Netflix Serieses for Shahrukh! Red Chillies, Take These Ideas Free of Charge!

Having another lazy night, eating popcorn and watching BBC mysteries while the dog sleeps. It’s one of those days where it is so cold outside that once you get inside, your body goes into hibernation mode. Anyway, this means it is a good time for me to do a nice cosy little post, the ideas we have crowdsourced for the Netflix family series that Shahrukh should make in order to have a nice work-life balance while still keeping his face in front of the world in a non-controversial way.

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Tuesday Telugu: Chirutha, Puri Jaganadh Does Swept Away

Well, I have now seen all the less controversial/hardcore versions of Swept Away.  This one, the original We’re Not Dressing with Bing Crosby, Overboard of course, and The Admirable Crichton.  Which was a JM Barrie play, so I haven’t “seen” it, but I have read it.  Next step, the Korean TV series! (not really, I think I am done with this story for another 5 years)  Anyway, isn’t it fascinating how consistent it is across cultures?

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