Shashifest! Sex Marry Punch, 3 Shashi Characters

A challenge! You have to find a Shashi character you are willing to punch! And one that you are willing to sex, but not marry.

I’ll start!

Sex: Satyam Shivam Sundurram Shashi. He’s a little egotistical and way to superficial, but based on Zeenat’s reaction, he is very good at The Sex.

Image result for satyam shivam sundaram shashi

Punch: Ae Gale Lag Jaa Shashi. I don’t think there were Consent issues, but I do think his whole “I am loudly in love with you at first sight!” thing is super irritating in this and he would be a better calmer person if someone had punched him in the face.

Image result for ae gale lag jaa shashi

Marry: Kabhi Kabhi Shashi OBVIOUSLY!!!!! I’ll fight you all for him and his awesome 70s house!

Image result for kabhi kabhi shashi raakhee

29 thoughts on “Shashifest! Sex Marry Punch, 3 Shashi Characters

  1. Sex: Vijay in Kabhi Kabhi. Since you already called dibs on him as a husband, I’ll just borrow him for some superlative sex. We all know how good Vijay is in bed. Rakhee goes from crying over her gloomy first love to grinning in the shower after only a few days into her honeymoon. She legit couldn’t keep her hands off him. Dude must have been doing something right.

    Punch: Dilip Rai in Dharmputra. Yes, he is beautiful and also shirtless in some scenes but he’s a religious extremist. He did get better in the end but one good punch would’ve gotten him there sooner.

    Marry – Kumar from a little known movie called Bezubaan that I saw only a few days ago. The movie is strictly average 80s fare but his character is like Vijay, only even better, if that’s possible. The movie is about his wife, Reena Roy trying to keep her pre-marital sex and pregnancy a secret from her adoring, beautiful husband. In the end it turns out he knew about all that and has always known and doesn’t care because he loves her.


  2. Sex–Vijay from Fakira. Awesome 70’s gangster lair and peak mature sexiness.

    Marry–Raja from Jab Jab Phool Khile. He’s fit, charming, funny, passionate, and can sing. He has some retro sexist ideas but is open minded enough to grow out of them.

    Punch–his character in Shakespeare Wallah. He really is a thoughtless cad.


  3. There are so many I want to punch. From Aa Gala Lag Jaa, Sharmllee, Satyam, Abhinetri, Heat and Dust, Bombay Talkie. Even Raja from Jab Jab Phool Khile needs a few tight slaps.

    Sex, I guess I’d give Raja a go. He wouldn’t do it because of his honor or whatever but he’s too hot not to try. Also, Amaz from A Matter of Innocence, and the cads from Haseena Maan Jayegi and Paap aur Punya.

    The rest of them are firmly marriage material.

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  4. Punch: Chor Machaye Shor; Tries to rape Mumtaz. 😦 Not forgivable even by Shashi.

    Sex: Mr. Romeo; Shashi playing hard to get in snowbound Kashmir. Sigh.

    Marry: Ijaazat – Shashi is the pot of gold that awaits Rekha when she finally leaves her stupid, selfish, jackass of a hubby, Naseeruddin Shah.

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