Discussion Post: Who Would Be Your Favorite Fictional Couple Friends?

We already did “real” couple friends, these are fictional couples! The pretend people in movies that, after the movie is over and they get married and move into the house down the street from you, you might want to befriend.

I’m gonna start a little outside of the box! Swara and Sonam in Veere Di Wedding. They are as much a “couple” as everyone else in the film, and after Shikha moves back to America and Kareena gets all absorbed by her in-laws, I want Swara and Sonam to adopt me and be my platonic couple friends. I’ll never be as close to them as they are to each other, but that’s okay.

Image result for swara sonam veere

Rani and Shahrukh in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. I know, they seem very unpleasant, but that’s partly just because they are unhappy. Shahrukh has a nasty wit that would make me laugh, Rani is very warm and nurturing, they don’t like clubs and late parties and stuff that I also do not like, I think I could have a good time hanging out with Rani on the sidelines while Shahrukh coached, and then going out for pizza as a threesome afterwards.

Image result for shahrukh rani kabhi alvida na kehna

Okay, that’s my couple of couples! Who are yours?

6 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Who Would Be Your Favorite Fictional Couple Friends?

  1. I would love to be Prithviraj and Parvathy’s (Koode) neighbor and friend. Yes I know, there are not the funniest people out there but so gentle and they need some love.


    • Also, they would be awesome neighbors I think. Always there if you are sick, or need childcare, or anything. The kind who remember everyone’s birthday and leave little special present surprises for your kids and do really amazing Easter Egg hunts for the whole neighborhood.


  2. Sid and Pari in Hasee Toh Phasee seem like they would be super sweet and hospitable neighbors. Not the most fun to hang out with, but definitely interesting, with Pari always working on something crazy, but Sid being super warm and welcoming to his neighbors and doesn’t try to explain away Pari’s antics, but is instead is proud of her and talks her up.


  3. You can hang with the sour pots in KANK and I’ll take their fun-loving kind spouses. Both would be willing to dance on the dance floor, and I like dancing (badly). Oh, wait, no who I really want to hang out with our the KANK parents, Amitabh and Kirron Kher, we would have good conversation and I bet the laughter would flow.


    • Hmm. I think I don’t want to hang with Amitabh and Kirron separately (Kirron is a little sad, and Amitabh is way too over the top). But if Amitabh and Kirron became a couple they could smooth out each other’s rough edges and then I would be all in.

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