TGIF: Help Me Build This Post! Movie Stars With Animals!

Any animal! I will get you started off with some pictures, and you can add on as you like in the comments.

Hrithik and Kitty Cat

Cats are happy just being on their own: Hrithik Roshan - Times of ...

Hrithik and Puppies!

Hrithik and sons | Hrithik roshan, Hrithik roshan family ...

Shahrukh on an Elephant

TGIF: World Elephant Day, People With/On Elephants ...

Salman, With His Horse

Salman Khan with Stallion Badshah #share... - DevInder Deol ...

Anushka an sleepy puppy

My dog does eat meat, he is a DOG, retorts an annoyed Anushka ...

Aamir and Kitty Kat

Aamir Khan with a cat.. they're so cattractive ^^

Okay, now you go! Find me more kitties and puppies and elephants and horses and maybe a MONKEY!!!!!

44 thoughts on “TGIF: Help Me Build This Post! Movie Stars With Animals!

    • Yes Harsh! Looking good! And I love that Shraddha dog photo, the dog looks so basic and average and doggie, and she looks so nice without make-up.


    • I love Sid’s dog! Sid’s dog and Shraddha’s dog are the ones that look most doggy to me.

      On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 7:34 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. John Abraham’s arm is bigger than his dog.

    Randeep looks so appealing – not sure if it’s because of all the facial hair or the pup.


  2. I thought you wanted real life photos, but people seem to be posting a lot of stills from films. Anyway, here’s my contribution. There are lots of photos of Salman with all his various dogs, but this is the one that I always found most amusing.


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