Shashifest Continues! A Challenge, Rank His Best Features!

This is respectful of a great artist, moral man, and loving husband and father, right? To reduce him to body parts and pick which are best?


Image result for shashi kapoor eyes


Image result for shashi kapoor hair


Image result for shashi kapoor smile

Face structure, overall balance between features and face shape

Image result for shashi kapoor smile


Image result for shashi kapoor standing

Frame (broad shoulders, nice butt, little tummy, etc.)

Image result for shashi kapoor standing

Okay, ready for my rankings?

  1. Soul and other Non-embodied wonderfulness (default first on all our lists)
  2. Smile! You can’t help but feel a warmness inside of you when you see it
  3. Face Frame! The nose-ears-lips-eyes-eyebrows are just so perfect
  4. Eyes. Windows to the soul (#1)
  5. Hair. Who hasn’t fantasized about running fingers through it?
  6. Frame. Shoulders you can lean on, body you can hug
  7. Height. Literally and metaphorically towered over all others

16 thoughts on “Shashifest Continues! A Challenge, Rank His Best Features!

  1. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to murder anyone who doesn’t choose eyelashes.

    The rest of my list is:

    1. Hair (curls)
    2. Smile (crooked teeeeeeeeth)
    3. thighs
    4. muffin top
    5. twinkle in his eyes
    6. chest hair
    7. hair on the top of his hands

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  2. I am enjoying Shashi day! I’m going with:

    1. Eyes and eyelashes (I don’t think we should have to separate those out as categories–they’re so splendid together!)
    2. Smile–lips, teeth, all of it.
    3. Head Hair
    4. Frame–the man could wear the f*ck out of clothes
    5. Legs
    6. Body hair–including chest and hands!
    7. Nose


    • He could wear clothes! It’s true! And that 70s style really looks great on a large frame with some meat on it.

      On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 4:04 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. This is so wrong and I love it. This is so my thing.

    The eyelashes have to be number 1 along with his eyes. I can’t help notice that. In Kabhie Kabhi, when Rakhee is asking him to praise her eyes, all I could stare at, were HIS eyes and those ridiculous lashes. There are still times when I think he might be wearing falsies, they’re that ridiculously lush.

    2. Agreeing with you, his soul and all the other good, non-physical stuff. So sexy in their own way.

    3. Now it gets trickier for me. So many good things to choose from. I’ll go with his face. It’s just so perfect. Those lips.

    4. Hands.

    5. Hair. Seriously, his hair is insane.

    6. Body. Great height and proportions.

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    • Wait, so his soul is AFTER his eyes and eyelashes? This seems wrong somehow, but who am I to judge?

      I have honestly never noticed his hands, but apparently I should be spending more time on that?

      I have just woken up to his body, I always thought of him as a tiny person, but really he is tall with this great solid body that I need to appreciate more.

      On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 4:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I just have a thing for hands. It’s not full on Tarantino but if I find someone attractive, I’ll notice their hands.

        He’s not short, that’s for sure. Shammi is supposed to have been over 6 feet and in their photos, their height difference isn’t huge.


  4. It’s the eyes with those ridiculously extravagant eyelashes for me too. There are a ton of Hindi film songs about drowning in someone’s eyes – that’s me with Shashi’s eyes.

    I like this song from “Juari” because it’s a nice melody and there aren’t too many female trio songs in Hindi films, but I LOVE this song because – it’s Shashi, it’s Shashi in bed, it’s Shashi in bed with the camera focused on his bedroom eyes. 🙂

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