his hands dirty), and at the same time shows how it is in reality the best job EVER. Who doesn’t want a man who woos you with kebabs?

          On Sun, Mar 8, 2020 at 1:46 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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