Sexy Tuesday Discussion Post: Who Do We Find Illogically Sexy?

Okay, a post where I am NOT including Sid Malhotra. Or anyone like him. No youthful regular featured folks here! Let your freak flag fly.

As a youngish straight woman, I should be attracted to Sid M., Shahrukh, Varun, you know, folks like that. And yet I find strange random attractions that make no sense popping up.

Old Anil Kapoor

Anil before age 60 (or playing under age 60) is nothing to me. Too bouncy, too smiley, too immature. But complete age inappropriate silver fox mature man Anil? Preferably shown interacting with his grown children? Now THAT is dead sexy!

Image result for anil kapoor grey hair

Neha Sharma

As a straight woman, I really shouldn’t be attracted to any woman. And I don’t actually LIKE Neha Sharma in any way (and usually I have to find someone a little charming before they are attractive). But somehow she gets around my Kinsey scale, and my basic taste, and she feels like Sex incarnate to me.

Image result for neha sharma

Indrajith Sukumaran

The shorter chubbier less traditionally attractive Sukumaran brother. And normally chubby does nothing for me, and I am all about tall and powerful. And yet, I find him just as sexy as his taller hotter brother Prithviraj! Not sure why, something in the eyes I guess.

Image result for prithviraj brother

Okay, who are your “this makes no sense based on traditionally accepted rules of sexiness, and also my own personal preferences, and yet I find them hot” people?

70 thoughts on “Sexy Tuesday Discussion Post: Who Do We Find Illogically Sexy?

  1. I usually don’t find actors/actresses hot in general. I might start to think one actor hot if I find him/her hot as a specific character and if a characters turns me off, then I’m turned off that actor too. Apart from Sashi. He’s the only one whom, till date I find hot in everything, as in I even find old, fat Shashi hot in Muhafiz. What is life at this point?:(

    So for me these are the characters that I shouldn’t find hot but I do:-

    Atul Kulkarni in Satta. I know that character was a monster yet…

    Simon Woods as Gaius Augustus in Rome. Again, another cold, calculating character who comes out on top. Such a shame that Woods stopped acting.

    Christian Bale in American Psycho. Like, why? I mean his body was a work of art in this movie but the character was repellent. (hangs head in shame)

    There are others but I can’t think of any, right now.


      • I love that dude but I think he’s a bit crazy. But during the promotion for Vice, he had mentioned how he’d stop changing his body since he’s in his 40s now. But with him, who knows?

        He’s hot though, isn’t he? His turn as Bruce Wayne, especially in Batman Begins is my favorite.

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        • Oh yeah, he’s very hot as Bruce Wayne 🙂 I so wanted some sexy scenes between him and Anne in Dark Knight Rises, they were good together! He doesn’t do ‘romances’, so we get bits and pieces of that stuff in some of his movies. Laurel Canyon has a charged car scene of his, Flowers of War has some good ones as I remember though the film is heartbreaking, and Prestige has some.

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          • Yay! Finally I meet someone who wanted more BatCat. He had fantastic chemistry with Anne. For all his talent, Nolan squandered the chance to create something special in TDKR.

            Thanks for reminding of Laurel Canyon. I’d forgotten about that movie and that intense car scene and it’s on youtube! So double yay!

            FoW was a harrowing movie, couldn’t watch it more than once and The Prestige is a modern masterpiece. Sarah/Borden relationship was heartbreaking to me.

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        • I’m just surprised someone’s seen all these movies as they are not mainstream I guess. I sought them out when I was going through an intense phase of crushing on Bale and watched as many of his movies as I could find!


          • You’ve great taste in men. 😉 I’ve had a crush on Bale for over a decade at this point, way before he became mainstream after the Batman movies. I try to watch everything he’s in.

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        • That’s because Rishi is not a man but a sentient batch of dough. FatShammi is the drunk uncle I want.

          WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE IN SINDOOR? He’s not as homoerotic with Govinda as I’d want but they are cuuuute together. And in Raiszaada there’s a scene where Shashi holds Govinda in a headlock while he struggles. So I have that I guess.


      • Really? Haven’t seen Sindoor yet. Might have to make it the next Sashi movie. What’s your favorite look, if you have any? Mine would have to be Kalyug. Just kills me.


    • Oh yeah Atul Kulkarni! I haven’t seen Satta, but every movie I’ve seen with him, he’s got this weird powerful charisma going for him.

      Christian Bale in American Psycho is the only one I have seen, and he did nothing for me. Too cold! Atul at least always feels hot.


      • If you like political dramas, give Satta a chance. Raveena is also in it and very good.

        LOL about Christian. He can be cold and downright unlikable in movies. That’s one of his qualities as an actor that I love. He has no hesitation in playing absolutely abhorrent characters or instinct to protect his leading man status. If you wanna watch him in something a little light, you might like him in Little Women or Newsies, where he sings and dances! But as an adult, I can’t think of any movie to recommend, he doesn’t do romance or rom-coms. The only one I can think of is American Hustle, where he plays an over-weight hapless conman, caught between his wife(Jennifer Lawrence) and mistress(Amy Adams).


  2. Mita Vashisht isn’t really traditionally sexy, but I fear I can explain my attraction to her: It’s that amazing husky voice.

    Otherwise, I guess I’m pretty boring and mainstream. I tend to prefer the soulful eyes over the overly “sexy” body, but that’s about it. (Rani over Kareena in Mujhse Dosti Karoge, for example. And just Rani in general.)

    And if we’re counting the Kinsey scale as an argument against an attraction, then I guess as a gay lady I should never have been attracted to Hrithik. Must have been his feminine face.


    • I think you would be hardpressed to find ANYONE who preferred Kareena over Rani in MDK. As a match with Hrithik, maybe, but just general sexiness it is clearly Rani all the way.

      Also, HA to Hrithik! You are proving the argument of the director of War, that the Tiger-Hrithik chemistry was accidental, it’s just that everyone is a little bit in love with Hrithik. You, straight guys, whatever Tiger is…

      On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 2:23 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Dhanush, he is so skinny and usually skinny man do nothing to me, but he is different. I find him sexy even in poor fisherman’s clothes or ridiculous shirts like in Maari 2.

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      • I love Aamir but I don’t want to do Aamir. I had a crush on him initially when I first started watching his films but it wasn’t really like ooh you’re so hot the way I am about Hrithik, Kunal Kapoor, John Abraham, or Shashi (sigh). I think the only movie where I truly find Aamir sexy is Sarfarosh because he’s putting out the Tiny Alpha energy that Popka finds irresistible. But you know, I am very fickle and not like you with SRK at all, like next week it could be someone else on my hot list.


    • I think he is one of those “unconventional except at DCIB where he is wildly conventional” kind of choices.

      On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 10:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Looking at his filmography, he’s kind of the alt SRK – it’s the kind of career SRK could have had without DDLJ, if he had never turned into a romantic hero. Same age. His big roles are mostly villain roles. Clear acting talent and versatility, intensity, unconventional attractiveness.


  4. I know that Saif and Ajay are considered sexy men by many, but I’ve always been amused by the fact that SRK, Aamir, Salman, and Akshay are supposed to be so handsome, I always prefer the more unconventional sexiness (Saif has of course grown into this goofy looks and Ajay will always be the sexy man’s man with raw charisma). Only exception to this general rule is Hrithik.

    I’ve always found Nawazuddin Siddiqui attractive (I’ve said it hear before…his face reminds me of Cary Grant for some reason and he has such innate grace in the way he moves and gestures).

    I’ve also always found Vikram from the Tamil industry very sexy. And in the same vein, Suneil Shetty in certain roles and with certain haircuts can be very charming.

    Oh, and Farhan Akhtar can get it, too. He could just read me the phonebook and I’d swoon.

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    • Farhan Akhtar is the only one I really have to object to here. Kind of short and funny looking and I just don’t see it.

      On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 10:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It’s totally his voice and he’s got good hair and eyes. People either find his voice sexy or extremely grating. I think I first saw him in Rock On and he does look good in that one. But DDD also cemented his attractiveness for me. He is annoying or too serious in many films (ZNMD and BMB respectively), but there is always such an effortless coolness about him that I enjoy. I thought he was great in The Sky Is Pink and had the mature, sexy, reliable man of a certain age vibe down pretty well, despite the sad subject matter.


        • I will say that I find his dancing very enjoyable. I don’t even know if he is a good dancer, just that I enjoy watching his body move.

          On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 8:28 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Agreed. I am really into his dancing too. I have watched songs from Shaadi ke Side Effects and Galla Goodiyaan from DDD far too many times.Good gosh he is sexy in the songs from SKSE even though he is kind of a jerk in the movie.

            In DDD though, I feel like everything about from from when he makes eye contact with PC in Greece and take a picture of her, to their interaction on the boat and in his room, to when he calls her out on the island are just hot. I still haven’t watched Sky is Pink because it just seems so sad and I really don’t like sad movies but maybe one of these days I can get myself to watch it for Farhan.


          • I might be more forgiving of Farhan’s whole “I’m an actor now!” thing if he did more fun romantic lead roles, and fewer sports biopics. Especially because the sports biopic feels a bit like over-compensation for being so short.


  5. Fahadh Faazil- scrawny,balding. Yet I find him incredibly sexy. I guess I have a thing for eyes & voice. Dhanush is another one. Also co-sign on the above comment that it’s usually the characters that does it for me.Like the only character of DQ that I found sexy is that OK Kanmani, Rana of Leader is sexy but not that of Baahubali. Found Ranveer sexy in Lootere and Dil Dhadkne Do,cdnt stand him in Ram Leela. SRK in Swadesh,Hritik in Lakshya(second half),War- no other Hindi actor.I never thought I could like any Korean actors cos I find their faces girlish but I’m swooning over Hyun Bin. Found him sweet & sexy as the gentleman north Korean army officer in Crash Landing on You & then watched a movie of him as a villain & man is he sexy or what! Deep voice,great acting skills & for a change-tall & well built. These days,I’m rummaging in YouTube looking for his other movies. I have an on-off(mostly off) relationship with Prithviraj,Suriya,Vijay Sethupathy depending on their characters. Also Benedict Cumberbatch & David Tennet- both are odd looking but again the eyes & voice does something.


    • I’m gonna suggest something wild, maybe it’s that these actors are capable of playing sexy, like a character trait, but they don’t always do it because it doesn’t always make sense for the character so they don’t always play it.

      On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 12:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Irrational for me, meaning, outside of my usual taste spectrum, is usually based on the film or the character.

    Both Emraan & Abhay in Shanghai. These guys each have their fans, but neither is my usual type. But something about how they were lit, the roles they played, and they were each at their peak attractiveness in the early 2010s. I was mesmerized watching this film.

    Speaking of Shanghai, I also put Dibaker Banerjee on this list.

    Ritesh Deshmukh when he’s not in a sex comedy.

    Boman Irani in some films.

    Aamir in Dhobi Ghat. I think several DCIBers agree about this.

    Pre-scandal Viviek Oberoi. Though IIRC he was considered hot back then.

    Pankaj Tripathi doing publicity and interviews, not yet in any of his roles though. He isn’t my type, but his soft spoken humble confidence in interviews is right up my alley.


    • Okay, I think I got it! It’s the comfortable in their own body and person kind of thing that works for you. Young Viviek was super confident and casual in how he was onscreen, Ritesh has some of that same vibe. And the others, only in very particular roles.

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  7. YES to Indrajith! Cuddlier than his more traditionally handsome brother, he is also a fantastic actor. The same guy who could play the endearing priest/saint in Amen is also incredibly creepy and terrifying in Oruvan.
    On the other size spectrum, I find Vijay Raaz weirdly attractive. Even tho he looks like a good hug would crush him.
    And Naseeruddin Shah. Maybe not so much in the looks department but in talent! His marriage to . Ratna Pathak certainly doesn’t hurt, since I love her too.


    • Young Naseerji was surprisingly sexy! Not always, but in some roles he had a kind of lanky 70s smart guy vibe that really worked.

      On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 12:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. Okay I know this is an unpopular opinion but Adithya pancholi in his earlier days (young him, not now) also he is very controversial and is convicted for alot of things but Im simply talking about this looks.


    • No judgement here! You like who you like.

      Just curious, does any of that warm feeling carry over to his son (just talking appearance):


      • Not gonna lie looks wise their both cute to me but their both such criminals I feel so bad/guilty for finding them attractive and no I’m not into “bad men”.


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