Happy Late Birthday Ajay! Here Are Your Best “Making a Stupid Face” Songs!

Patricia Merry, my birthday researcher, reminded me that I missed Ajay yesterday and now Kajol will never forgive me. So, sorry! Late last minute make-up post!

The thing about Ajay Devgan is, he can’t dance. Or smile. His dancing always looks clunky and awkward, like a robot learning to walk. And his smile transforms him for “macho macho man” to “dopey happy idiot.”

Naturally, this means that my favorite part of any Ajay Devgan performance is his smiling dance scenes. I’m not alone in this! Rohit Shetty, for instance, really gets a kick out of making Ajay dance so we can all laugh and laugh. And surely some of you have also had that moment of “OMG, he looks so dumb! I am laughing so hard I can’t breath!”

Here is a collection of “Ajay looking like a smiling dancing fool” songs.

“Neend Churiye Mere”, a classic from a classic in the “bad” genre. Look at him pointing! And doing the White Man Shuffle with his feet!

Rohit Shetty new this was hilarious and we loved it, and so he made Ajay do it all over again years later in Golmaal Again!

Also thanks to Rohit Shetty, we have Bol Bachchan and “Chalao Naina”

Not Rohit Shetty, but feels like it is, Son of Sardaar and “Raja Rani”

And finally, the two birthday boys together! Prabhudeva basically making fun of how Ajay really REALLY can’t dance. “AJ Theme”

There you go! Ajay’s birthday celebration! It made me smile, I don’t know about you.

18 thoughts on “Happy Late Birthday Ajay! Here Are Your Best “Making a Stupid Face” Songs!

  1. Jayaprada’s birthday is also on April 3rd. I don’t remember she being referred much in DCIB. She and Sri Devi used to have a professional rivalry in 80s, first in Telugu, later in Hindi. They co-starred in many movies. Later, she became a Member of Parliament and a political leader in UP (North Indian state). Fascinating for some one from the South. You can try a 101 if you wish.


  2. My favorite is the last video. Because while I think Ajay is gorgeous, I really appreciate a good dancer, and the last video has both! There is also some song where he basically dances the whole thing with his fingers. I like that one too, but I can’t even remember what movie it might be in.


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